Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photos from Lindsay, Corby Grueter's Daughter

Received a couple of great photos from Lindsay Grueter, daughter of Corby Grueter ('65) today.

Thanks Lindsay and be sure to click here to see a few more pics of your dad!

me and pops

me and uncle chris and my dad

Email from Lindsay:

Just saw a blog that you had posted desiring more information concerning my uncles Bob's death. Didn't know if I could be of any help.

I'm attaching a photo of my father and I!!! Also one of me, uncle chris
(dale) and my dad corby

Let me know if there is anything I can do.

My reply:

Thanks Lindsay for the wonderful photos... may I post them on our blog? Ya'll look so happy!! http://bhsclass67.blogspot.com/

And yes, can you share a bit more about how your Uncle Bob died? We have that it was July 3, 1990 - is this correct and where was he living at the time? (Pls see our memorial page)

I was sad to learn of his death only a few months ago! In high school, your uncle was a great friend and we laughed a lot together. His father, your grandpa, was my geometry teacher - he too is a wonderful man. And your dad was the heart throb of all us younger girls in high school - hahaa!!

Cathy Palmer (BHS class of '67)
Sonoma, CA

Lindsay's reply:

My Dad says hello! I created a mini profile so we can keep in touch. I would love for you to post those pictures...I have soooo many more!!! Corby's not only my dad but my best friend on the face of the planet. My uncle robert died in 1988 not 90 from what my dad tells me! Don't know much more than that... don't remember ever meeting him but I know he was great. My grandma and grandpa passed a few years back as well...actually it's been closer to 6-7 years now.

11/5/2008 UPDATE:
When I asked Lindsay if Chris was another brother, here's what she wrote:

He's Chris DALE...Jennifer Dale's brother. I call him my uncle because he and my dad have been so close all of their lives and there just like brothers. I'm not sure what years they graduated to be honest, i'll have to ask my dad when he gets back from the beach. I know he and chris were gettin up early this morning to go surfing down in daytona where they live. (so jealous)

May 5, 2009 UPDATE
Found Lindsay's blog: http://corbygrueter.blogspot.com/


  1. I had a Barry Grueter in my class(1971) and his Sister Pamela, a year younger. Can you tell me where everyone is now? Sorry to hear of Mr. Grueters passing , a very popular Teacher, as I recall.

  2. If you send me an email (cathyjpalmer@yahoo.com), I can connect you.