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Is Woolworth still part of Beautiful Downtown Burbank? How about J.J. Newberry's? I get them mixed up.

Thanks to Cathy Nicholls Coyle, here is a photo an old Woolworth Menu from the 60's which belongs to George Colvin '65.

Here's a photo of the Burbank Woolworth's from Wes Clark

The Burbank Golden Mall, 1967-1989
by Wes Clark and Mike McDaniel


The Woolworth story started when Frank Woolworth opened his first five and ten cent store at 70, North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA on 21st June 1879.

Woolworth had three simple ideas:

* fixed prices of five and ten cents with everything clearly priced
* mass-produced, high quality items from the new factories
* buying direct from manufacturers to keep prices down

The formula quickly took hold with stores opening rapidly across the United States and Canada, each one more successful than the last. Today Frank Woolworth is credited with transforming retailing across the world, bringing lower prices and better quality for everyone, and bringing many products into the price range of ordinary people for the first time.

Frank Woolworth started his retail career in 1873 as a sales assistant in the Augsbury and Moore Dry Goods Store in Watertown, New York. The co-owner William Moore took pity on the young farm boy and accepted his offer to work free of charge on a three month trial in the store.

America was still recovering from the Civil War and cash was tight -and the store sometimes struggled to make a profit. Moore came up with a brainwave - to display all the surplus stock at a single fixed price of five cents per piece. He asked Frank to arrange it. A fixed price display of goods is quite usual today, but back in 1877 it was a first. At the time prices were never displayed with the goods - instead customers had to ask an assistant, and the price charged varied according to what the customer looked like ! Frank made a fantastic display, using red material and gold lettering that stimulated lots of interest and sales.

He believed a whole store could be filled with five cent merchandise rather than just a single counter, and in 1879 persuaded William Moore to back him in opening a store of his own. His first attempt in Utica, New York, failed. It was very popular for the first few weeks but then sales started to decline. Frank had made enough money to pay his debts and had learnt a valuable lesson - that he must locate his store at the heart of town, rather than in a side street. He tried again, this time opening in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles away. The store opened on June 21st, 1879. It was a huge success from the start, taking $127.65 on its first day!

Before long Frank opened a second store in Scranton, Pennsylvania, taking on his younger brother Charles Sumner Woolworth (known as Sum) as a partner. Sum was also working for William Moore. A year later Frank introduced a dearer ten cent (roughly 2p) line to allow him to broaden the range - and so that great American institution the “Five and Ten” (short for five and ten cent store) was born.

Over the next 33 years Frank and Sum encouraged other friends and relatives into the five and ten business. Many of them had also started their retail careers with William Moore. Most joined as partners before branching out on their own - establishing a chain of friendly rival companies that spanned the United States and Canada. In 1912 the five chains, along with William Moore’s two stores, merged together to form the giant F. W. Woolworth Co.

Someone once asked Frank Woolworth how he would explain the success of the business in those early days. He said “I put it down to the great buying power that allows us to drive prices lower by helping factories to make their goods more cheaply. And to making sure that everyone rich or poor - is welcomed in and treated with the same respect.” The philosophy has served us well for 125 years !

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Jukebox Music

This website has links to some GREAT music from the 40's up through TODAY, so check it out!

Big thanks to Cathy Nicholls Coyle

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Mary's Weekend Adventure in Colorado

Weekend Adventure!


Just wanted to tell you about my fabulous weekend! I haven’t had a chance to explore Colorado since I got here a year ago, so this weekend I hopped in the car. Somehow I picked the hottest, clearest, most beautiful weekend of the summer and I headed up into the mountains to try and cool off. I drove through Georgetown , Frisco, and Breckenridge before going over Hoosier Pass at 11,539 feet.

I went through Fairplay in South Park and down to my friend Sue (Lane) Richard’s home in Woodland Park . Sue and Maurice treated me to a delicious home cooked meal and a relaxing evening. Then Sunday they showed me the sites around their neighborhood. The most exhilarating was the 1 ½ hour Cog Railway ride up to the top of Pike’s Peak at 14,110 feet It was spectacular! It’s 40* cooler up there and since it was so hot below, it was a pleasant 45* on the peak and you could see 4 states. You’re only allowed to stay for 30 minutes which was fine since I was quite dizzy, queasy, and short of breath and needed to go down in altitude. (Hey, I’m still having trouble in Denver at only 5280’.)

Then they took me to the Garden of the Gods in Manitou Springs with it’s magnificent red sandstone rock formations. There were so many more places that I wanted to see, it was hard to head home but I took the scenic route and had another lovely drive. I was tired but happy and breathing much better when I got home.

