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Dennis Lee McComas, BHS '67 (1948-2014)

This is shocking news for our class and we will keep Dennis' family in our thoughts and prayers.

Dennis Lee McComas
December 5, 1948 - August 28, 2014

On August 28, 2014 Dennis McComas woke up not feeling well, and before he knew it he had suddenly become ice cold and couldn't breathe right. 911 was called and the paramedics came right away, but on the way to the hospital his heart stopped.

They ran him into the ER and had 10 people frantically working on him, but he didn't pull through. It was a massive heart attack, and nothing could help him.

The family is in shock right now and are trying to keep our mother together. If you would like to help with the funeral expenses, please go to GoFundMe

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BHS '67 + FRIENDS REUNION Aug 1, 2015


Burbank High 1967 Graduates & Friends 48th REUNION

July 31st at Bob's Big Boy around 4pm as it will be VERY crowded due to a major car show event this weekend. Then afterwards, we'll meet at the Marriott lounge to visit with one another.

Cathy Emmett Palmer's photo.

Aug 1st, 2015 at Debell's Canyon Grille (link to menu @ 4:00PM till late

48th reunion with Band - Ed Grinde and Mike Torres will be playing along with whoever wants to join in with their instrument! Ed says, "I'll have PA system. Acoustic guitar. Acoustic bass guitar. Drum set. One amp.  Will be able to use our phones or iPod to play our favorite songs through the PA. Two microphones
Ed & Wife will be traveling from a distance to perform!."

Special Thanks goes out to our Zach Hall for being our DeBell event consultant!Burbank High 1967 Graduates & Friends

Aug 2nd SUNDAY 10am - 2pm Picnic at McCambridge Park near the corner of Amherst and San Fernando Road - BYOF (Bring Your Own Food)

Also contact Jim Grasse (see below) for info to stay at Marriott for out of towners (scroll down for update).

More 2014 photos here:

On Facebook? Here's the event link:

Contact Jim Grasse at

Cathy Palmer at


JULY 30, 2015 UPDATE
This list will change often and if your name or spouse or friend is not on it, please send me an email - thanks!

Adele Bassett
Alan Singer
Alan Stone
Alma Tackett Carson
Anthony, Leola and Jesse Farrell
Bill Wright
Bob & Trudy Fabrizio
Bobby Graham
Bruce Keswick
Carol Brown Baker
Carol Marino Bresee
Carol Nicholls Lebrecht
Caroleen Ventimiglia Cleveland
Cathy Nicholls Coyle and John Coyle
Cathy Palmer
Christine Winters Cline and Tim Cline
Christine Cullen Bartlett
Cynthia McCarthy Hirsch
Dani Marie Kleist
David Colvin
David Ethridge and Toni Robinson Ethridge
Deanna Lloyd Jennings
Dennis Gray
Diane McCall Ward and Michael Ward
Don Ray
Dona Foy Porcaro Bruckner and Scott Bruckner
Donna Luce Neitman and brother Don Luce BHS '70
Doug Boudinot
Edward Leroy Grinde and Linda Grinde
Flora Angel Ferrens and Dale Ferrens
Greg Van Der Werff
Greg Alaimo
Herb (Skip) Rohwer
Jeanne Barron Aikman
Jennifer Dale Schatz
Jerry W. and Teri Hill Clark
Jim Grasse
Jim O'Dea
Jo Elaine Morton
Joan Nobile Ortega and Fred Ortega
Joanne Yoffee Furer
Jodi Tillotson Huddleston
Johnnie Marie Solomon-Thorsh
Jon and Pam Zipfel Kirkwood
Julie Fear Oliver
Kathie Kale Weitzman
Kathie Pompo Maybin
Kathleen Bryan
Kathy Dupree
Larry Hoberman
Linda Green Nicholson
Linda Peterson Everett
Linda White Silvas
Marilyn Miller
Mary Brotsis Andersen
Mary Flavin Durrer
Mary Ogle
Michael Katzman
Mike and Nancy Torres
Mindy Green Halls
Nancy Green Curtiss
Nancy Swickard Fischer
Neal Steven Hershenson
Norma Diaz Parkes and Barrie Parkes
Pam Hawkins Swan
Patty Hardinghaus Klascius
Paul and Carolyn Diehl Munch
Ray Lackey
Rick and Linda Schofield
Ron and Karen Lundigan-Gozzo Panich
Rudy Pinnow
Sallie Shelton Thomas
Sara Marino Becaria
Sari Mutal Drucker
Shari Goodstein Epstein
Shari Deuel Johnson
Starr Johnson
Steve & Susan Beninato
Susan Pena MacCaskey
Tom Holst
Tom and Annette Dinoflo Bennett
Tom and Debbie Iverson
Trudie Lombard Hentze
Vicki Peters-Stigile

Burbank High School 1967 & Friends 48th Reunion
Start date: 7/31/15
End date: 8/2/15
Last day to book: 7/3/15
Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport for 129.00 USD per night

$12.00 Inclusive Self-Parking/Day with In and Out Privileges

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dean Hutton, BHS '67 (1949-2014)

Scroll down for updates

Oh I'm so sorry to share this with you... Please keep Dean's family in your prayers

Dean William Hutton

Posted: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 3:30 am

Port Townsend, Washington Nov. 2, 1949 – July 26, 2014

Dean William Hutton passed away in Port Townsend on June 26, 2014. He was 64.

