Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moon Over Mount Baker

Received the following fabulous photo from Jay Chris Peterson (BHS 67). He and his wife are building their new home - thanks Jay!

Tonight at 7 pm. There's a bad moon a'risin'! Bring on Halloween! Hope all is well with the numerous folks that get this picture. We picked the granite for the counters today. Some beautiful stone going into the house. Looks like an aerial photograph from about 10,000 feet over Arizona with grey mountains, some tan plains, and gold rivers running between valleys. Went to a warehouse for granite that had thousands of slabs of granite of every possible color. An art show to say the least. This was a hard decision but was fun to accomplish.

Talk to you soon.
J and S

Monday, September 20, 2010

Upcoming Burbank Centennial


Starting the celebration early
Event organizers are working to ensure next year's centennial is a hit.

By Gretchen Meier,

September 17, 2010 | 9:21 p.m.,0,6136258.story

Although still more than three months away, organizers are gearing up for "100 Ways to Celebrate Burbank" for the city's upcoming centennial.

Set to start with a send-off party for the Burbank Tournament of Roses float on Dec. 31, the city has a master list of proposed events for the length of 2011, including yearlong initiatives, cooperation with annual events and special celebrations throughout the calendar year.

In addition to proposed citywide promotions, such as "I LOVE BURBANK" pins from the Civic Pride Committee, collectible bookmarks and centennial library cards and continued support for the Downtown Burbank Farmers Market, staff will coordinate a "Party of the Century" and "Let's Move Burbank" during the year.

"Our priority is to maximize the resources the city already has," said Gaby Flores, deputy director for the Park, Recreation and Community Services Department. "We want to collaborate with existing events, like Burbank on Parade and National Night Out, in addition to these milestone events."

Burbank's "Party of the Century" will celebrate the anniversary of the city's incorporation on July 8 with the removal of a time capsule planted by the city. The time capsule is located to the right of the main Olive Avenue entrance to City Hall and was sealed in 1986. The plaque states that it is to be opened in 2011 during the city's centennial celebration.

A section of San Fernando Boulevard will also be closed to accommodate stages for entertainment representing various decades, and an air parade will fill the sky as a tribute to Burbank's aviation history. City officials are in talks with the Burbank studios about coordinating celebrity guests.

"Let's Move Burbank" represents a partnership with the city and Burbank Unified School District to become involved with Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign in support of healthy lifestyles.

Obstacle courses, dance competitions and activity clinics will culminate a yearlong commitment by the city and the schools, as well as local grocery and health food stores and gyms, to improve Burbank residents' quality of life, Flores said.

Mayor Anja Reinke and the newly formed Cultural Arts Commission will also be involved with the fall Downtown Burbank Arts Festival and Arts Day next year as part of the centennial plan.

"It's the perfect time for the new commission to partner with the city to show the residents how great the arts are in Burbank," Reinke said after the commission was approved.

According to the city, no additional funds from the 2010-11 budget will need to be appropriated to coordinate the proposed events. During the budget approval process for this fiscal year, the City Council approved $75,000, as well as $59,270 in carryover funds from the prior year.

The city plans to supplement the efforts with Centennial Sponsorship Program support, community-based donations and revenue from promotional items linked to the celebration.

Flores said the city hopes to engage mid-size businesses that may not have given to the city through other programs, instead of just the usual supporters, such as Burbank Water and Power or Bob Hope Airport.

Residents will also have the opportunity to have their names commemorated on a centennial walkway or wall. The city is still trying to determine a location.

"It is our sincere hope that this upcoming year of events showcases and celebrates the generations of wonderful people who have created Burbank," City Manager Mike Flad said. "For so many of us, the history of Burbank is the history of our families and friends."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Senior Bulldogs

Thanks Cathy Nicholls Coyle ('67) for the wonderful photos from the Senior Bulldog Luncheon 9-13-10!

I recognize a few faces: George Colvin, John Coyle, Don Melton, Alan Landros, Jon Kirkwood...

Hey CP: Here is a group shot (BHS classes: 1959-1973) from the last Sr. Bulldog luncheon for your blog. As you can see, there were a lot of us '60's grads there. Mr. Laris (Spanish teacher 1960-88) is pictured in the center and Joyce Rudolph ('73), with the purple striped sweater, was there to cover the Genevieve Sultenfuss 100th birthday celebration for the Burbank Leader. Also included in the photo is Adam Rocke ('65); who was celebrating his birthday that day. We all had a great time and Pam Kirkwood and I were candy bar winners of musical bulldogs!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Special Guests at the BHS Senior Luncheon

Thanks Alan Landros (BHS 70) for these photos from the BHS luncheon 9-13-10! Mr Laris was my Spanish teacher - Ole Mr. Laris!

