Thursday, January 24, 2013

1967 Prom Night! Bev Webb & John Whitt

Once again, thanks to Teri Hill Clark, for the this foto from Facebook... her mother made Bev's dress!!!

Teri wrote:

"My Mom, Colleen Hill, recently passed away. She made this prom dress for Beverly Webb Arndt. I think she made a majorette uniform for Nancy Britton ... does anyone know where Nancy is? I sure would like a picture of her in that uniform! Probably Class of '69 or '70?"

Suzanne Briggs, BHS '67, Queen of Camp Fire Ball

Another cool find from Facebook... thanks to Teri Hill Clark, BHS '68, wife of Jerry Clark, BHS '67!

Besides Suzanne Bringss, Patty Hardinghaus, BHS '67, is also pictured.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bob Maiwurm & Mindy Green on the Dating Game

This is great! Today received the following email:

For Christmas, the gift I gave my father was the episode of The Dating Game Show from February 14 th, 1968....

Bachelor#2 the handsome Bob Maiwurm was watching himself 45 years ago on TV and was almost speechless...

Conclusion.... Best Christmas gift ever....

Here is the link to the video with his reaction and footage if the actual episode if yor interested....

Take care

Keri Mendoza

And here is the video :)

ALSO we have a couple of other BHS Class '67 grads that were on the dating game:

Cathy Nicholls Coyle

Ron Panich
Click this link and watch videos 3 & 4

Friday, January 18, 2013

Looking Back... 2008 Breakfast at the Ortega's

What a great time we had! It was Burbank High's Centennial, so Fred & Joan Nobile Ortega opened up their lovely home for us to have a class breakfast!

Standing L - R: Carol Nicholls Lebrecht, Neal Hershenson, Deanna Lloyd Jennings, Jay 'Chris' Peterson, Gene Hernandez, Dave Hourigan, Mrs Hernandez, Dawn Moselle Hourigan, Cathy Nicholls Coyle, Linda Mustion, Jeanne Barron Aikman, Beverly Bullock McLeod, Dona Foy Bruckner, Kathleen Dupree, Don Ray, Paula Dean Fitzgerald, Kent Barcus, Alan Stone, Shari Deuel Nicholls and Nancy Krogh Brez.
Sitting L - R: Linda Peterson Everett, Cathy Palmer, Joan Nobile Ortega and Marilyn Miller