It was great fun to spend time with Sue who I’ve known since elementary school when our families belonged to the same church back in Burbank . As kids we went on lots of fun camping trips around California and had lots of good times together; it’s fun to take up our friendship again after all these years.

Anyway, hope all is well with you. Love, Mary

Danny Way, Professional Skateboarder

Just discovered via Facebook that gold medal skateboarder, Danny Way, is step-son of our beloved Tim O'Dea (1949-2000) and nephew of Tim's twin, Jim!

Check out this vid of his new X Games movie:


And check out this interview with Danny on ESPN:

Current News

Danny Way Website

Friday, August 21, 2009

BHS '64 Reunion Update


"Loop Alert" regarding BHS '64 Reunion...
Friday, August 21, 2009 11:12 AM
From Pam Kirkwood

Hi to all of you planning to attend the BHS Class of 1964, 45th High School Reunion on October 10th of this year...If you are coming from out-of-town and will be needing a hotel, the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel offers acccomodations closest to our Reunion Venue. The hotel is located at 2500 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank.

***Just this morning, Tammy Stepanow Klinger '64 spoke to "Daisy" at the hotel and was able to negotiate a special $95 per night rate for BHS Reunion Attendees. PLEASE NOTE: there are a limited number of rooms offered at this price. All classmates who have already made their reservations at the previous special "BHS"rate of $109, will also have their reservations honored at the $95 rate. Make sure your hotel receipt reflects the $95 rate.

***Also, parking at the hotel is a flat rate of $14 per day*** To arrange reservations at this $95 price call the hotel directly. Do not use the 800 number or book your reservations online. Mention the code word "BHS"...

Here is the number 818 843-6000...

If you are interested in securing the $95 rate...Do not delay...

We hope you have all remembered to send in your Reunion reservations and checks. This is gonna be SOME Party and we look forward to seeing you all...

Pam and Jon
Karen and Gary

Zowie! Archie Proposes to Veronica

Archie picks: Veronica or Betty?
60 years of courtship decided
Updated: Friday, 21 Aug 2009, 9:37 AM EDT

BURBANK, CA (NBC) - It's the decision that's rocking the comic book world. Could it be that red-headed Archie has finally chosen between Betty and Veronica? For over 60 years, America's perennial teen Archie has dated the all American sweetheart Betty, and the sultry, sexy vamp, Veronica.

And as the decades came and went Archie was never able to choose between these two beauties vying for his attention. Though the smart money was always on the all American boy ending up with the all American girl. That would be Betty.

So you can imagine the outrage in the comic book world when in issue 600, there on the cover is Archie on bended knee offering that coveted ring to Veronica while a clearly distraught Betty looks on, tears already flying off her face. Even Archie's buddy Jughead looks a little broken hearted.

At the Burbank, California comic book store "House of Secrets", comic book fans were choosing sides.

"I like Veronica", said Eric Warfield. "I would have picked Veronica too."

Collectors are said to be to upset with this turn of events that one is selling his first edition in protest. An overarching Archie reaction to say the least.

"I think it's something that the fans are waiting for", said comic book fan Paul Grimshaw. "Whether it sticks? If you know anything about comic books it might be here today and gone tomorrow. We still have five more issues left of this contract."

Of course this is, after all, a Hollywood romance. These kids have spent their lives in the public eye. Anything can happen. Happily ever after isn't always possible, even in Riverdale. So hang in there Betty, volume 601 is just around the corner.

Copyright NBC

--- end ---


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Happy 60th Birthday, Toluca Lake Bob's Big Boy!

This former carhop just discovered that Bob's Toluca Lake was built in 1949 and is SIXTY too!


And Bob's TL has gone GREEN!

August 17, 2009
Iconic Bob's Big Boy of Burbank Lauds 60th Anniversary By Going Green

Canadian Solar, HelioPower and Bob's Big Boy launch "Sixty and Solar" celebration to showcase Bob's solar power installation; invite patron participation
TORONTO, LOS ANGELES and Murrieta, Calif. – August 18, 2009

Canadian Solar Inc. ("Canadian Solar") (NASDAQ: CSIQ), HelioPower, Inc. and Bob's Big Boy of Burbank announced the launch of the Bob's "Sixty and Solar" campaign. Commemorating 60 years in operation by going a modern "green," Bob's is inaugurating a 26 kW Canadian Solar photovoltaic panel system installed by HelioPower. The "Sixty and Solar" celebration showcases Bob's solar power installation and invites fans to participate by sharing their Bob's stories. To kick off the celebration, Bob's patrons were invited to register their restaurant memories at a filming July 17th & 18th at the Burbank location.

"The owners of this unique structure have demonstrated leadership to building owners across the country. By optimizing renewable energy design and historical architecture, Bob's has proven that green energy and architectural charm can work well together," said Greg Ashley, President of Canadian Solar (USA), Inc.