Genevieve Cowden Sultenfuss, BHS '28, turned 100 on 8-12-2010
behind her - Bruce Osgood, current BHS Principal, and Glendale High '73
Carolyn Bailey Grogan - BHS teacher retired 2010, and BHS '63
Fred Cook - current BHS Athletic Director
Peter Laris - BHS Spanish teacher 1960 to 1988

Genevieve Cowden Sultenfuss, BHS '28
tiara and earrings presented by Herb Vincent, BHS '46
yellow roses presented by Pam Zipfel Kirkwood, BHS '64

Kathy Burroughs - Glendale High '79, granddaughter of Genevieve
Audrey Sultenfuss Carr - Hoover High '56, daughter of Genevieve
Genevieve Cowden Sultenfuss - BHS '28
Julie Sultenfuss Shermer - Hoover High '60, daughter of Genevieve, mother of Kathy and Kimberly
Kimberly Burroughs - Glendale High '82, granddaughter of Genevieve

Saturday, September 4, 2010

You May Be Severely Middle-Aged IF...

Received this from Kent Barcas - thanks Kent - everyone should have a blog or two!

Hi Cathy. Got to thinking about (for no special reason) how we might know if we're middle-aged, irrecoverably middle-aged, or just plane old. Glad to note that none of the Class of '67 is old. At least not yet.

Blog: Severe Middle Age
Post: You May Be Severely Middle-Aged IF...

Former BHS Coach Pete Peterson is a Great-Grandpa!

Linda (Peterson) Everett (BHS '67) sent the following update on her first grandson, Augie, which includes wonderful family photos.

I asked if we could post them and she replied, "I know former students would be happy to see that Dad is doing okay, especially after we really thought we might lose him earlier this year. It seems as though Augie has brought a spark into Dad's life. He always loved kids of any age and he talks about how fun it will be to see Augie growing up. Praise the Lord!!!!"

Thanks Linda and please give our greetings and love to your Papa!

Hi to our friends and family!

Our precious grandson, Augie, has changed a lot over these last 4-1/2 months. He is a thriving, happy baby weighing 18 lbs and at 27 inches long and growing every day! This summer he got to know his Aunt Lou who was with us (along with Leo, her beautiful afghan hound) for six weeks and he also is the light and joy of his great-grandpa, Pete's life.....................

Here are a couple of pix from Augie's summer of 2010!

Greetings to all of you!

Bob and Linda

What a Cutie!!


Update from Linda (Schuster) Mazur for the BHS Class '66...

Hi classmates:

Yes, we have a date for our 45th Reunion: August 27/28, 2011, the weekend BEFORE Labor Day weekend next year.

No, we don't know WHERE it'll be. BUT: the Committee is meeting THIS Tuesday evening (Sept 7) at my house in Pasadena, CA, to figure all that out. It's not too late to join us. Let me know if you want to participate on the Committee locally or faraway, and I'll send more particulars.

In the meantime, some of you have risen to the occasion and have found more of our "missing" classmates. I'm sure they thank you! The more, the merrier. Here are the most recently updated roster and "missing" lists. Please help out by seeing if YOU can find just ONE former classmate/friend.

If you no longer have your yearbook, or can't find it, Cathy Palmer has uploaded all of our senior pictures onto her blog, at: Keep this link close at hand for when I send you current pictures of our aging classmates....

News from Joann (Fitzhugh) Mumby, who moved to Alabama AND was diagnosed with cancer at the same time, "I am doing fine now. I was diagnosed with breast cancer July 08. I had radiation and I'm taking arimidex, so far so good see the doc's every 6 months and have a clean bill of health at the moment. One never knows when this disease will rear it's ugly head so I stay diligent with my check ups. I also have an annual CT PET scan and that also came back clear. Stage 2 is what I had. We are in Fairhope Alabama now. Hubby got a job here so we moved from Beautiful California in July of 08. I was diagnosed a week after moving here. Pretty tuff being so far from friends and family but we made it and I'm making new friends." Her e-mail is still

Eddie Morton has put his writing and photography skills to work and created a blog, Received his most recent post, "I spent the morning of 8/28 taking photos on the Glen Beck and Al Sharpton events on the Federal Mall. My commentary and links to the photos are located at this link:

And opera lovers will enjoy reading Pam Feinsilber's escapades leading up to San Francisco's production of The Ring next year. Here is her most recent post:

That's it for now. Until next time,

Linda (Schuster) Mazur
Pasadena, CA

Friday, September 3, 2010

Burbankia! with Mike and Wes

From Wes Clark and Mike McDaniel...


Mike and I will be doing a presentation about Burbank history at the Buena Vista library Saturday 9 July 2011.

I think we'll call it "Burbankia!"