Monday, July 23, 2007


Accord - Barlow

Barron - Bindman

Bingham - Boudinot

Boyd - C. Brown

M. Brown - Carlin

Carmichael - Christman

Clark - Cossack

Cotter - Davies

Dean - Ditewig

Ditson - Dupree

Durrer - Erickson

Ethridge - Fligg

Flora - Gallant

Galloway - Godwin

Gold - Haagenson

Hachigian - Haston

Haugh - Hoffbauer

Hoffman - Hutton

Jackson - Kasper

Kelly - Laube

Lawrence - Linganfield

Livesay - G. MacCaskey

M. MacCaskey - Masters

Mathis - Meyer

Meyer - Moselle

Mosher - Nash

Nebeker - O'Dea

Ogle - C. Palmer

D. Palmer - C. Peterson

K. Peterson - Price

Prins - P. Roberts

S. Roberts - Rosner

Rowland - Sarmiento

Schaefer - Shalhoub

Shamoon - Sloane

Smedley - Sorich

Spaulding - Still

Stone - B. Swartz

C. Swartz - Swickard

Thompson - Trotta

Trotter - Vizvary

Wacker - Weber

Weirick - Wilson

Winkler - Woods

Wootten - Ziglar


  1. Thanks Cathy! Although with so many people looking like that back in the Sixties can we be quite sure it's really us? Glad to hear you're in Sonoma; last I heard Mark Pollock was just this close to the full and final implementation of socialism throughout Wine Country.. Kent Barcus in East Contra Costa

  2. Wow - I just saw that you left a comment here last month!! Hahahaa!

    C U SOON...

  3. Socialism!? Is that where Mark grows the grapes, makes the wine and shares it with us all. I would call that real social. Thanks Mark. lol

  4. I just TODAY saw your response, Chris - better late than never?

    And earlier today I emailed Mark saying Jeanne Barron, Marilyn Miller and I are coming to visit. He emailed back with his cell number so come on up and we'll go socialize in the wine country with Mark. Of course, I don't drink but I do like to eat grapes and have fun!!!