Dean was born on Nov. 2, 1949 in Santa Monica, California. He graduated from Burbank High School and obtained a B.A. in history at San Francisco State University. He then began a career in firefighting, first in the California Department of Forestry, then at the Ukiah Fire Department. He served as firefighter, captain, paramedic, and battalion chief before retiring in 2002. Dean loved working at the fire department and was integral to starting the department’s paramedic program.

Dean was an avid backpacker and shared his love of California’s Sierra Nevada with many, especially his daughter. The Port Townsend community meant a lot to Dean, who enjoyed having breakfast at the Food Co-op, walking the town paths, and talking with Ernie, Michael, Roger, Viva, Bill, Janie, his neighbors and many others. Most of all, Dean loved helping others, and family members said that he will be dearly missed by themselves and his friends in both California and Washington. He is survived by daughter Mattie Hutton and son-in-law Justin Badlam of Washington, D.C., and brother Alan Hutton of Tucson, Arizona.

“Going to the mountains is going home.” – John Muir

In lieu of flowers, donations to the International Association of Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation are welcome:


2008 Email from Dean

Jeanne Barron Aikman
I'm so sorry to hear this.

Mary Ogle
Shocked & saddened. We'd just reconnected & I knew he was in poor health & undergoing more surgeries but this is sad. At least he made it to his daughter's wedding a couple months ago. He was so proud of her & so happy that he was able to travel & be at her wedding. Thoughts & prayers are with Mattie & the rest of the family.

My sister Janet & I recently reconnected with Dean and he's been in poor health for several years. Injured on the job as a fireman and had many surgeries. Last time we spoke a month ago he had another surgery scheduled....
He's at peace now & out of pain.

Starr Johnson
Very sorry to hear this. He was so young. May he R.I.P

Dee Dee Daugharty Culotta
What is going on with your class of '67? So many of your classmates have passed on. I don't think the class of '66 has lost as many as you guys have... I am stunned...

Neal Steven Hershenson
Dean Hutton was the Best Man at my wedding to Sayoko forty (40) years ago in Eureka, CA. We celebrate knowing and loving him, but we are stunned and diminished by his passing.

Linda Everett
Dean was my first boyfriend back in sixth grade at Emerson. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. He was such a great guy.

Shari Johnson
Dean and I went through school from Emerson Elementary to Burbank High. Always had a secret crush on that cute boy. I will always remember what he said to me at a reunion. : )
I'm saddened but will always have some wonderful memories of Dean.

John Ferguson
Thanks for sharing

Lucinda Zeigler
Thank you for the update

David Hourigan
Heartbreaking. Dean was one of those people you never forget. He had a great sense of humor.
He will be missed. A huge loss for the Class of '67.

Fran Henriksen
So very sad..

Kent Barcus
Dean was sharp and funny; condolences to his loved ones and friends..

Don Ray
What a shame. Such a good guy.

Betty Worland
This news is so shocking. My deepest condolences to his family and his many friends! This is why our reunions are so important now! You just never know and I embrace the time I get to spend with all my classmates. You were all a big chapter in my growing years. Cathy Emmett Palmer, does anyone know what happened? RIP, Dean.

Cathy Emmett Palmer
Betty, all I know is what was posted.

Diane Ward
I am so sorry to hear of his passing. My sincere sympathy to his family and friends.

Betty Worland
Cathy, I guess he had been sick for awhile. Read a comment that mentioned that! Very sad to hear! Thanks Mary Ogle for the update! So sorry to hear this news! I remember him well at BHS but never knew what happened to him. so sorry to hear he has been sick but like you said, he is at peace now and out of pain! Again, my deepest condolences to his family and all his friends. ♥

Mark Pollock
We were all better off for his having been our friend

Betsey Nash
So sorry for him & his family.

Jim Grasse
A huge loss for the Class of '67.

Dona Foy Porcaro Bruckner
So sad!

Dani Marie Kleist
Sorry to hear of his passing.

Steve Raine
So sorry to hear about this. Takes me back to basketball days.

Annette Dayman
My sincere condolences to his family, I knew him at Burbank High a super guy!

Linda Duffendack Oxley
My parents and Dean's parents were very good friends for many years during our years at John Muir and the first couple of years at Burbank High School.
We planned our first boy-girl party together at our house on Grinnell. Probably when we were in 7th grade. I remember Dean's father set up a disco mirrored ball that shot wonderful light all around the room. And I think my dad made hamburgers for everybody. Dean and I spent hours pouring over our 45's to select just the right music to play for dancing at the party. I especially remember "Peggy Sue" because we called it the "chance dance." Dean thought because it was so fast that no one would be able to dance all the way through it.
A great guy. A good friend through junior high and high school early years. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing. Thoughts and prayers go to his family!

Diana Ziegler Larsen
I'm so sorry. RIP.

