Wednesday, June 30, 2010


While some BHS classmates have already retired and are even retiring TODAY... Carol Nicholls Lebrecht ('67), Dona Foy Bruckner ('67) and Scott Bruckner ('66) - CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! others of us (i.e. yours truly) have started a new job with retirement waaaaay down the road.

I'm not jealous. Okay, maybe a little. Alright... A LOT! But I'll get over it.

So yeah, this is very exciting for those of you who have planned, saved and can now enjoy!

Another recent retiree is Jay Chris Peterson (BHS '67) and below are the latest pics of his and his wife Sherri's new house being built on 2 acres in Washington which should be done in 5-6 months... looks FABULOUS, Jay!!

Jay wrote, "Celebrating my late father's 100th birthday with these construction photos."

Here's Jay's email from June 2, 2010:

Hi Cathy,
I will do what I can but this week is filled with stuff to do. This is Wednesday, Friday and Saturday my movers are taking my household goods and shop equipment and placing them in storage until my new home is finished. Friday evening is my retirement party hosted by my school staff. Saturday is my wife's party hosted by her staff. Then the last week of school. June 10 is my last day as a teacher. June 15 we leave in our truck camper and honda for Bellingham WA, a three day drive. We stay with friends and I have a one bedroom apartment waiting. Back down to LAX June 26 to pick up my camaro that is in storage in Lakewood. Another 3 day drive this time to my new apartment and hopefully some rest from the stress of retiring, selling a home, acquiring a construction loan, packing 20,000 lbs of household goods, shipping two cars and driving two others 1200+ miles with a U haul trailer behind my gas-guzzling truck.....the list goes on. Once settled in Bellingham WA the pictures will start coming in. Pamela asked where I am now....Lancaster CA and happy to leave. 35 years in this community. Thanks for posting my previous pictures and including me in your wonderful newsletter. Life is good and hope you are doing well in your new adventure.

Jay Christopher Peterson

The Ortega's Road Trip

Saw on Facebook that Joan Nobile Ortega (BHS '67) and husband Fred (BHS '65) are on a major road trip with their granddaughters, Kristin and Kaitlyn.

Not sure where all they are going but here are a few pics - HAVE FUN GUYS!!

Camping at Point Mugu

Kaitlyn and Kristin

It's a small world after all!

Joan wrote, "We are visiting 13 states on this trip. Enjoying lots of new places!"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update from the Gulf

As some of you may know, last month I relocated from sunny California to sunny Florida, in Panama City Beach, which is on the Gulf of Mexico.

The oil spill is causing great havoc in many places but so far our beaches have been spared. (Oil Spill Forecast)

So took a walk this morning...

and saw that the beach and the water were all clear...

but was surprised to see how high the tide came due to the full moon last night... notice the Georgia Bulldogs tent - right mascot/wrong color - lol!

Went swimming in the afternoon and returned after dinner to walk along the beach and see the sunset which I try to do often since I live so close (more beach pics at Cathy's Camera)

And this evening, found these shells along the way!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We Lost Jim Bennett on June 7, 2010 (BHS '66)

From the Loop today:
"We are also saddened to tell you that Jim Bennett '66, recently passed away unexpectedly. Our deepest sympathies go out to his Mother, Brother Tom Bennett '68, and Sister-in-law Annette Dinolfo Bennett '68, his nieces and nephews and many many friends. Plans for a Memorial have not yet been finalized. Jimmy will be missed by so many..."

We are praying for Jim's loved ones.

Jim played football & these this pics are from the 1966 Ceralbus yearbook

Here are some recent photos...

From the 2008 JBHS/BHS Alumni Picnic

L-R: Gil Uribe, Jim Bennett, Steve Billos, Pete Beauregard, Dave Marshall (photo: Madelaine Zelenay Whiteman) source

L-R: Tom Bennett '68; Jim Knight '66; Jim Bennett '66; Ron Franzen '66; Steve Lopez '66; Dave Marshall '65; Al Thouette '67; Gil Uribe '66 and Steve Billos '67 (photo: John & Cathy Nicholls Coyle) source

And from 2007, Class of '66 Football Players

L-R: Steve Gullion, Ray Yokum, Mel Barnes, Jim Bennett, Gil Uribe, Joseph Baldino. (front) Jim Davis & Ron Franzen - all class '66 source

August 9, 2010 UPDATE

From Gil Uribe...


