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Cathy Shalda 1949-1981

Cathy Shalda in 1961, 6th grade photo at Miller

Oh I just learned that Cathy Shalda, a friend from Miller Elementary School, died in 1981! 

We lost touch after 6th grade and I always wondered about her whereabouts. Today I was thinking about her because her's was one of the pretty houses decorated for Christmas each year. I remember watching the 3 Stooges and drinking hot chocolate at her house. She was in my Brownie/Girl Scout troop of which my mother was the leader.
So started Goggling and I found that her father owned Shalda Manufacturing which made lights? Not sure though. She has a sister, Vicki, who graduated from Burbank High in 1962:

Then I found this notice. Thank You Linda Mustion for adding her to "Find A Grave" here:

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UPDATE from Diana Ziegler Larson when I emailed some Miller classmates asking if anyone knew what happened:
Yes, Cathy died of a heart attack! I have always been freaked out because she, Bobby Alexander, and Steve Marcus hung around together and all died so very young. Steve died of a congenital heart issue on the beach with Cathy and Bobby before he headed to Berkeley for college, then Bobby died in Sept. 1970 when he was on a motorcycle and someone made an illegal left turn into him, and then Cathy died in 1981 of a heart attack.

Her family moved to Glendale when we were in Jr. High. I was in Ticktockers with her and we had meetings up there on the hillside occasionally. Yes, her father owned an electrical company that sold lighting. My sister was classmates with Vicki.

Life is precious and way too short.


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Don Ray wrote:
I remember knowing that Cathy Shalda’s father owned Shalda Lighting and that the company installed all of the lighting stuff at Disneyland back about the time it opened. How sad to hear that she passed away. She was very friendly to everyone.

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Jerry Berg wrote:
Cathy lived on View Dr. just above Sunset Canyon off of Elmwood Av. I think her dad's company also did the lighting at Dodger Stadium.

--- end ---

In 1963, Shalda Lighting was aquired by Hubbell
"Hubbell Outdoor Lighting was established in 1963 in Burbank, CA with Hubbell’s acquisition of Shalda Lighting."
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting is now located in Virginia.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grad Nite '67 at Disneyland

Thanks Neal Hershenson for posting this great reminder on Facebook today!!

Thanks Jay 'Chris' Peterson for saving and sending your ticket!

And here are more Facebook comments :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Looking Back with the Davies!

Yet another great photo found on Facebook... thanks to Christine Davies!

"Just looking thru some old pics and found this one. Aah, the good old days. Circa 1966 or 1967."

On the left is Diane Davies, BHS '69, with sister Christine, BHS '67 and driver, Roland Davies, BHS '67... cousins??

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Friends Mary Ogle & Carol DeHart Reconnect

Another great pic from Facebook - thanks Mary and Carol :)

Mary Ogle, BHS '67 had a fun morning reconnecting & catching up with Carol DeHart, BHS '69, at Vista Del Rey Vineyards which is owned by Carol.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Gregory David Gatton, BHS '67 (1949-2012)

Very sorry to report... Our thoughts and prayers are with Greg's family. It was just a year ago that his brother, Bruce, passed away:

Gregory David Gatton, 63, born on June 15, 1949, in Burbank, California, passed away September 25, 2012. He resided in Burbank, California at the time of his passing. Arrangements are under the direction of Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, CA.



Mortuary Visitation
Thursday, October 4
5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Mortuary
6300 Forest Lawn Dr. - Los Angeles

Funeral Service
Friday, October 5
2:30 PM
Old North Church
Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills
6300 Forest Lawn Dr. - Los Angeles

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Who Can Remember Jefferson School Teachers?

UPDATE: Thanks to Alan Landros for the additional Jefferson faculty photos! And thanks to Mrs. Cynthia Faust, former Jefferson teacher, for identifying many of these teachers who are pictured.

Thomas Jefferson Faculty and Staff, November 1960:

First Row from left:

Mrs. Crocker (4th); Mrs. Andrea Adams (4th) (later Canady); Mrs. Eleanor Dye (2nd); Mrs. Jean Eichenfeld Smreker (2nd); Mrs. Sybil Ellis (2nd) - deceased; Mrs. Joan Maxwell (5th) - now living in Burbank; Mrs. Kathy Allen (K) - deceased; Mrs. Joan Rogers (1st) (later Giles) - deceased; Miss Nellie Falvey (2nd) (later Uhl) - now living in Aliso Viejo; Miss Helen Steadman (5th) - now living in La Crescenta; Mr. Jack Brodowy (6th); Mr. Ben Selznick (6th)

Second Row from left:

Ms Wildey (5th); Miss Betty Jean Ohs (5th) (later Steinkolk) - deceased; Mr. Floyd Cross (Head Custodian); name not known (Cafeteria); Miss Joy Veazey (3rd) - deceased; Mrs. Christenberry (1st); Mrs. Cynthia Faust (3rd) - now living in Glendale; Mrs. Geraldine Hukill (3rd) - deceased; Mrs. Bliss Jones (K) - deceased; Mrs. Maggie Dyer (4th); Mrs. Ida May Sanders (3rd); Mrs. Ruth Freckelton (1st) - deceased; Mrs. Mary Gray (1st) - deceased; Mrs. Lois Tindell (6th) (later Sharff) - deceased; Mr. David Lawton (Principal) - deceased; Mrs. Lynn Eichlin (6th) - deceased

Third Row from left:

name not known (Custodian); name not known (Female Custodian); Mr. Virgil Malone (Custodian); Mrs. Joanne Moore; Miss Dunleavy (4th); Ms Cronenberger (1st); Miss Cheryl Johnson; Mrs. Carol Shipley; name not known (Office Clerk); Mrs. Viola Trumble (School Secretary) - deceased; Mrs. Novins; Mrs. Mary Kate Long (4th); Mrs. Helen Koch (K) - deceased; Miss Pat Hagen (3rd)

Thomas Jefferson Faculty and Staff, November 1964:

First Row from left:

Mrs. Ruth DeMandel Final - now living in Westlake Village; ?not known?; Mrs. Gail Whitney Copeland (4th) - now living in Glendale; Mrs. Andrea Adams Canady (4th); Ms Kay Palmer; Mrs. Joanie Rogers Giles (1st) - deceased; Mrs. Sybil Ellis (2nd) - deceased; Mrs. Jean Eichenfeld Smreker (2nd); ?not known?; Mrs. Marilyn Katzman Deal

Second Row from left:

Custodian - name not known; Mr. Jack Brodowy (6th); Mrs. Kay McKenzie; Mrs. Sylvia Nielsen; Miss Helen Steadman (5th) - now living in La Crescenta; Mrs. Bliss Jones (K) - deceased; Mrs. Williamson??; Ms Suzanne Ethridge - now living in Downey; Miss Betty Jean Ohs (6th that year) - (later Steinkolk) - deceased; Mrs. Lynn Eichlin (6th) - deceased; Mrs. Lois Tindell Sharff (6th) - deceased; Principal David Lawton - deceased

Third Row from left:

Mr. Virgil Malone - Head Custodian; Custodian - name not known; Female Custodian - name not known; Mrs. Cynthia Faust Hurst - living in Glendale; Mrs. Viola Trumble - School Secretary - deceased; Mr. Jean Mathias (6th); Mr. Chatfield


Received the following from Greg van der Werf... Looks like a fun game!

