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Party Update from Don Ray

Don's Facebook Update Jan 24, 2012:
"Thanks to Gene Giddings for capturing the moment at Frank's Restaurant when L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine joined me and my wife, Xiao Mei, for dinner and birthday gathering on Friday, January 20th. Restaurant owner Jose Lopez provided his best Italian dishes from Genio's Restaurant, which closed several years ago. The certificate certifies that I'm old! It's official!"

Original Post

Don wrote: "Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine, Private Investigator Cookie Schwartz Diaz and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Alan Rosenfield know that Don Ray stands behind them 100%.

"They were among some 40 friends who gave up their busy Friday Night to attend Don Ray's birthday get-together at Frank's Restaurant in Burbank. Others in attendance included Jan B. Tucker, Melanie Paek, Pam and John Kirkland, Tom and Anorene Townsend,Deborah L. Winger, Stephanie Winger, Gene Giddings, Donna Lee Giddings, Dave Lange, Frank Diaz, Addriane Pettinjohn and her son, William, William Prather, John Rocke, Pat Hall, Neal and Layoko Hershinson, Jan and Henry Osborn, Liz Hernandez, Xiao Mei Ray, David Ritchie, Chuck and Karen Campbell, Effrem, Reggie Salazar, Greg Alaimo, Pamela and Melissa Bergman and some others I'll remember in the morning.

"The great news is that everyone enjoyed the food --- especially the wonderful dishes that chef (and owner) Jose Lopez prepared off the menu from the late Genio's Restaurant in Burbank. Cathy Emmett Palmer wasn't there, but I'm sure she'll share this."

Yes, Don I would have loved to have been there! Sounds like it was a BLAST... and now, here are a few pics from your past!


Hi Life Assignment

Don Ray with his partner, Ralph, 1969 Vietnam and 2007

Thailand 1992

Armenia 2003

Nigeria 2006

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Don Ray's BD Party at Frank's Fri Jan 20th


6-9 pm tomorrow night Burbank High Alumni getting together at Franks Restaurant (owner Head Chief Genios) for some good eats and celebrating Don Ray's birthday.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mike Tideback, BHS '67, 1949-2012

So sad to report the passing of our classmate and friend...


February 28, 1949 - January 9, 2012

Michael Alan Tideback passed away on Monday, January 9, 2012, at his home in Lake Isabella, CA. He was 62. A friend of Mike's, who had talked to him two days earlier, was not able to reach him on Monday morning. He then went to Mike's home about 10:00 A.M. and discovered that Mike was deceased. The Kern County Coroner's Office believes that Mike passed away earlier the same day that his friend found him, Monday the 9th. The Kern County Coroner was to conclude their testing today, and believes Mike's death to be due to natural causes, probably a heart attack.

Mike Tideback was born in Iowa on February 28, 1949 to George and Frances Tideback. He had one younger brother, Bill Tideback (BHS '68), who was born May 2, 1950. In 1960 the family moved from Iowa to Southern California, first living in Glendale. When the family moved to Burbank Mike was in 8th grade, and Bill was in 7th grade, at John Muir. They lived on Reese Place, between Glenoaks and Tulare. That is where they lived the rest of their years growing up, and where their parents lived until both of their deaths. George Tideback worked for the L.A. Unified School District as the Athletic Director at Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley for many years, and until his retirement. George passed away in 1998.

Soon after Mike finished at BHS he was drafted by the Army and went to Viet Nam in the late 1960's. Once his service was complete he returned to Burbank and began working. He worked for the same company for many, many years in a supervisory position, and continued to live in Burbank through the years. Within the last couple of years Mike retired. In February of 2011 he moved from Burbank to Lake Isabella, and had been very happy living there. Mike never married and did not have children.

Mike was predeceased by his father George; his mother, Frances Tideback, on July 30, 2010 at age 83; and his younger brother, Bill Tideback, on April 13, 2008 at age 57. He is survived by his niece, Alison Tideback Castaneda (Bill's daughter), her husband, Bob Castaneda, BHS '94, and their three children, Joshua, Matthew, and Emily, all of Glendale.

A private memorial will be held for Mike by Alison and her family. Mike's cremated remains will be placed in the family niche at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills to join his father, mother, and brother.

(Thank you Alan Landros for the above)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1967 Ceralbus For Sale $40+Shipping

Thanks Neal (Hershenson) for the headsup!

Ceralbus 1967 Yearbook

By Burbank High School

Book condition: Good
Book Description
Burbank, CA: Burbank High School, 1967. Burbank High School 1967 yearbook. Yellowish cover has edgewear, bumped corners, and dirt smudges. Pages are clean and tight with no signatures or writing. 224 pages. Most notable graduate is Anson Heimlick - later, the actor Anson Williams. His name and activities are listed with the seniors, but there is no senior portrait. (There is an Anson Hemlick shown in the football team photo, but it's a very small image.). Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. Folio - over 12... Read More

Bookseller: BarbaraGene Books (New Mexico, United States)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Elaine Burkett Tulipana, BHS '67 (1949-2011)

Very sad to announce that our class recently lost Elaine Burkett.

We have been told she suffered from multiple myeloma and died shortly after a bone marrow transplant.

Please keep her family and friends in your prayers...

Elaine Tulipana, 62, of Stockton, California, died December 8, 2011.

Survivors include her husband, Jim; mother, Dolores; sister, Gina; niece, Jennifer; nephew, James; great niece Joey, Kansas City, Missouri.

Services were December 19, 2011, at the Cathedral of Aunnciation, (209) 463-1305, Rosary 12-18, Chapel of Palms (209)465-0265.