David De Hart
I am shocked by this news. Dean and I reconnected on Facebook about 5 months ago. I was so happy about communicating with him. I had not seen him since he was a fireman in Ukiah. We played a lot of basketball together in Burbank and I loved his wonderful sense of humor. He always treated me so well. We had an awesome mind bending trip to Big Sur while he was at SF State I will never forget. He was a stand up guy and nice to everyone. RIP old buddy.

Betsey Nash
Yes, loved his spirit, evident even in high school.

Joan Nobile Ortega
Rest in Peace, Dean.

Robbin Perry Moore
So sorry to hear about Dean. Life is so short for some. He will be greatly missed.

FEBRUARY 11, 2015
A couple of sweet photos from Facebook of Dean at his daughter Mattie's wedding in 2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Struck by a Duck by Dave LeSueur

Another hilarious column by our alumni, Dave LeSueur!


Have you noticed how difficult it has become to make an appointment with your doctor? When you call, you get a recorded message that always begins “If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911.” This is for people who call the doctor’s office because they can’t remember the phone number for 911. Then it will say “Please listen carefully to the following options, as they have recently changed.” Five minutes later you finally get to “Press 5 to make an appointment “ – and they put you on hold.

This happened to me yesterday, and while I was on hold I began thinking about “the phone options which have recently changed.” I also called for an appointment last week. Have they changed since then? How often do you change them? Why do you change them? Who decides to change them? Did you hire a sadistic assistant (who has read Fifty Shades of Grey more than a dozen times) to randomly change the options just to mess with us? Who is this assistant and where does he live? Does he have any pets? When I am irritated and on hold, I can go to a very dark place.

The good news is that soon no one in the doctor’s office will have time to change the phone options. They will be too busy learning the medical codes of ICD-10, a new medical classification reference. The doctor uses these codes to record why you were treated (ear infection, kidney stone, etc.).The government decided there were too many situations not covered by the current codes and is increasing the number of codes from about 15,000 to 150,000! Most of the changes make sense, but some of the new codes are very odd. Here are some examples.

W61.62XD: Struck by duck, subsequent encounter. (As one blogger pointed out, maladies that rhyme should be given immediate priority in the ER. I believe the rhyming section of the medical codes was written by the Rev. Jesse Jackson.)

W55.32XA: Struck by other hoof stock, initial encounter. (In case grandma got run over by a reindeer.)
W55.41XA: Bitten by pig, initial encounter​. (That’s what you get for eating a ham sandwich in a pigpen.)
W62.0XXA: Contact with non-venomous frogs. (Usually involves girls looking for handsome princes.)
V91.07XD: Burn due to water skis on fire, subsequent encounter​. (Wouldn’t the water prevent a fire? Owner’s manuals now include a warning “not to ride on water skis that are on fire.”)
V95.43: Spacecraft collision injuring occupant. (If the other spacecraft is being driven by an illegal space alien, you’d better hope you have uninsured motorist coverage.)
V97.33XD: Sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter. (How does this even happen? And how many subsequent encounters can you have with a jet engine before you’re dead?)
Y93.D: Activities involving arts and handcrafts. (This code was just added because of injuries happening to protesters trying to block employees from entering Hobby Lobby stores. Most of the injuries involved crochet needles or hot glue guns.)
S10.87XA: Other superficial bite of other specified part of neck, initial encounter. (The technical term for this injury is a “hickey”.)
G44.82: Headache associated with sexual activity. (Not tonight honey, I have a code G44.82.)
W22.02XD: Walked into lamppost, subsequent encounter. (This happens when dumb people use smart phones)
V80.731: Occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injured in collision with streetcar. (This is how you know the universe is against you.)
Y92.146: Swimming pool of prison as the place of occurrence of the external cause. (Wait – they have swimming pools in prisons?)
Y92.241: Library as the place of occurrence of the external cause. (For some reason, no University of Colorado student has ever been injured in a library.)
Y92.253: Opera House as the place of occurrence of the external cause. (Opera patrons can get rowdy if the opera is already four hours long and it still ain’t over even though the fat lady has sung.)
Y23.1 Hunting rifle discharge, undetermined intent (The “Dick Cheney’ code.)
R46.1: Bizarre personal appearance. (The “Lady Gaga” code.)
I believe doctors will eventually like ICD-10. Under the old system there were too many situations not covered by a code.

For example, last fall, I had an appointment to get a flu shot at the Doctor’s office. I parked my car and started walking toward his building. All of a sudden, a duck darted out of the bushes and ran into my leg. I tripped and fell, hitting my head on a post. My hair and clothes were a mess, but I went into his office anyway.

“Hi,” I said. “I am here to get a flu shot, but now I think I need to see the Doctor too.”

The receptionist looked at me. “What happened?”

“Well,” I said, “I was struck by a duck and walked into a lamppost.”

A nurse leaned over and whispered to the receptionist “He certainly has a bizarre personal appearance. I don’t know how we’ll ever code this one.”

David LeSueur lives in Littleton Colorado with his wife, Mary. Their yard is full of bunnies and squirrels, but no ducks.