Hi Cathy -

Some of us are trying to remember the names of teachers in Jefferson School, and matching up the names with the room numbers. No doubt other people would remember what we have forgotten. Maybe you can help by posting?

David Lawton was the principal.

Mr Cross was the janitor.

This is Burbank trivia at its best!

Room 1 Mrs Carol Hoosier

2 Mrs Binion

3 Mrs Ruth Freckelton


5 Mrs Jeanne Cornwell

6 Mrs Mary Gray


8 Mrs Aikers


10 (?) Mrs Beer


12 Mrs Lois Wiebe (sure of name, not of room)




16 (?) Mrs Lampson

17 Mrs Geraldine Hukill



20 Mrs Beverly Roeher


22 Miss Betty Jean Ohs

23 Mrs Wentzel

24 Mrs Maxwell

25 Miss Helen Stedman

26 Mrs (Miss?) Tindell

27 Mr (Michael?) Brodowy

28 Mrs Eichlin

29 Mr Bernard Selznick (or was he Room 30? Was there a Room 30?)

These are all we can remember now. Not sure of the rooms for Maxwell, Stedman, and Tindell. Apparently one of the 4th grade teachers was Mrs Joyce.

There were also bungalow rooms, and we don't remember the numbers.

Bungalow 30 Mrs Eaker (?)

---end ---

Also, here is a previous post regarding Jefferson...

September 25, 2012 New comment from Greg...

I thought there might be an easier way, so I called Jefferson School to see if they maintained a teachers' roster from years past, and the staff sed they didn't. Too bad. However, I'll give Mrs Cornwell a call. Surely she can fill in some of the gaps.

By the way, Alan Singer reminded me that he and Rick Leaf were eraser monitors at Jefferson. Wow. I had completely forgotten that !

2nd UPDATE! Cathy Nicholls Coyle just sent me these 2 great pics from our reunion this past summer - thanks Cathy :)




3rd UPDATE :)

Chris Morris' teachers at Jefferson:
Kindergarten, P.M. Mrs Ford 1954/55
1st Grade Mrs Sanders 1955/56
2nd Grade Mrs Wiebe 1956/57
3rd Grade Miss Patrick 1957/58
4th Grade Mrs Crocker 1958/59
5th Grade Miss Stedman 1959/60
6th Grade Mrs Eichlin 1960/61
Room numbers unknown.

September 26, 2012 UPDATE

Hi Cathy,

Off the top of my head Miss Leppe was 2nd grade and Miss Veazy was 3rd grade (in a bungalow). She always wore these shoes with a fruit deocration on top. I would have to pull out my scrapbook for room numbers. This was fun.

Carol Thompson Horton


Hi Cathy,

Here is a list of my teachers at Jefferson, but don’t recall all the room numbers.

K: Mrs. Dodd—Room 2?—1954-55

1: Mrs. Goodman—Room 4—1955-56

2: Mrs. Lois Wiebe—Room 12?—1956-57

3: Miss Joy Veazey—Bungalow 28—1957 -58

4: Miss Helen Stedman—Room 18?—1958-59

5: Miss Betty Jean Ohs—Room 22—1959-60

6: Mrs. Lynn Eichlin—Room 28—1960-61

I also recall hearing that Miss Ohs later got married and taught Social Studies at Muir. I also think she and her husband had an avocado farm in the North County Area of San Diego. I believe her married name started with an S. She always read us the Caddie Woodlawn books (which I later had to get for my kids). Her favorite line from the book—“If at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again.” Although Caddie thought it was, “If at first you don’t fricassee, then fry, fry a hen!” Miss Ohs was originally from Minnesota, often telling us stories of the “Land of 1000 Lakes.”

Greg, Deanna and I were on our walk last night wondering what inspired this quest. Looks like there is a great chance Jefferson students will be able to help complete the list.

Joanne Yoffee Furer


And from Greg van der Werff...

Hi Cathy -

At first, I thought to try to just fill in the name of each Jefferson teacher with their room numbers. But, of course, it's much more complicated than that. Not all the teachers stayed for the entire seven-year period we were there, and also, their room assignments changed a little from year to year.

So, at the risk of turning this into a BIG DEAL, I would propose a different format for the information, so that other people can add to it accurately. The years 1966, 1967, and 1968 are the high school class that would eventually graduate from the given elementary class shown below. The initials are the those of the classmates who provided the information. Here's what we know so far:



1st Grade
Mrs Gelfan BSF

Principal: Mr Boyd JS

Kindergarten 1966
K Mrs Ruth Freckelton 3 RC, JS

Principal: ?

Kindergarten 1967
Mrs Binion 2 AS
Mrs Ford k-pm CM
(Mrs Kushman?)
Mrs Dodd 2? JYF

1st Grade: 1966
Mrs Mary Gray 6 JS
Mrs Aikers 8 RC

Principal: David Lawton (until 1961+; he was the nephew of Russell Croad, Superintendent, BUSD for many years)

Kindergarten 1968
Mrs Carol Hoosier k-am 1 GV
Mrs Binion WG

1st Grade 1967
Mrs Goodman 4 JYF
Mrs Ida May Sanders CM, AL

2nd Grade 1966
Mrs Beer 10 RC
Dr Joan Flint 11 JS

3rd Grade 1965

4th Grade 1964
Miss Betty Jean Ohs BSF


1st Grade 1968
Mrs Jeanne Cornwell 5 GV, WG
Mrs Mary Gray 6 GV

2nd Grade 1967
Miss Leppe CTH
Mrs Beer 10 CDM
Mrs Lois Wiebe 12? CM, JYF

3rd Grade 1966
Mrs Lampson 16? RC
Mrs Jean Eichenfeld 17 JS

4th Grade 1965

5th Grade 1964
Mrs Wentzel BSF


Kindergarten 1970
Mrs Helen Koch k-pm 3 AL

1st Grade 1969

2nd Grade 1968
Mrs Lois Wiebe 12? GV

3rd Grade 1967
Miss Patrick CM
Mrs Goldojarb TTM
Miss Joy Veazey B28 JYF

4th Grade 1966
Mrs Eaker? B30 RC
Miss Connie Spalding 18 JS

5th Grade 1965

6th Grade 1964
Miss Simon BSF


Kindergarten 1971
Miss/Mrs Smith KYS

1st Grade 1970
Mrs Mary Gray 6 AL

2nd Grade 1969

3rd Grade 1968
Mrs Geraldine Hukill 17 GV, AL Geraldine Gregory "Gerry" Hukill

4th Grade 1967
Miss Helen Stedman 23 JYF
Mrs Beverly Roeher 20? GV
Miss Spalding TTM
Mrs Crocker CM
Mrs Joan Maxwell GV, AL

5th Grade 1966
(Mr Durham?) JS
Mrs B. Wentzel 23 JS

6th Grade 1965


1st Grade 1971
Mrs Mary Gray KYS

2nd Grade 1970
Miss Nellie Falvey 10 AL later Mrs Nelley Uhl

3rd Grade 1969

4th Grade 1968
Mrs Joyce

5th Grade 1967
Miss Betty Jean Ohs 22 GV, JYF, AL later Mrs Betty Steinkolk
Mrs Wentzel 23 GV
Miss Helen Stedman 25? CM
(Mr Durham?)

