Monday, September 3, 2007

Cathy Palmer

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Still fun loving and radical, I've been single forever (it seems) and in 1976 I became a Christian and went on several mission trips.

After my kids were grown, in 2000 I quit my job with Hewlett-Packard and went to Bible school followed by 3 years as a missionary in Berlin, Germany.

Over the years I've been blessed to do missions work in over 14 countries and now I'm back in the USA.

In January 2007, I relocated back to Sonoma where I raised my kids a long time ago and am loving this wonderful northern California weather!

At HP I worked as a technical illustrator, desktop publisher, editor, & administrative assistant.

Currently, I'm working in a small family owned hvac company doing accounts receivables plus misc graphics and web page work.

In 2009, my daughter, Linda, and her fiancé, Ernie, moved from Pensacola, FL to Panama City, FL on the Gulf of Mexico where they are MAJOR fishing nuts - lol! In fact, Linda just got her captain's license and hopes to start a charter business one day.

Hannah and baby Lauren (see below) are my granddaughters. My son John now lives in Rochester, NY.

I also do a lot of researching and reading on controversial topics which I post on my other blog. Yes, I am the same wild and radical flower child who now loves Jesus and still uses the word 'groovy'!

September 2008 UPDATE
5 month old Lauren with mom & dad.

Hannah with Uncle John this summer fishing the Pensacola pier.

April 2009 UPDATE
Baby Lauren new born and at 1 yr with sister Hannah (now 11 yrs) - see more pics here.


August 2010 UPDATE

In May, I moved back to Florida to be closer to family and am now living in Panama City Beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

Here I'm with Hannah 12 and Lauren 2... grandma's girls!

Totally love that I walk 1 min to the beach!

To see more Florida beach pics, click here:


  1. Cathy - I hate this memory problem I have!! In the Drill Team picture you have posted - I am pretty sure that is good ol' Rank 8 (always being one of the tallest). Is that me and you in the center??? I think next to me is Gail Hanson (Class of 68 like me). Please help me to remember who are the rest of Rank 8 that Fall of 66!!!! Teri (Hill) Clark; wife of the Pirate ... I mean Jerry "W" Clark (Class of 67).

  2. TERI!! Great to hear from you!!

    I just NOW (3/1/08) saw your comment! Not sure why I'm not being alerted to comments in this blog... have to look into that...

    But YES, that is Rank 8 and that is YOU! The others? Ok... let's see

    Kathleen Smith ('67)
    Sandy Saia ('68)
    Gail Hanson ('68)
    Teri Hill ('68)
    Cathy Palmer ('67)
    Roxanne Leko ('68)
    Lynne Wacker ('67)

    HEY! I did it!! with the help of the Cerlbus that is - LOL!!

  3. Good Morning Cathy - I served in the same unit with Chuck Searles (BHS '67) in Vietnam in '66 & 67. Some of Chuck's friends are looking for a picture of Chuck. Chuck's name is posted as KIA and there's a link to The Virtual Wall Web Site, but I couldn't find his photo in any of the BHS on-line year books. Can you suggest a source? Butch, A Brother in Christ, 7th Motor Transport BN, 66 & 67.