Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Roland 'Pete' Peterson Memorial Photos

Here are some wonderful photos from this past Saturday, Oct 15, 2011, which was the Memorial Service for former Burbank High Teacher and Coach, Mr. Roland 'Pete' Peterson.

(Many thanks to Cathy Nicholls Coyle, Carol Nicholls Lebrecht and Alan Landros for sending these!)

CLICK HERE to read more about Mr Peterson

Family of Roland "Pete" Peterson, BHS '39 and BHS Teacher, and three of his siblings, Arnold Peterson, BHS '30, Paul Peterson, BHS '35, and Ruth Peterson Finch, BHS '44

Standing, l. to r. - Ron Peterson, Linda Peterson Everett, BHS '67, Pauline Peterson Cozzens, BHS '64, Virginia Peterson, Christy Cozzens Mages, Chris Mages, Bryant Lewis, Frank Koroshec
Seated, l. to r. - Marybeth Finch Anderson, Louanne Peterson, BHS '70, Debbie Peterson Lewis, BHS '69, Sharon Finch Koroshec

Debbie Peterson Lewis, BHS '69, Pauline Peterson Cozzens, BHS '64, Virginia Peterson, Linda Peterson Everett, BHS '67, Louanne Peterson, BHS '70
(Virginia is Pete's sister-in-law, and Pauline and Debbie are her daughters. Their sister, Barbara Peterson, BHS '67, passed away in 1994)

Louanne Peterson and two of her three sons:
Sam Hunzinger, #3 son, Louanne, Peter Hunzinger, #2 son

Some former BHS faculty members at Peterson Memorial were l. to r. - Bill North, Bob Brewer, Ham Lloyd
(others at the service not pictured - Bill Bertrand, Art Cobery, Frank Kallem)

L to R: Ham and Jim Lloyd at Peterson Memorial
(Ham is 22 months older than Jim)

BHS Class '70: Louanne Peterson, Steve Daugherty, Nancy Olsen Barry, Alan Landros, Joyce Starleaf

BHS Class '67: Denny Lombard, Linda Peterson Everett, Deanna Lloyd Jennings, Scott Nave, Joanne Yoffee Furer, Cathy Nicholls Coyle, John Rocke, Richard Pearson

From Cathy and Carol's cousin Rena Ryde, below is the BHS Class of '39 45th Year Reunion Memory Book with an article on Mr. Peterson


Saturday, October 15, 2011

BHS Hi-Life Newspapers 1964-1967

Paul Dean Fitzgerald, BHS '67, has uploaded several issues of Burbank High's Hi-Life newspaper for us all to enjoy.

Here is the link and below is her email:

Thanks so much, Paula!!!

OK - I uploaded all of what I have for 1964. I'm still back and forth about whether this is the best way to create an archive - I'd so much rather have them as multi-page .pdf files.

But why don't we go public with a link to what I have so far. Maybe someone has a better idea of how to make this archive more user friendly. Even better, maybe some folks have more issues of the newspaper - I'd be happy to scan them and make them available to all. I've got most, but not all, of the issues from our high school years - fall 1964 to spring 1967. It would be great to add other years.

I can be reached, as you know, at paulamdfitzgerald@yahoo.com.

Snail mail, in case anyone has another cache of the newspapers for me to scan is:

4225 Caminito Cassis
San Diego, CA 92122

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Andrea's Latest Dog Tale!

From Andrea Moxness, BHS 67:

Please see my latest dog transport story at: http://www.underdograilroad.blogspot.com
Hope you enjoy it!
Thanks for your support.

Kelly, The Hound of Lickervilles

Is this a beautiful dog, or what? Kelly, a most wonderful hound-mix, was my latest rescue transport. This picture speaks volumes about her.

Yesterday, my friend, Carol, and I traveled to a little town called Bethel, about one hour and 45 minutes away, to meet Kelly behind the Midway Diner -- which was a step back in time. Way back. But that's another story for another time. After all, underdograilroad is about dog transports, not diners.

Kelly, without a doubt, was the quietest of the ten dogs who arrived by three separate cars from Ohio. We were given an excited barking concert when the other nine dogs realized they were about to be released from their taxis for a little walk and drinkie-poo before being loaded into a large van destined for a safe-harbor shelter in Connecticut. Our little Kelly, however, was coming with us as she had a foster family to welcome her in Trooper, PA.

Kelly seemed genuinely happy to meet me and Carol. As you may have guessed, she was very generous with her "lickerville" kisses, and here I am graciously accepting one. The barking symphony continued, while Kelly remained quiet. Carol spent some time admiring the handsomeness and beauty of the other dogs, while I watered and walked Kelly. I was already in love by then.

Finally, we loaded her into the back seat of my car, and we were off. As has happened so many times on previous transports, Kelly wanted to sit in front with us. She was a strong little devil, so after traveling only a mile or two down Route 78, we took an offramp, pulled into a gas station, and transferred Carol into the back seat. I didn't have a towel for Carol to lay on, so she had to share Kelly's. But no one seemed to mind. Kelly settled down then, content to no longer be the only one relegated to the back seat. The rest of the ride was uneventful.

Kelly's foster father, Brian, was at the appointed spot to meet us, and Kelly took to him right away. Perhaps she understood she would stay with him and his family for a little while, until she found her forever home. Brian told us that he has fostered 31 dogs over the last two years. That makes Brian pretty darn special in my book. That equals more than one foster dog per month. He spoke about how his family and several neighbors look forward to the arrival of each foster dog, and that his fosters always meet the other dogs in the neighborhood. I'm confident that Kelly will enjoy her temporary life with Brian and his family. Brian works from home, so he's able to spend a lot of time with each dog in his care. So hip, hip hooray for Brian! Now, there's a hero!

So, another successful transport. Brian promises he'll send me an update on Kelly. She is totally adoptable, a real people pleaser who loves anyone and everyone. You may check her out at: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetails/20821987.

I'm home today, nursing my lonely heart, since I loved and lost so quickly. But Kelly is the best, and I just know she'll find her forever home real soon. Or who knows? Maybe she'll even end up with Brian forever. You never can tell.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lunch with BHS Friends

Wonderful photo provided by Jennifer Dale Schatz, BHS '66, via Facebook:

"Just got home from taking my buddy Sue Everett Smith to the train. We had a wonderful weekend and NOT much sleep; laughing so long and hard until tears ran down our faces while gasping for air. And, lunch yesterday with Greg Alaimo, Bill Wright, Ron Coen, Bruce Keswick, Mike Hearn, and Owen Newcomer. Such a great group of guys!! Oh, so much fun."