6th Grade 1966
Mr Bernard Selznick 29 JS


Kindergarten 1973
Mrs Kathy Allen SP60/61
Mrs Bliss Jones SP60/61
Mrs Helen Koch SP60/61

1st Grade 1972
Mrs Joan Rogers SP60/61 later Mrs Joan Giles
Mrs Christenberry SP60/61
Mrs Ruth Freckelton SP60/61
Mrs Mary Gray SP60/61
Ms Cronenberger SP60/61

2nd Grade 1971
Miss Jean Eichenfeld KYS later Mrs Jean Smrekar
Mrs Eleanor Dye SP60/61
Mrs Sybil Ellis SP60/61
Miss Nellie Falvey SP60/61 later Mrs Nellie Uhl
Miss Cynthia Faust SP60/61

3rd Grade 1970
Miss Joy Veazey SP60/61
Mrs Ida May Sanders SP60/61
Miss Pat Hagen SP60/61
Mrs Geraldine Hukill 17 AL

4th Grade 1969
Mrs Crocker SP60/61
Mrs Andrea Adams SP60/61 later Mrs Andrea Canady
Mrs Maggie Dyer SP60/61
Mrs Dunleavy SP60/61
Mrs Mary Kate Long SP60/61

5th Grade 1968
Miss Betty Jean Ohs 22 GV later Mrs Betty Steinkolk AS, AL
Miss Wildey (23) SP60/61
Mrs Joan Maxwell (24) SP60/61
Miss Helen Stedman (25) SP60/61

6th Grade 1967
Mrs Lois Tindell 26 GV, AL later Mrs Lois Burbank, later Mrs Lois Sharff
Mr Jack Brodowy 27 GV, AL
Mrs "Lynn" Eichlin 28 CM, JYF, AL Mrs Marilyn Louise Kemper "Lynn" Eichlin
Mr Bernard Selznick 29 GV

Grade unknown: Mrs Joanne Moore; Miss Cheryl Johnson; Mrs Carol Shipley; Mrs Novins


3rd Grade 1971
Miss Cynthia Faust KYS later Mrs Hurst

4th Grade 1970
Miss Gail Whitney 21 AL later Mrs Gail Copeland

5th Grade 1969

6th Grade 1968


4th Grade 1971
Miss Thompson KYS

5th Grade 1970
Miss Betty Jean Ohs 22 AL

6th Grade 1969


5th Grade 1971
Mrs Helen Stedman KYS

6th Grade 1970
Mrs "Lynn" Eichlin 28 AL


Kindergarten 1977
Mrs Bliss Jones SP64/65

1st Grade 1976
Mrs Joanie Rogers Giles SP64.65

2nd Grade 1975
Mrs Sybil Ellis SP64/65
Mrs Jean Eichenfeld Smreker SP64/65

3rd Grade 1974

4th Grade 1973
Mrs Gail Whitney Copeland SP64/65

5th Grade 1972
Miss Helen Stedman SP64/65

6th Grade 1971
Mrs Lois Tindell Sharff SP64/65
Miss Betty Jean Ohs SP64/65 later Mrs Betty Jean Steinkolk
Mrs "Lynn" Eichlin KYS
Mr Jack Brodowy SP64/65
Mr Jean Mathias 29 SP64/65

Other teachers, 1964/65: Mrs Ruth DeMandel Final; Ms Kay Palmer; Mrs Marilyn Katzman Deal; Mrs Kay McKenzie; Mrs Sylvia Nielsen; Mrs Williamson?; Ms Suzanne Ethridge; Mrs Cynthia Faust Hurst; Mr Chatfield


Mr Cross was the school janitor CDM (Carolyn, you got this whole thing started.)
Mr Virgil Malone was the school janitor SP64/65 (AL)
Vi Trumble was the school secretary, and Mr Lawton's secretary AL
Mrs Helen Weber was school nurse until 1958 AL
Mrs Patricia Hutchcraft was school nurse after 1958 AL

Room 30 and 31 were bungalows AL

Unplaced, about 1957-1961, per AL:

Mrs Kathy Allen 1
Mrs Bliss Jones 2
Mrs Helen Koch 3
Mrs Joan Rogers 7
Mrs Mary Kate Long 20
Mrs Ida May Sanders B30
Mrs Cynthia Faust later Hurst; later Faust, starting 1959
Mrs Andrea Adams later Channing; about 1960


RC Ron Coen 1966
BSF Bonnie Schredder Friedman 1963
JYF Joanne Yoffee Furer 1967
WG Will Geselbracht 1968
CTH Carol Thompson Horton 1967
AL Alan Landros 1970
TTM Teri Troxel Mcclain 1967
CM Chris Morris 1967
CDM Carolyn Diehl Munch 1967
JS Jeff Schredder 1966
AS Alan Singer 1967
KYS Karen Yoffee Sklar 1971
GV Greg Van Der Werff 1967
SP60/61 Staff Photo 60/61 (AL)
SP64/65 Staff Photo 64/65 (AL)

--- end ---



Thanks for sending this e-mail regarding former teachers at Thomas Jefferson. First, let me mention that I have just learned that Thomas Jefferson opened in 1948, the new John Muir campus opened in September 1952, and Horace Mann opened the fall of 1955. I was three years behind your classmates who attended Jefferson, and I was there from 1957 until 1964. Here is what I can add to the discussion:

Principal David Lawton was already at Jefferson when I began in 1957. He remained there at least through the mid 60's. He was the nephew of Mr. Russell Croad, who was the Superintendent of the BUSD in the 1950's and into the 60's. David Lawton passed away in November 1997 from cancer, at age 86, while living with his wife in Murrieta in Riverside County. (His son, David, Jr. ("Judd"), BHS '72, was Police Chief of San Gabriel for many years, retiring a couple of years ago.)

Mrs. Viola "Vi" Trumble was the school secretary and Mr. Lawton's secretary. She passed away in August 1997 at age 81.

