Sunday, September 30, 2007

Visiting Marilyn Miller

This weekend I visited Marilyn Miller in Pacifica which is located just south of San Francisco and what fun we had. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed walking to the beach which is located one block from Marilyn's home - totally awesome! And Anna her daughter was there too - btw, have you seen Anna's wonderful photography?



Marilyn plays the piano at her church.


Amazing sandcastle at Pacifica's annual Fogfest!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lockheed during WW2

Thanks to Cathy Nicholls Coyle for this link to some amazing photos of Lockheed during the war when the Army hid it. Maybe some of your relatives worked there during this time? Check out more camouflage photos HERE!

Lockheed BC (Before Camouflage)

Lockheed AC (After Camouflage)

Cathy also sent a link to Burbank High School Class of 1965 website which has among other things, photos from past reunions!

Memories from Chris Peterson (updated 9/29/07)

THANK CHRIS! I can't believe you still have all this!

Btw, for the BHS 100 year event next September they are asking former classmates, "Do you have any memorabilia you would be willing to donate to a permanent display of BHS history?" and I'm donating my Bob's carhop hat - lol!

PLUS, Joan Nobile Ortega and Freddy are talking about having a class breakfast next year - FUN and DELICIOUS!!! I'm making plans to go - how 'bout you?

Hi Cathy,

I'm going to send you some stuff I have saved for....hmmmm......40 years.

They might be interesting...or not....your choice. Also, I have several HI LIFE editions and will send them if you can download them as PDF files as the pages are larger than my scanner. Let me know what will work.

Best Wishes,

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"Finally catching my breath!" Donna Luce

Thanks Donna for the update - Welcome home!

Cathy, Cathy, Cathy,

What can I say!! I think I'm finally coming down from my "high" after all the festivities last week. I just got home to Spokane Monday, the 24th and did not have a computer available to me while I was gone so I am just getting caught up with my e-mails.

I continued my week after the reunion with a trip to San Francisco and a tour of Alcatraz. I have a first cousin that I had never met that was one of the last prisoners to be released from Alcatraz when it closed in 1963. When he was released he vowed through to grace of God to never break the law again and he did a 180° from his life as a bank robber. He wrote a book about his life and his experience in Alcatraz about 4 years ago and autographs and sells his book on Alcatraz island. His mother and my father were brother and sister. The Lord truly is amazing. He is 72 years old and is a warm and giving human being. His name is Darwin Coon and his book is "Alcatraz, the True End of the Line". So if you ever get a chance to tour Alcatraz, look him up.

As for the reunion, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. It seemed different this time, as I felt that I connected with classmates that weren't in my circle of friends in high school. Some have fulfilled their lifetime dreams and achievements, others have not because of those roadblocks in their lives, but we were able to put that all aside for one weekend and just have fun. Thank-you Cathy for giving us all your input on your blog and making it an experience that will continue for years to come. I hope that everyone keeps their addresses up to date so that for the 45th we won't have classmates missing or unable to locate.

By the way, does anyone know where Mike Gould is?? My e-mail address is:

I have pictures that I combined. They're really great pictures and I'll send you some. Thanks again Cathy and if there's anything you need let me know.

God Bless, Donna Luce

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sharon and Charlotte Ryan

Our deepest condolences to Charlotte Ryan and her family on the passing of her twin sister and our fellow classmate, Sharon Ryan Martin on September 4, 2007. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Charlotte. (Memorial Page)

________ Sharon ______________ Charlotte _______

Here is Charlotte's recent email about Sharon.

Dear Rebecca

I am looking at the date of your e-mail, May 30, when I first heard from you. A lot has happened in three months. I was so excited to hear from you, and I immediately forwarded your letter and picture to Sharon, but she was in the hospital with severe abdominal pain, which we thought was appendicitis.

To make a long story short. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that was already in the fourth stage, having spread to her lung, bones, and liver. I went up to her right away and stayed with her the whole summer. She had two treatments of chemotherapy, but steadily got worse, and died on Sept.4th. She never did read your e-mails or see your pictures. This is a link to the obituary. Maybe you could leave a message to her kids.

She left a husband, and three kids. Jonathan is out of school, and working as a carpenter. Anna is 17 and just started junior college, and Jessica just turned 12 and is starting high school.

How did the reunion turn out? Did you see anybody you knew?

I have 3 kids. Kristie is 27 and just got married to Tony last November. Gordon was married the March before Kristie, but he and his wife Lauren already had a daughter who just turned 6 (Hailey), and my youngest MJ (Martha Jean) is 23 and living at home still. Gordon's wife Lauren was expecting Daniel the 30th of Sept. so I had come home to be with her, and my sister from Michigan was up with Sharon. The baby did not arrive, and Sharon died while I was home, on Sept. 4th.(Tuesday) So I went back up to Montreal, the funeral was on Friday, and we came back to New Jersey right away and Daniel arrived on the Lord gives and takes away and we must say "Blessed be the name of the Lord".....

So now I am back home and trying to regroup, and I hope I can reconnect with you and keep in touch.
Love Charlotte


Sent: Friday, June 01, 2007 10:51 AM
Subject: Re: Hi, it's Charlotte Ryan from Burbank High School '67

What fun to hear from you again and see your web site. I'm really not sure where you are relation to Burbank...I should look it up.

Sharon is not well. She has been very unwell for quite a few years, mostly lung related, she developed this adult onset asthma about 5-6 years ago. She had her children late in life....she has an 11 yr. old, girl, 16 yr. old girl, just graduating high school, and a 18 yr. old son. Last week she was admitted to the hospital with a lump in her abdomen( seems about 8 cm and looks attached to ovaries) and several "spots" in other places...after a week of all kinds of tests, it seems not to be cancer, so they are trying to decide what it is.