From the Kansas City Star December 14, 2011 Obituary:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update from Andrea Moxness' Blog

Bing, Bang, Boom

Finally -- another dog transport to write about! My computer crashed in late November, and I finally got it replaced, but it's been slow-going -- in more ways than one. Anyway, on to the dogs!

The first bit of great news is that adorable Kelly, the houndog from my last post, was adopted within three weeks by a new family, and is living happily ever after. A perfect ending!

The ending of my current transport story is an unusual one, but we'll get to that. First, meet Casey and Allie. Casey is a sweet-tempered lab mix, and Allie is a rambunctious,  but lovable short-haired something-er-other. We met them in the parking lot, where a guy named Steve had brought them. So far so good.
It was a brisk, windy day, and as usual, my friend Carol had accompanied me. We attended an event earlier that day, for which we had worn dressier clothing, not our usual jeans and sneakers. Before we took delivery of the dogs, Steve had several stories to tell us about his transporting experiences. Somehow, I think our day together will be added to his repetoire.

Anyway, he was an interesting, talkative individual, but I started to get cold, so suggested we get on our way. Allie, you will see, wasn't bothered one iota by the cold as she enjoyed her stomach rubs, no matter what!

Steve handed Allie over to Carol, and I took Casey and headed for the trunk of my car to get my leashes. I noticed Allie was yanking on Carol a lot, and I worried if she'd be able to handle that energetic dog. Boy, was I barking up the wrong tree! Next thing I knew, Casey had wrapped his leash around me -- twice -- and had gotten behind me, and simply started walking. Doesn't sound so bad, right? Well, I was trapped by his leash, and before I could bark three times, I was desperately struggling to stay upright. But I was wearing clogs, of all things! And I just couldn't balance myself, and although I put up a hell of a fight, I fell backwards and whacked the back of my head on the pavement. Splat -- or at least that's how it felt to me!

Good ol' Steve raced to my side. Although I thought for sure my head would be bleeding, he checked, and no blood. He then began asking me questions, checking my pupils and color, and announced he thought I'd be okay, but encouraged me to take my sweet old time sitting up. He stayed by my side, made sure I knew who I was and what day it was, while he told me he used to race motorcycles. He'd seen many, many crashes and had experience with injuries in his day. This comforted me as my confidence grew that I might actually survive my crash.

Slowly, but surely, I sat up and finally rose to my feet. Shaky, but up. And cold. Very very cold. All I wanted to do was get inside the car with the dogs, so I could get warmer, and start our hour-long drive. A few minutes later, with me behind the wheel as usual, we were off.
And guess what! At our final destination, Allie's forever family was there to meet her and take her home! That's the first time I've delivered a dog to its family, so I felt elated. They surprised their little boy by waiting to tell him until Allie actually arrived. He was so happy and grinned from ear-to-ear. So did Allie. It was so worth it!
And dear Casey went with Carolyn to be fostered, until he went to his forever home a few weeks later. Yay!

It was not Casey's fault that this happened. I learned a "hard" lesson. Always, always, always wear sneakers! And be more attentive so you don't get wrapped up in a leash. And, although I didn't do the smartest thing the day of my fall, I did see my doctor that Monday, and he sent me for a CT scan, which came back normal. But because I was still experiencing dizziness, he also sent me to a neurologist, who told me that only time and rest will help heal my minor concussion. She was right about that, as I still experience dizziness (well, more dizziness than usual anyway), but I am sure it will eventually disappear. And I'll be up to my old dog tricks as usual. So, look out transport dogs! Here I come!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Days with Anson

The following post is from the new BHS Class '68 blog:

No, the television star from the 70s hit, Happy Days, Anson Williams wasn’t from the class of 1968 — he was in the class of ’67 at Burbank High. Back then he was known as Anson Heimlick, and indeed, he was related to Dr. Henry Heimlich, who was famous for treating choking victims.

1967 Prom photo of "Potsie" (Anson Williams) with Karen Walker '68 and Scott Roberts '67.
1967 Prom photo of "Potsie" (Anson Williams) with Karen Kunert '68 and Scott Roberts '67.

In the Centennial yearbook, there was a page devoted to Anson Williams, where he said, “It wasn’t until years later that I appreciated the connections of my Burbank High experience. Six years after graduation, I was fortunate in landing a role on a popular television series. The world thought I had it made: fame, money, unlimited opportunity, etc.: everything except for connecting. My life turned into an out of control merry-go-round . . . On a particularly bad day, I veered away from the road home and took another into Burbank. It was late when I stopped in front of Burbank and snuck onto the football field. Connections immediately began flooding back. . . I had a sudden epiphany and realized that Burbank High gave me something that celebrity never could . . . me.”

Perhaps one of those quality BHS experiences happened at the 1967 Senior Prom, attended by Karen Kunert in our class . She went to the Senior Prom with Scott Roberts (’67) and had this photo taken with Anson Williams. It was unfortunately cropped for the Centennial book, so she wanted to share it with everyone.

Jim Ranshaw (left) is shown with other Burbank High alums at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Jim Ranshaw says that Karen’s mother was the neighborhood barber who cut all the kids’ hair in a large, converted closet at her home. She only charged 50¢ and when they got a little older, Jim says they all could get a glass of draught beer from her tap for 25¢! She cut Jim’s hair all through college until his wife, Patti, took over. Karen and Jim both once worked at St. Joseph’s Hospital in the kitchen — Jim worked as a pot washer and Karen worked on the food line. Other BHS grads who worked at the hospital included Steve McMichael, Jim Hannon, Gary Helmer, and Pat Reynish.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BHS '68 Blog Has a New Face