Mrs. Helen Weber was the school nurse until 1958 when she became school nurse at BHS and remained there until 1970. She passed away in May 2005 just short of age 99. Mrs. Patricia Hutchcraft replaced Mrs. Weber as school nurse at Jefferson, and remained there at least through the mid 60's. She is living in Van Nuys.

Mr. Floyd Cross was the Head Custodian.

Room 6, Mrs. Mary Gray, retired in 1961. She passed away in November 1975 at age 79.

Room 17, Mrs. Geraldine Gregory "Gerry" Hukill. Passed away in February 1979 at age 79 while living in San Diego.

Room 22, Miss Betty Jean Ohs. She later became Mrs. Betty Steinkolk. She taught at John Muir beginning in 1966. After that she became an administrator with BUSD, and was the BHS Principal in the 1979/80 school year. She was with BUSD for 34 years. She passed away in June 2009 at age 81, after living many years with her husband in Valley Center near Escondido, on their 27 acre property of avocados and an orange grove. Her passing was due to dementia, as was the same for her mother, sister, and three of her brothers.

Room 23 was Miss Helen Steadman. She is living in La Crescenta, and is now 84.

Room 24, Mrs. Joan Maxwell. She is living in Burbank with her husband in same home for over 50 years. She retired as a Principal in the West San Fernando Valley. She is in her mid 70's.

Room 26, Mrs. Lois Tindell. She later became Mrs. Lois Burbank. Then went back to Lois Tindell. Still later she became Mrs. Lois Sharff. She retired from Jefferson about 1969, and moved with her husband to Santa Clarita Valley. She passed away in October 1992 at age 83.

Room 27, Mr. Jack Brodowy

Room 28, Mrs. Marilyn Louise Kemper "Lynn" Eichlin. She taught for the BUSD for 35 1/2 years, retiring from Jefferson in 1982. She passed away in August 2005 at age 84 at her Burbank home of many years.

Room 29 was Mr. Ben Selznick. When he left Jefferson around 1962 or 1963 Mr. Jean Mathias ("Jean" correct spelling) took Room 29.

"Room" 30 and "Room" 31 were the two bungalows located next to the Karen St. gate.

I'll list Room numbers with the teachers who were in them that I remember during some point between 1957 and 1961 when your classmates graduated from Jefferson:

Room 1 - Mrs. Kathy Allen, deceased in 1970's or early 1980's from cancer.

Room 2 - Mrs. Bliss Jones, died in February 1973 at age 73 while traveling on an African Safari.

Room 3 - Mrs. Helen Koch ("Coke"), deceased in December 1987 at age 68.

Room 6 - Mrs. Mary Gray (mentioned above)

Room 7 - Mrs. Joan Rogers, later became Mrs. Joan Giles, is deceased.

Room 10 - Miss Nellie Falvey, first year 1959/60. She later became Mrs. Nellie Uhl. She is living with her husband in Aliso Viejo in Orange County. Last year they had their 50th wedding anniversary. She is in her mid 70's. After Jefferson she taught many years at Miller in Burbank.

Room 17 - Mrs. Geraldine "Gerry" Hukill (mentioned above)

Room 20 - Mrs. Mary Kate Long

Room 22 - Miss Betty Jean Ohs (mentioned above)

Room 23 - Miss Helen Steadman (mentioned above)

Room 26 - Mrs. Lois Tindell (mentioned above)

Room 27 - Mr. Jack Brodowy

Room 28 - Mrs. Lynn Eichlin (mentioned above)

Room 29 - Mr. Ben Selznick

Bungalow 30 - Mrs. Ida May Sanders

Also, beginning in 1959 at Jefferson was Mrs. Cynthia Faust. She later became Mrs. Cynthia Hurst, but then went back to Cynthia Faust. She taught at Jefferson, and was in administration there, for 44 years, before official retirement in 2003. She continues to have an office at Jefferson, and represents the BUSD at many county and state school district functions. She is in her mid 70's, and lives in Glendale. She is the current Burbank Noontime Kiwanis President. I think her room number at Jefferson was Room 15.

Mrs. Andrea Adams also began at Jefferson about 1960. She later became Mrs. Andrea Canady, and was with BUSD for 44 years.

And finally I'll list my own teachers and rooms while I was at Jefferson, (happy memories):

Room 3, PM Kindergarten 1957/58, Mrs. Helen Koch ("Coke"). Deceased (Her husband, Wes Koch, owned Burbank Nursery on San Fernando Rd., and later was City of Burbank Parks Superintendent. He passed away while having lunch at the Smoke House in May 2008.)

Room 6, 1st 1958/59, Mrs. Mary Gray. Deceased

Room 10, 2nd 1959/60, Miss Nellie Falvey, (first year teaching), later became Mrs. Nellie Uhl, now living in Aliso Viejo.

Room 17, 3rd 1960/61, Mrs. Geraldine Hukill. Deceased

Room 21, 4th 1961/62, Miss Gail Whitney, (first year teaching), later became Mrs. Gail Copeland, now living in Glendale. (BHS '57 Class)(Mrs. Copeland retired in 2004 after 43 years with BUSD, last 18 years as Principal of Miller Elementary in Burbank.)

Room 22, 5th 1962/63, Miss Betty Jean Ohs, later became Mrs. Betty Steinkolk. Deceased

Room 28, 6th 1963/64, Mrs. Marilyn "Lynn" Eichlin. Deceased

Alan Landros, BHS '70

--- end ---


Wes Clark and Mike McDaniel just uploaded the 1966-1967 Burbank Unified School District Directory which includes names of all the Burbank teachers.

Here is the link:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BHS '67 Classmates Meet Again!

This is a great story!! Thanks Larry :)


As you may or may not know, I am a retired administrator from LAUSD, four years ago, and we have moved to Eugene, OR.  The school district brings me down for about a month each year about this rime to work with principals regarding Charter school issues and how it affects their school sites.

Well today I am sitting across from the principal of Reed Middle School and we get to talking about this and that and to our mutual surprise we both lived in and went to Burbank schools. We talk about friends etc. and we suddenly realized that we were in the same graduating class and were in fact classmates. It was Donna Hall. We could not believe it. She did not know about your letters and updates. I have not seen her in years, although I have worked with her school among all the rest for 20 years.

It was a blast and thought you might enjoy.

Take care,
Larry Carletta

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BHS Hall of Fame 2012

Thank You Joanne Yoffee Furer, BHS 67, for these wonderful photos! CLICK HERE

Hi Cathy,

Several from our class were at one or both of the gatherings for Dave Le Sueur’s induction into the BHS Hall of Fame. The first groups are from the afternoon gathering hosted by Dave and his brother Steve. It was in the Art Room—and we were all happy to have signs pointing the way, as we weren’t familiar with the new campus. Turns out, the Art Room is near the Gym at the corner of Delaware, an area we knew as tennis courts and the Science Building. Dave’s family, including Mary, his parents and siblings, his children and grandchildren were also in attendance. Tim Tolnay was in town from Colorado and took a lot of official photographs of both events.