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the Jim Bennett Celebration of LIfe get together came out better than I had hoped for. Family and friends were all there and Jim's nephew gave a beautiful and touching speech about his Uncle. Perfect night and the Bennett family really appreciated it.

Have a good one,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Road Kings Car Show 2010

The Road Kings Car Show was held at Johnny Carson Park in Burbank, CA on June 13, 2010. You may see some familiar faces on the video!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great BURBANK photos of yesteryear!Wednesday, June 16, 2010 8:24 AM

Thanks Pam!

Click here to see more from the Burbank Historical Society:

California Centennial 1948

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Howard Graul (BHS '65) 1947-2010

Sad to say I found this May 9, 2010 notice today:

Howard Graul
BORN: July 11, 1947
DIED: February 14, 2010
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

Howard C. Graul Died of heart failure on 2-14-10 at 62. He spent his early years in Steubenville, Ohio and Burbank, CA and was a long time resident of San Francisco. He graduated from Burbank High School and from the University of Wyoming. Howard is survived by a world-wide network of friends. Donations in his memory may be made to the American Heart Association.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Segovia (Steven Andrew) Bader BHS '70 (1952-2010)

scroll down for updates... Friday Celebration in San Rafael

Received this email from Alan Landros (BHS '70) today. Steve was the younger brother of Mitch Bader, BHS '66:

Sad news today. Debbie Green Montgomery e-mailed me early this afternoon to tell me that Segovia (Steve) Bader passed away June 2, 2010. No details are known yet. Segovia had recently e-mailed that there was more than a 50% chance that he would be able to attend our upcoming reunion on June 27.

Steven Andrew Bader was born May 25, 1952. He grew up on Andover Dr. in Burbank, middle son of Dr. Stan Bader and Ruth Bader. He attended Thomas Jefferson, John Muir, and Burbank High graduating in 1970. He was a professional musician all of his adult life, and after becoming an adult he legally changed his first name to 'Segovia', after the famous Spanish guitarist, Andreas Segovia. He had played professionally with groups all over the world on musical tours for decades. For many years his home base has been San Rafael, CA. Over the many years he had accumulated a solid 13 years of travelling to 101 different countries in all parts of the world. His last extended trip was a little over one year ago. Many of us have received his "travel logs" from him while he was on his trips over the years. He and I started out together in the second grade and in Cub Scouts the same year, with my mother as the Den Mother and Ruth Bader as the Assistant Den Mother. That was in 1959!

Segovia Bader passed away June 2, 2010, just one week and two days after his birthday on May 25. He leaves an adult daughter and an adult son, his mother, Ruth, of Burbank, his older brother, Mitch, his younger brother, Kenny, and their families. If more information is learned I will pass it along.

Alan Landros


Deborah Lee Albas
Segovia (Steven Andrew) Bader - b. May 25, 1952; d. June 2, 2010
Brian Henry Bartsch - b. June 10, 1952; d. October 9, 2005
Dennis James Canterbury - b. September 22, 1952; d. December 9, 1994
James Anthony Caraway - b. March 23, 1952; d. January 2, 1978
Guy Robert Casagrande - b. July 23, 1952; d. August 9, 2005
Dale Bernard Cordier - d. August 28, 2001
Karl Mordo Dana - b. August 8, 1952; d. June 13, 2000
James Kenneth Dean - b. December 29, 1951; d. April 14, 2008
Charlene Dotson Stenson - b. April 19, 1952; d. May 9, 2006
Jerry Anthony DuBray - b. September 24, 1952; d. June 19, 1981
David Michael Dudden - b. November 30, 1952; d. September 24, 2007
Santiago Escobar - b. July 4, 1952; d. November 1982
Robert Ian Gorrie - b. December 19, 1951; d. January 6, 2006
David Charles Greene - d. July 1992
Sandra Jean Haldeman - b. November 8, 1951; d. November 4, 1991
Leila Hamner Wasson - b. May 2, 1952; d. October 10, 2008
Michael A. Hansen - b. August 27, 1952; d. November 24, 2008
Debra Jean Hathaway - b. May 18, 1951; d. April 22, 1973
Nancy Rae Helquist - b. July 12, 1952; d. September 2008
Jeanine Ellyn Hilt - b. November 22, 1952; d. August 11, 1993
Sandra Joanne Hoorn - d. 1994
Tommy Clyde Hopper - b. January 12, 1952; d. November 8, 2009
Steven William Leach - b. February 8, 1952; d. September 26, 1996
Mark Rutherford Lean - b. January 3, 1951; d. April 1, 1974
Lance William Long - b. October 20, 1952; d. March 17, 2008
Keith Ian Olsen Maiben - b. August 31, 1952; d. July 26, 1979
Geraldine Lillian Mann - d. 1971
Jean Ann McMurrin - d. February 25, 2004
Robert Louis McNeal - b. June 29, 1951; d. December 24, 1998
Kristine Ann Meade Reger - b. April 30, 1952; d. June 28, 2006
Dana Molin Allen - b. January 27, 1951; d. March 23, 1996
Harry Andrew Morris - b. June 23, 1952; d. May 16, 1977
Michele Marie Nolan - b. February 2, 1952; d. August 13, 1983
Kim Christopher Norwood - b. July 1, 1951; d. December 20, 2009
Gary Douglas Rand - b. April 16, 1951; d. December 17, 2009
Dennis Keith Sabin - b. May 29, 1952; d. January 1, 2007
Anthony Vincent Schiavone - b. October 10, 1952; d. March 13, 1986
Samuel Sanford Smith - b. February 21, 1952; d. March 11, 1986
Kerry David Sterger - b. July 12, 1951; d. March 2, 2006
Christine JoAnne Walsh Ramirez - b. April 23, 1952; d. May 25, 1991