I forwarded your letter to her. She should be able to come home from the hospital for the weekend, and she will get it then.She will be glad to hear from you.

We both got married the same summer (74) to Canadian boys who were friends. We both lived in Montreal our first year of marriage. Then my husband and I moved to Toronto, where we lived for 11 years, and had three children. Then we moved to New Jersey when my husband needed to change jobs, and we have been here ever since. Last year was a big year for us when the oldest girl (Kristie) and only boy (Gordon) both got married. We still have Martha living home with us. She is 23. You would think with all the weddings I could come up with a picture of just us,...I'll have to look again. We have lots of the kids! I do have one of Sharon's family...I'll send that.

I loved seeing your web site.!!
Love Charlotte

P.S This is Sharon and her husband David. The girl in the bridesmaids dress is Anna, Jonathan is behind and the youngest is Jessica.

Charlotte, husband Daniel, granddaughter Hailey, grandson Daniel (Gordon's kids)

Dan & Charlotte (Kristie's wedding)

Charlotte's Children - Back row: Lauren (daughter-in-law), Gordon (son), Tony (son-in law) Front row: Hailey (granddaughter from Gordon), Martha Jean (daughter), Kristie (daughter)

Sharon, Rebecca Sorenson and Charolotte

NOTE: The Guest Book for Sharon Martin (Ryan) will remain online at The Gazette Remembering until October 5, 2007.

Andrea Moxness Pre-Reunion Party Photos

Thanks Andrea... looks like ya'll had a great time at Deanna's!

Andrea Moxness, Dave LeSueur and Nancy Winner

Deanna Lloyd, her husband Don, Vince Goddard, Jeanne Barron and Alan Singer

Marilyn Miller, Tom Hurd and Mary Ogle

Neal Hershenson, Deanna Lloyd (back), Ken Peterson and Chris Peterson

Martha Youngquist, Neal Hershenson and Chris Peterson

Mary Ogle, Paula Dean and Vince Goddard

Mary Ogle, Jeanne Barron and Vince Goddard

Peggy Flora and Tom Hurd

Marilyn Miller and her daughter, Anna

Ken Peterson

Alan Singer

Starlight Bowl


Thank you so much for all your work on your BLOG! And you've done everything so fast! May I call you QuickDraw McGraw? Oh God, I'm dating myself. But oh yeah! You're as old as I am -- so I don't feel so bad.

So, the party's over. It came and went so fast. But a few photographers got some terrific pictures, and I think you did a real good job in naming everyone -- even the DJ! I too have some pictures which I'll send to you soon.

In the meantime, I spent the following week in Burbank and saw several friends -- some of whom went to the reunion, and some who didn't. Those who went certainly enjoyed themselves and we thank everyone who was part of making it the success it was -- especially Donna Luce and Cathy Nicholls! I'm sure the planning and work involved is a HUGE task, so they deserve a hearty Thank You!

As I saw more people, I began to wonder if any consideration might be given to changing the venue for the next one? In talking with classmates afterward, it was suggested that a more relaxed event might be worth looking into. The cost would hopefully be less (which might motivate more people to come?), and perhaps there would be more opportunity for conversation? A fellow BHS'er who graduated a few years ahead of us said her reunion consisted of a tour of the newly renovated Burbank High and a barbecue right there at the school. Everyone thought that was a great idea.

Any chance we can take over Bob's Toluca Lake for an entire day? :-) Or Starlight Bowl with its grassy lawn, and seating for 1200? I know, this is a stretch, but maybe we can find something a little less costly, and a little more comfortable? Just some ideas I thought I'd pass along. Maybe you have a genius idea?

I had a great time at Bob's (thanks for that idea, Cathy!) and at the reunion. I wonder if we'll have to wait another 10 years, or if something will be done in 5? I'd vote for 5, but I'm a serious sentimentalist.

Thanks again, Cathy, for your BLOG. It's so much fun to read about everyone and see where their lives have taken them. I agree with Cathy Nicholls Coyle that we were the last class of innocence. But what a great class it was!

Talk to you soon,


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Linda Barickman

You are one busy gal, Linda!! Thanks for the update- so good to hear from you!


Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have two households to keep up with. One is my tempory work apartment in San Diego and the other is my home in Tujunga.

I just got back from an overseas tour in January and was stationed in Florida until September when I transferred to my new job in San Diego. Had to get an apartment as I was not going to drive 2 and 1/2 hours one way to work everyday. Looking at trying to get another post closer to my home so I do not have to rent a second place.

As soon as I get a chance I will send some pictures of the family. I do not have any recent ones of me except except for the ones I posted already on

Wish I could have made the reunion but my youngest son made plans to get married on the 15th so had a small quiet wedding to go to. Maybe next time there is something going on I can join all of you.

Well take care and keep in touch.


Since High School, I attended College received a Bachelors in Manufacturing and a MBA, traveled Around the World, bought a house located on a half acre, got married to my 1st Love in my life, had 3 Boys, have two wonderful grandsons and one grandaughter, own a business with my husband, have gotten my ASNT Level III certifications, Did a peacekeeper mission in Bosnia,was assigned to the NAF in Japan and Currently in the UK for a three year tour.

UPDATE 9/24/07 Great looking family, Linda!


Here are a couple of pictures of my youngest son who just got married, my grandaughter, my middle son with youngest grandson and granddaughter and me at a more recent picnic with one of my coworkers. Will send others when I find them