During the evening program in the Auditorium, the presenters and honorees shared a lot of history and pride in both BHS and Burbank. Carl, Dave’s oldest son, introduced Dave and captured Dave’s personality and accomplishments. You’ll notice I included the introduction to the evening by Ken Ziskin—he’s wearing a t-shirt from Stand Up to Cancer in tribute to Laura. Also, Freddy Ortega accompanied Rick Romero’s sister (Irene Robortello ’60) to the stand to receive Rick’s award. Mike Feix introduced the award for John Gaball.

These are just a glimpse of the evening...


Friday, September 7, 2012

Help Wanted! Burbank Senior Bulldogs Website

Received this note today from Carol Brown Baker, BHS '67:

Burbank Senior Bulldogs Website

As we continue to look at the costs to produce the Burbank Sr. Bulldogs newsletter, one option we are entertaining is developing a website. Many people have access to the internet, and if we put the newsletter online it will reduce the number of newsletters that we send out.

In order to do this we are desperately looking for people that will assist us in the development of the website. I know there are many classmates that have this expertise and hope that you will contact us and volunteer a little of your time.

Please contact

PS If in town, please come to the Burbank Sr. Bulldogs luncheon on Monday. Read more HERE.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Burroughs/Burbank High School Joint Reunion - All Years


Third Annual all JBHS/Burbank at CASTAWAY!!

Public Event
Saturday, August 25, 2012.
6:00pm in PDT.

This event has been hugely popular. The Theme is our JBHS/Burbank bond. Lets live it. There will be music, dancing, reminiscing.... If you havent been to one your in for a treat. If you have been a part of the last few gatherings then you know. Lets celebrate us! Last year we had over 150... There will be more this year!

For the out of towners 8/24 is the first game at the new memorial field.

There is no cost and no cover for this event. If you chose to valet park the suggested donation is $3.50.

The Castaway Restaurant Burbank
1250 East Harvard Rd., Burbank, California 91501

And Jim Schmitt posted this:

Reunion After-Party @ Whiskey Bend! 

Green Central Station featuring BHS alum Ken Green & Ron Basoff playing from 9PM to 1AM!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BHS Mini Reunion Sept 8, 2012

Received this from Dave LeSueur just now, so please spread the word!


Hi Cathy! As you know, I am being inducted into the BHS Athletic Hall of Fame on Saturday, Sept. 8. Another basketball player (from the class of '65), John Gaball, is also being inducted. So I am hosting a reception/get together on Saturday, September 8, from noon until 3 p.m. at Burbank High honoring the basketball teams of 1965 (Gaball's team) and 1967 (my team). The event is not just for the players but also for any friends, relatives, well-wishers, and former groupies who want to come. Basically, it's an excuse to get together with people who, understandably, are not interested in coming to the ceremony that night but would still like to visit with friends from that era. All classes are invited.

Could you advertise this in your blog? I don't have any way to contact members of the '67 team other than Ron Davidson and Benton White. Hopefully, the others will hear about the event and be able to come.

The reception honoring the '65 and '67 basketball teams will be held Saturday, Sept. 8, noon to 3 p.m., in the BHS art room and, if needed, the dance room. (The two rooms are right across the hall from each other.) It will be very informal--i.e., wear whatever you like.

The evening ceremony is being held in the BHS gym. There is a "meet and greet" at 5:30 pm with the ceremony starting at 6:00 pm.

Thanks for your help!


John Gaball, BHS '65

Dave LeSueur, BHS '67

Coach Loutensock will also be honored. Here are his teams from 1965-1967

1965 Ceralbus Yearbook

1966 Ceralbus Yearbook

1967 Ceralbus Yearbook

Saturday, August 4, 2012

1961 Providencia Elementary 6th Grade Class

Thanks to Flora Angel Ferrens for the great photo!

Teacher: Mrs. Forsythe

What Are The Names & Who is Who?
Flora Angel (From row, third from right)
Sandy Ballard
Pete Beauregard
Fred Gold
Cindy Carter
Rick Gordon
Steve Bilos
Nancy Bridgestock (Front row, second from left)
Barbara Meyer (Top row, third from left)
Gaylene Cooper
Debi Scott
Darilynn Redmann
Ron Bayless
Mike Galloway (Second row, second from the right)
Jim Shaw (Second row, fourth from right)
Robert Markie
Bob Maiwurm (Top row, second from left)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Burbank High Athletic Hall of Fame September 8, 2012

"The event is scheduled for Sept. 8 in the school's auditorium. There will be a meet-and-greet at 5:30 p.m. followed by the ceremony at 6."

Next group set for Burbank High Athletic Hall of Fame

Twelve former standouts to be honored in next Burbank Athletic Hall of Fame induction
July 17, 2012|By Jeff Tully,

A fine group of former athletes have been honored in two induction ceremonies of the Burbank High Athletic Hall of Fame since it was founded in 2008.

Names like Jeff Nelson, Cathy Ferguson, Paul Cameron, Christy Calderon, Ralph Botting, John Musich and Freddy Sanchez have been just some of the individuals who have been permanently enshrined and their honors and exploits displayed in the lobby of the Burbank High gym.

"We have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the Hall of Fame displays that we've put up," said Burbank Athletic Director Fred Cook, who is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Hall of Fame. "I was at the gym the other day and some guy came in off the street just to look at the Hall of Fame displays."
Next fall, a new group of 12 former Bulldogs standouts will take their place when a third induction event will be held.

The event is scheduled for Sept. 8 in the school's auditorium. There will be a meet-and-greet at 5:30 p.m. followed by the ceremony at 6.

"We like to make it a real special event," said Cook, who adds to the Hall of Fame every two years.

This year's list of honorees include:

A 1956 Burbank graduate, Richards cultivated a boys' tennis dynasty for the Bulldogs. Along with winning a CIF Southern Section III championship in 1993 — the last title won by the school in any sport — his teams advanced to the division quarterfinals 12 of 13 years. In addition, Burbank captured 13 straight Foothill League crowns under Richards.

Loutensock was a teacher in the Burbank Unified School District for 32 years. He was the Indians boys' basketball coach from 1958-75 and has the most wins in program history. In 1967, a squad coached by Loutensock and paced by a nucleus of six fine players — Dave LeSueur, Benton White, Bob Saia, Ron Davidson, John Hoofman and Mike Acosta — advanced to CIF Division 3-A semifinals. That year, the Bulldogs won the Foothill League championship and amassed 24 wins.

The 1967 graduate was an important member of the 1967 team that advanced to the CIF semifinals. He is the only basketball player from the school to earn high school All-America honors. He also won all-league and All-CIF Southern Section accolades.