Email from Alan Landros

I have heard back from so many of you today of how shocked and sad you are hearing the news of Segovia Bader's passing June 2. About five of you wrote with more information that you knew or have now learned regarding the circumstances of his passing. Segovia had a melanoma on his leg and had surgery about a year ago to remove it. His doctors thought at that time that "they got it all", but unfortunately that was not the case. Later the melanoma spread to his chest. Ultimately melanoma is what caused his death. He did not tell many of us who had recently heard from him that he was so ill. Several of you wrote about how shocked you are, since you also had just heard from him in the last week or so.

Segovia's family and friends had a huge birthday party for him on his birthday last week. Now so soon after that he is to be cremated and there will be a memorial service for him in the Burbank area, but plans have not been determined yet as to any details.

Ironically the man that Segovia honored by taking his name, Andres Segovia, died on JUNE 2 in 1987. But, Andres Segovia was blessed to live to the age of 94.

--- end ---

Found the following video of classical guitarist Andres Segovia:

Recent photos of Segovia Bader from his My Space page


--- end ---


Segovia's brother posted the following in Facebook:

Hello Facebook "Friends"

Some of you may know about this, most of you will not. In fact many of you will hardly know who I am. Maybe a distant "friend of a friend" who you somehow sent a friend request to or received one from me. However it happens, it's always good to have friends, isn't it! So is Facebook! If you are receiving this letter it is being sent out by my brother at my request. Why? Because I am no longer of this planet to do so myself. I am deeply sorry to have to tell you that (sometime shortly before this letter went out) I lost my battle with cancer. The melanoma that appeared on my knee a couple years ago apparently managed to enter my blood stream before we got it cut out and subsequently found its way to my lung and then my brain. Melanoma is a nasty little bugger and there's not a lot of hope once it gets to that point.

So if anyone is wondering why I don't post anything or answer your letters, this would be why. I want to say to everyone that I would rather that you please rejoice over me and the incredible life that I was blessed with. Don't feel sad or mourn. How many people get to play music all their lives, have a wonderful loving family with two incredible kids, friends ALL over the world, get to retire by the time they are 48 and then have the opportunity to travel ALL over the world for the better part of 9 years?! How many people spend more than 13 years of their lives abroad and have the chance to visit 101 different countries?! If you know what a "Bucket List" is then you know that it is a list that you put together when you know your days are numbered, consisting of things that you have always wanted to do and would like to try to do before you leave the world. Well friends, my list was blank!! Sure there were some places that I would have liked to run off to for a visit. To spend some more time in. And a few like the Galapagos and Madagascar that I always wanted to get to. But the reality of it all was that I was content with my life. I will miss you all very very much but didn't we have a wonderful dance together while it lasted!

Unboundless love to you all......Segovia

...........I TRAVELED THEREFORE I WAS............