A standout in track and field and cross-country, Romero — who graduated in 1964 — was part of a distance dynasty at the school in the 1960s and into the 1970s. He captured a CIF Southern Section championship in the boys' 1,600 in 1964 and was the CIF runner-up in cross-country as a senior. In addition, he was the Foothill League champion in 1963.

The 1965 graduate averaged 20 points a game during his senior season in boys' basketball. He was a two-time Foothill League Player of the Year and was named most valuable play in five separate tournaments.

A 1969 graduate, Dodge is the only athlete in Burbank history to be named a high school All-American in two sports (boys' swimming and water polo). His Bulldogs teams won two Foothill League championships in water polo and three in swimming. He went later earned collegiate All-American accolades at Cal State Northridge.

An accomplished swimmer who could swim every event, Ross was a three-time high school All-American who captured the CIF Southern Section 100-yard freestyle event in 1972. As a senior, the 1973 graduate was undefeated in every dual-meet race he took part in and still holds the school record in the 100 freestyle.

The 1975 graduate was a standout in three sports: football, basketball and track and field. In football, he was a two-time All-CIF Southern Section award winner and was named a Prep Magazine All-American as a senior. He earned a football scholarship to UCLA.

Graduating in 1976, Gronich was one of Burbank's first female athletes to earn All-CIF Southern Section accolades, garnering the award twice in volleyball. She was a three-time all-league award winner in volleyball, also receiving an all-league nod in basketball. She also ran track.

Another of the successful distance runners to come out of Burbank. The 1979 graduate captured a CIF Southern Section 3-A championship in the 1,600 in 1979. In addition, he placed fourth in the State Meet in the 3,200 and is a member of the Bulldogs record-holding distance medley relay team.

Graduating in 1988, Gilles is the only athlete in school history to win a CIF Southern Section triple jump championship, taking the 3-A title in 1987. She held the national triple jump mark as a senior and was a three-time champion in the Foothill League.

Along with Nelson, Lewis was one of the most decorated distance runners in school history. The 1989 graduate captured a title in the boys' Division 3-A 1,600 in 1989 and also added a title in cross-country. In addition, he was a state runner-up in the 800 and captured a Foothill League cross-country title.

Also receiving Distinguished Achievement Awards at the Hall of Fame event are longtime football team doctor Bruce Varon and longtime trainer Scott Moro.


I learned today that the Hall of Fame ceremony at 6:00 P.M. Saturday will be in the BHS Auditorium, as it was two years ago for the 2010 ceremony. (5:30 "Meet and Greet" in the Gym, then over to Auditorium for 6:00 ceremony.)


Reception and Get-together at BHS

12:00 Noon to 3:00 P.M.

To be held in the Art Classroom and Dance Room

First Floor in main building at Burbank High

Hosted by David LeSueur '67 and Steve LeSueur '70

5:30 P.M. "Meet-and-Greet"

BHS Boy's Gym

6:00 P.M. Third BHS Athletic Hall of Fame

BHS Auditorium


The BHS Athletic Hall of Fame is held each two years in the Fall. The first ceremony was held during the BHS Centennial weekend in September 2008. The second ceremony was in November of 2010. This year the third ceremony is to be held on Saturday, September 8, at Burbank High. Each time there are about 10 or 12 inductees, including outstanding athletes, outstanding coaches, and possibly an entire team from a certain year, chosen from the 104 year history of Burbank High School.

This year some of the inductees are John Gaball '65 (basketball), David LeSueur '67 (basketball), Bruce Dodge '69 (swimming), Marji Gilles '88 (track and field) (she is the niece of our classmate, Ron Grasse), Coach Jack Loutensock - posthumously, and Coach Clyde Richards. Coach Loutensock was the Varsity Basketball Coach from 1958 to 1975 at BHS, and is the all-time winning basketball coach at BHS in it's 104 year history. David LeSueur is the only "All-American" in basketball in BHS history. I had the privilege to originally nominate David LeSueur for this Hall of Fame, and I am looking forward to now seeing him inducted!

Steve LeSueur asked me sometime back to send out a notice to all of our local SoCal classmates to let them know what is planned for September 8, and hoping as many of you as is possible will be able to be at BHS that afternoon and/or evening.

David LeSueur and his wife, Mary, will be here from Colorado, Steve LeSueur is coming from Virginia, Blyden Loutensock and his wife, Susan, are coming from Utah, Mrs. Barbara Loutensock also coming from Utah, Dennis Moselle will be here from Utah, as will Norm Nemrow '72 from Utah. Steve Gregory will be here from Northern California. Tim Tolnay '69 will be here from Colorado. Tom Flavin '65 is coming from Washington state. In addition, David and Steve's parents, John and Delores LeSueur, will be with us for the day from San Clemente.

David LeSueur and Steve LeSueur will be the hosts for the Reception and Get-together which will be from Noon until 3:00 P.M. in the Art and Dance classrooms on the first floor in the main building at BHS.

Our 1970 classmate, Gary Bric, and his wife, Shelley, are the owners of "Gary Bric's Ramp" restaurant in Burbank, located at 7730 N. Hollywood Way, just south of Glenoaks Blvd. and the I - 5 freeway. It is a dinner house known for fine steaks and seafood, but has a full variety menu. Those alums coming from out of town may want to have a meal or two at "The Ramp". You may call 818-768-6499 to find out their hours of business. (Gary is also a Burbank City Councilman, and former Burbank Mayor.)

I am sending this notice to all of our SoCal classmates and a few others, along with some from other classes, and some of our former coaches, also. Hoping many, many of you will be able to join us for this fun day together!

Below I am including Steve LeSueur's message for you to read his words yourself!

Alan Landros


As you know, John Gaball (BHS ’65) and David LeSueur (BHS ’67) are being inducted into the BHS Athletic Hall of Fame on the evening of September 8. We are hosting a reception/get together on September 8, from noon until 3 p.m. at Burbank High honoring the basketball teams of 1965 (Gaball's team) and 1967 (LeSueur's team). The event is not just for the players but also for any friends, relatives, well-wishers and former groupies who want to come. This will allow people who don't want to come to the ceremony, which is later that night, a chance to visit and reminisce. We're hoping people from many BHS classes, including our class of 1970, come. Those were great basketball teams and so we think the reception will be a good excuse for people who went to BHS during the 60's to get together.

Details: The reception honoring the '65 and '67 basketball teams will be held Sept. 8, noon to 3 p.m., in the BHS art room and, if needed, the dance room. (The two rooms are right across the hall from each other.) It will be very informal. Any manner of dress will be accepted. Show your tattoos if you've got any.

Alan, please spread the word (I will try to do the same).


Monday, July 23, 2012

Remembering Linda Warrick, BHS '67 (1948-2007)

At our reunion, Bev told me of the passing of classmate and friend, Linda Warrick... so sad...

Linda Warrick DeClercq (58)  
12-27-48 to 9-20-07

Linda and I were friends starting in Jr. High at John Muir. We became best friends in High School. We were in Dance Performance together. She even dated my brother. We continued our close friendship up until the time of her death. She was my maid of honor in our wedding and I was in hers as well. She graduated with a bachelors degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. There she met her husband, Denis DeClercq. They chose to settle close by in Cambria,Ca., bought a house and started their family. They have three children Matt, Corey and KC. Matt is married and Linda was able to attend his wedding about six months before her death on September 20, 2007. They now have one grandson.

She worked at the local high school while her children were growing up. And her husband was the principal (and a volunteer fireman). She later work as a secretary for the fire chief. Her hobby was photography. She was really gifted at this. We would receive her spectacular works each year on their Christmas cards. Her specialty was capturing the lightening strike.


Denis and Linda were married for 33 years. Linda passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. Denis and her children were with her, lovingly caring for her. We would visit each other and call on occassion over the years and our relationship took up right where we left off as if we saw each other every day. Such a friendship is hard to put into words but she will continue to be one of my lifelong best friends and more. Memories are God's gift to us of these relationships. I cherish them.

Remembering Linda with love,
Bev Bullock McLeod
(BHS '67)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mark the Date... Aug 6th for Burbank Bulldog Luncheon!

If in town, be sure to come to the monthly Burbank Bulldogs Luncheon.

The next one is MONDAY, AUGUST 6th at the Elks at 11:30am.

The address is 2232 North Hollywood Way.

Cost only $12.

Friday, July 20, 2012


"Wait til you have time to sit and enjoy this. It is beautiful and has a powerful message. Enjoy!" Diana Zielger Larsen, BHS '67

WOW! Thanks for the link, Diana...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where Are They Now? Stan Dorrance BHS '67

Received the following email from Stan with photos of his lovely family and home. I asked if I could share and he said yes. Thanks Stan!


Love receiving your emails. Have made it to a few reunions over the years. Also have noticed some pic of houses and alumni in your emails.

Attached are a few pictures. One is of my family (wife Kay, children Ryan, Erin & Caitlin) and the other two are of our house in Fresno that we built about 10 years ago.

Thought you might be interested.

Received an email from Rhys Thomas recently. He is living in Fayette, MO. Has been there for a number of years. Now has a PhD in chemistry and owns a testing laboratory. Rhys and I were close friends at BHS and roomed together at UCLA.

Thanks for all you do.

Stan Dorrance
Class of ‘67

Here is Stan's website:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Class '67 Reunion Photos 2012

We had lots of fun last night at BJ's... so great seeing everyone!

Link to more reunion photos...

More fun tonight so more photos will added and if you have pics to post, please email to me at


PS Senior photos of class '67

JULY 19, 2012 UPDATE
Greg Alaimo posted our group photo on KTLA website - thanks Greg!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Facebook Surprise by Dave LeSueur

Another GREAT and FUNNY column by our friend and classmate, Dave LeSueur, BHS '67!

"MSFocus Magazine asked me to rewrite an old column to make it relavent to MS. Here is the result. You may have seen a version of it already." Dave

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Facebook Surprise

Those of us with MS sometimes feel isolated when our symptoms prevent us from doing things with our friends and family. To help remedy this, my neurologist encouraged me to use "Social Media" (like Facebook) to keep in touch. I never took his advice because Facebook seems more like "Anti-Social Media" than "Social Media." After all, you are communicating without having to actually use any spoken words But everything changed recently when I received an email from my friend Curtis inviting me to be his friend on Facebook. At first I was suspicious. You see, we are both closer to the Social Security retirement age than we are to the legal drinking age. And though we are both computer and internet savvy, you wouldn’t normally associate us with something like Facebook. I wondered if this email was really from him. I have watched enough television news to know that you have to be wary of sexual predators. What if the email was from a 12 year-old girl pretending to be Curtis? Or what if the email was from a guy in Nigeria who wanted to steal my identity? Maybe if I clicked on the link he would find out my credit card numbers and steal my entire 401(k) account. I decided to call Curtis, just to be safe. He confirmed to me that he had just joined Facebook and had invited me to be his friend, though he wasn’t sure yet what that meant. I opened his email and clicked on the link. A mere 2 ½ hours later I finished signing up as his friend. That was 3 weeks ago. We haven’t spoken since. I am not sure what is supposed to happen next. Will he send me a message to go look at his Facebook page? Or am I supposed to go there periodically to see if he has a message for me? I was going to call him about something but I was afraid he might be mad at me for not ever checking Facebook. Then I had a brilliant idea - I would send him a text message! That way I could communicate with him without risking actually talking to him. I could just pretend he wasn’t angry with me. I decided to tell him in my text that my internet wasn’t working in case he was wondering why I hadn’t been to his Facebook page. Now I just needed to learn how to send a text message. A few days ago I asked my niece Marissa to teach me. She can text 416 words per minute and has calluses on her thumbs. Yesterday I decided to send her a test text message, but I couldn’t find my cell phone. I don’t use it much. Last month my usage was 3 minutes. I only received two phone calls, both of them wrong numbers. I tried calling my cell phone, hoping I would hear it ring, but of course its battery was dead. Eventually I found it. It took me only 20 minutes to type the following message: HI MARISsa how are lol U unCle daVID I sent the text, then called Marissa to see if she had received it. She is 15, so naturally she had her cell phone with her and turned on. Yes, she said, she got my message. I quickly ended the phone call because it felt like cheating to actually talk out loud. I didn’t even find out how she was LOL. I started to compose my message to Curtis when I realized I didn’t have his cell phone number! Maybe I could write him a letter instead. Unfortunately we don’t have stationery and writing on computer paper seemed impersonal. I checked in our folder where we keep greeting cards for a variety of occasions. I found two birthday cards, three thank you notes and an invitation to a New Year’s Eve party. None of them seemed appropriate. We also had some blank cards but they all had girly flowers on the front. So I won’t be sending him anything in the mail. I am stumped as to my next step. Curtis, if you are reading this and aren’t too mad at me, instead of being friends on Facebook, can we be friends in real life?

David LeSueur lives in Littleton, Colorado with his wife, Mary. He was diagnosed with MS in 2000.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Where Are They Now... Terry Minor

Received the following email and pics from BHS '67 grad Terry Minor Macarthur... thanks Terry - you will be missed!!

Wow found this picture how did we get to sixty three? Wow sorry can't make the reunion would love to .....still flying for delta airlines

Terry minor Macarthur
love to all god bless

Delta Shaun's

1966 Shauns
Back: Leigh Rugee, Barbara Bronner, Terri Minor, Cathy Carlson, Sharon Scroggie, Kathy Whitehead, Judy Anderson
Middle: Kathy Musson, Marsha Johnson, Nancy Krough, Kyle McDowell, Linda Newcomer
Front: Sue Lutje, Vivian Blum, Dona Foy, Donna Hall

Bluebirds 1960? Terry Minor

Who can identify??