--- end ---


Just received this email from Rick Meyers ( /

We are all musician friends of Segovia. His family isn't planning any sort of memorial so we are having one in Marin County Friday Night. If anyone cares to attend here is the story:

Hello out there, I'm letting everyone who is interested in knowing, that a few musical friends & I are putting together a little gathering for our recently ascended Brother, Segovia (Steven Andrew) Bader.

Like the Rock Star we all thought him to be, he took off on a Bright North Bound Star around Midnight on the evening of June 2nd 2010. He had just celebrated his 58th Birthday over Memorial Day weekend with Family & Friends, knowing that the likely-hood of a Loftier Life was just around the corner. Less then a week later it was so. According to those closest to him, he had all his ducks in a row. His son Von had just left, & his Brother Kenny & Sister-in law Tree, stayed with him, comforting him as he passed, & talking to him for a little while after he was gone.

Having lived out his dreams, he visited over 100 countries in his last 9 years. Semi-retired since before the age of 50, playing a little music just for fun, as he went along on his own path. All over the Freakin Globe! God bless Him!

We will celebrate with Segovia sitting in on Bass, this coming Friday evening at San Rafael Joe's, 4th & Court St, Down Town San Rafael, Ca. at 8:30 P.M. Although there will be some other wonderful musicians on board, I have hired Segovia over the past 20 + years to play Bass on my pre-recorded Solo backing tracks and albums, so he will be well featured on this night!

There is no obligation to bring anything other then your love, and maybe a few flowers... This is also my last Friday night after 9 years at Joe's. I will be playing Thursdays nights only (Farmers Market) through this summer.

Segovia was our friend, a great person and a really fine musician, that will be missed. I am very fortunate, as I get to play with him for the rest of my life. What an honor, pleasure and a blessing. No exaggeration, with Segovia on Bass, Ian Hoffman on drums & myself up front on guitar, we played around two thousand gigs (or more) in the past 25 years. Ian should be there too.

We hope to see you all...

Here's to Segovia looking down, smiling & laughing,

A little Sad but very Sincerely, Mr. Tommy Rox

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Burbank Parks and Rec

scroll down updates

Remember the Verdugo Park Dances? Look closely... you may see yourself in this photo from the 60's!

Found the above pic here:

The City of Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department produced the publication in 2005 in celebration of the department's 80th anniversary. While reading through it, I noticed this on page 21:

"Ralph M. Foy Park was originally named Columbia Park and was dedicated in 1969. The park was later renamed Northwest Park in 1972. On October 2, 1979 the park was again renamed in honor of Ralph M. Foy. Foy served 42 years with the City of Burbank and 17 years as the Public Service Department General Manager. Tuttle Adult Center located in Foy Park was named in honor of Donald M. Tuttle. Tuttle was chairman of the Senior Citizen Board and dedicated 40 years of service to the community. In 1997, the Roller Hockey facility at Ralph M. Foy Park was dedicated."

So I emailed Dona Foy Bruckner (BHS '67) asking if this was her father and here is her reply:

"Yes, the Ralph Foy Park is named after my dad. he was also a member of the Burbank Symphony playing first the trumpet and then later the oboe. I remember going to many practices with him at McCambridge park so I could play while he rehearsed! also, did you go to the dances at Verdugo Park-I kind of forgot about them until I read this."


Just received word from Karen Lundigan Panich (BHS '67) that yes, a Burbank park (and a rose garden) was named after her father, Robert Lundigan!

The following is found on page 22 of the Parks Section (source):

Lundigan Park
In 1992, the City approved naming the former site of Ben Franklin School to Robert E. Lundigan Park. Lundigan was a Park and Recreation Board member for 10 years. He campaigned for the development of the Korean and Vietnam War Memorial at McCambridge Park, the development of Brace Canyon Park, and programs for disabled people in the community. The rose garden at the entrance to Brace Canyon Park was dedicated in his honor shortly after his death in 1990. Lundigan Park was dedicated October 10, 1992.

--- end ---

NOTE: On page 2 of the People Section (source), Octavia Lesueur who is known as 'Mother of Burbank Park's Movement' is mentioned and I haven't heard back yet from Dave LeSueur (BHS '67) if this is his relative.

Received this email from Dave LeSueur - thanks Dave!
Octavia is not my mother and is not related to us that we know of.