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Walter Fields, BHS '67, Passed Away June 29, 2012

So sad to receive word of the passing of fellow classmate, Walter Fields.

His sister, Sue (Fields) Templeton BHS '65, emailed saying that Walter passed away on his 63rd Birthday, June 29th, from a brain tumor.

Please keep the family in your prayers.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blast from the Past... Neal Hershenson

Snagged this great photo of Neal Hershenson, BHS '67, from Facebook - thanks Neal!

"On R&R from Viewtnam with John Chancellor, Ken Reeser (not pictured). We though it'd be fun to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. It was. This was September 1969 in Camden, Austraila (30 mi. west of Sydney). "

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Remember Harry's Roller Rink?

It was and still is (under a different name) in Glendale. I have lots of good memories skating there, seeing teen actor Paul Peterson from the Donna Reed show, celebrating my birthday there with friends and doing the Hokey Pokey on skates!

Apparently, there was another Harry's Roller Rink - the first one - in San Bernardino too. Read more here:

"In 1956 Harry bought and remodeled an existing building in Glendale, and it became Harry's Roller Rink #2. Bobby, who lived in the area for a few months each year, would go to the Glendale rink. He remembers skating with Rita Hayworth's daughter Princess Yasmin Aga Khan in 1963. When Harry and Bobby were at the rink, Harry closed the evening by singing, 'I'll See You In My Dreams,' which he dedicated to his son. Later in 1963, Harry sold the Glendale rink. The name was changed to Moonlight Rollerway-and it still exists. Bobby says it looks the same, and even has the original telephone number from 1956."

The Moonlight Rollerway, formerly Harry's Roller Rink #2, still looks the same as it did when it was Harry's in the 1950s and '60s, according to Bobby Dickerman

Monday, May 28, 2012

Remember the Brave: Larry Maxam, BHS '66

1965 Ceralbus 11th grade photo

"The North Vietnamese attack on the Cam Lo District Headquarters on February 2, 1968 quickly destroyed nearly half of the base’s defensive perimeter. As enemy troops prepared to pour through the breach, Marine Corporal Larry Maxam dashed to an abandoned machine gun position. Despite being severely wounded by shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade, he steadily fired on advancing North Vietnamese troops. When his bleeding left him too weak to reload the machine gun, he fired his rifle. He continued to be hit by grenade fragments and small arms fire. After fighting off the enemy for nearly two hours, Corporal Maxam bled to death. He was one month past his twentieth birthday."

MAY 29, 2012 UPDATE

Facebook comments:
May 28, 2012
"Larry was honored today in a beautiful ceremony at McCambridge Park in Burbank. His brother, Robyn and his wife, were there for the Ceremony. They had flown all the way from Austrialia. It's so wonderful that Burbank honors their fallen in such an honorable and respectible way. To all those who have served... We salute you!!!"
Cathy Nicholls Coyle, BHS '67

May 29, 2012
"Hat's off to Greg Alaimo on his involvement and contribution to this ceremony. The Marines that took part from Camp Pendleton were the doing of Greg, and they added so much to this moving ceremony. Many Burbank grads were in attendance, including Dona and I. It was great to see so many old friends and to honor Larry's memory."
Scott Bruckner, BHS '66

"My pleasure. Just one correction Larry was in the class of 1966. He left BHS when he turned 17, his Jr year in 1965. He did not graduate but if he did not leave school he would have graduated in 1966. When he enlisted he indicated he was 18, when in fact he was 17. He signed his mothers name. Went home and told everyone he had enlisted. They had no prior knowledge. It was a good day sitting with Robin and his wife talking about Larry. We had stories each one never had heard before... Thanks for all your help for you got the word out. I think we had a good Alumni due to your help. It truely was am amazing day. The 21 Gun Salute with the Marine issued M-16's was amazing. To have Larry's 1-4 Mari...nes participate was a great honor to Larry. All the Marines involved were volunteers. They were there because they wanted to honor their fallen brother and MOH hero. Robin, Larry's brother, was very happy knowing so many of his classmates attended. I tried to introduce him to as many classmates as possible. He and his wife was touched. It was a day full of pride !! Good friends !!!"
Greg Alaimo, BHS '66


Cathy Coyle holds her granddaughter Catheryn, 4, with sister, Joan Dempsey, as they put a rose on the WWII Memorial in memory of their Uncle Thomas Hunter at the City of Burbank's Memorial Day ceremony at the War Memorial at McCambridge Park in Burbank on Monday, May 28, 2012. (Tim Berger/Staff Photographer)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where Are They Now? Update from Ken Peterson, BHS '67

Received this wonderful email today and Ken said I could post it - Thanks Ken!

Dear Cathy,

It has been a long time since I corresponded with you, and I am writing now to thank you for your tireless efforts to keep our Class of '67 together. My wife, Linda, and I will attend the reunion and I am looking forward to it very much.

Do you happen to know if any of our classmates live in or near Portland, Oregon? If so, I would like to try to contact them. I retired from being a presiding judge in May, 2009, and moved to Portland where my son, daughter-in-law, and 6 year old grandson have lived for several years. It has been an interesting adventure, with considerable remodeling of our 80 year old tudor house, accompanied by a house fire that nearly destroyed it, and caused us to remodel a second time! I will attach a photo, so you can see the end result. The fire is starting to be a distant memory, fortunately. By the way, that gray sky is quite an anomaly, as it almost never rains here (right!).

I often ride my bike with an attached trailer bike to pick up my grandson at his school, and then back home. It is only about 8 miles round trip, so not a big deal, but at least I get a little exercise. I regret that my frequent bicycling efforts have done little to diminish my girth, but at least I am trying. I continue to work almost full time as a consultant, legal editor and writer, and home handyman when I am not in front of the computer. I have gotten pretty good at tracking down antique house parts and getting things to fit and work again. Linda continues to work full time, and our son, Ben, has joined her business, so I see him almost every day, along with his feisty young border collie, who aggravates and delights my dalmatian.

I look forward to seeing you at the reunion, and thanks again for all you do.

Ken Peterson

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Christine Davies @ Rainbow Girls Installation 1966

Love this pic of Christine Davies with Bob and Tom Holst as ushers at the 1966 Rainbow Girls Installation!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Old Photos of Burbank

Received this email today with link to Wes Clark's amazing website... Thanks Buffy!

Hi Cathy,
Some cool old shots of Burbank to share...
Best wishes,
Buffy Francuz (Barbara Wood 1967)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1968 Laugh-In with Eve Arden

Thanks to Wes Clark (Burbankia) for posting this quaint little video of our favorite city :)

"Here come da judge. Eve Arden Celebrates Burbank's Vacant Lots. I lived in Burbank in 1968 and she's dead on; Burbank had unsightly vacant lots everywhere. It was a real blight." - Wes

And again at Burbank's Centennial last year, yours truly with Gary Owens!