The Bob's Big Boy Restaurant located at 4211 Riverside Drive in Burbank, California is the oldest remaining Bob's Big Boy in the United States. Over the years Bob's has seen a parade of celebrity names stop by for a hamburger. Movie stars of old have been regulars, with the restaurant serving some of the world's top musical talent and being the site of the celebrity attended Friday Night classic car show.

“Our 50th celebration gave us an opportunity to invite patrons to a parking lot beach party,” said Bob’s Big Boy owner Philip MacDonald. The MacDonald family has owned the Bob’s since 1949 and took over operations in 1993, the same year it was designated a California Point of Historical Interest. “In addition to going ‘green’ we are using the contemporary tools of a new generation to bring our fans together on the Internet. This campaign is a platform for our patrons to share their Bob’s memories online as well as come in and see us,” said MacDonald.

Filming of Bob’s stories took place Friday, July 17 and Saturday, July 18 at the restaurant. Edited stories are posted online as appropriate on the campaign’s website,, YouTube, and Facebook sites.

“Bob’s has a very special place in the American landscape,” said Greg Ashley, President of Canadian Solar (USA), Inc. “The owners of this unique structure have demonstrated leadership to building owners across the country. By optimizing renewable energy design and historical architecture, Bob’s has proven that green energy and architectural charm can work well together. We are very pleased that Canadian Solar’s high performance solar panels are a part of this installation and a part of the ‘Sixty and Solar’ celebration. Happy Birthday, Bob!”

The restaurant is now generating a portion of its own electricity from a solar power system consisting of 132 Canadian Solar CS6P 200 Modules and two SMA inverters, a Sunny Boy 6000US and a Sunny Boy 3000US. Energy generation is monitored by an SMA Sunny WebBox and graphically displayed through the SMA Sunny Portal system. System specifications and live performance data can be seen at:

The Bob’s solar power system is installed on the large steel carport structure and a flat commercial roof above the neighboring Starbucks. It was designed and installed by HelioPower. The Bob’s solar installation will produce 39 MWh (mega watt hours) of electricity. This is enough green energy to offset the electrical demand of about seven homes; the elimination of CO2 offsets 57,000 miles driven per year and the equivalent of 78 trees planted and carbon sequestered for the life of those trees. Other environmental technologies applied at Bob’s include recycling and energy efficient lighting.

“From concept to design, implementation to a fully operational solar power system, HelioPower has done a wonderful job installing solar power on our historic building,” explained MacDonald.

“Bob’s has a rich tradition of being a good neighbor. Over the years they have given over $500,000 to local charities. At their 50th celebration Habitat for Humanity was part of the festivities. This year, the San Fernando Valley chapter of Habitat for Humanity will rejoin the list of Bob’s charities as the official charity of the ‘Sixty and Solar’ celebration,” explained Glenna Wiseman, Vice President of Marketing for HelioPower.

"As the only Habitat affiliate that builds in Burbank and the San Fernando Valley, we rely on local businesses and our neighbors to help raise funds to provide decent affordable housing right here in our community, so we are honored to be an ongoing part of Bob's history and future,” said Jack Shine, Chairman of the Board of Habitat for Humanity, San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valley, Serving Northern LA City and County.

Wiseman continued, “This campaign has magic. It is a wonderful opportunity for Bob’s fans around the world to connect and celebrate Bob’s, its rich tradition and the modern commitment its owners have shown to solar technology.”

Additional sponsors of the “Sixty and Solar” campaign currently include American Meat Company, Apffels Gourmet Coffee, Sysco Los Angeles and U.S. Foods. For more information about becoming a sponsor please email

For more information visit us online at

Follow at Twitter:

On FaceBook:

On YouTube at SixtyandSolar:

Cathy wearing her old carhop cap from the late 60's

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jo Elaine Morton!

Another one got past me... Yesterday, Jo joined the 60's club too!!

A couple of photos from our reunion in 2007 - Donna Luce Neitman with Jo and the gang waiting to be seated at Bob's Toluca Lake!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy BD Diana... YESTERDAY!

UPDATE! Just got off the phone with Diana and YESTERDAY was her birthday - OOPS!

Diana Ziegler Larsen joins the 60's club - hope you had a great day, my friend!

Diana, Mary Ogle, Kathleen Dupree & Judy Rayl Smith (Miller 6th grade 1961)

Diana, Jeanne Barron Aikman, John Johnson, Linda Peterson Everett, Marilyn Miller, Richard Pearson & Cathy Palmer (June 2009)

And here is a link Diana sent me last week of an 85 year old show 'girl' who dances up a storm. Read the article and then click on the video in the lower left - wow! 85 and Still Kicking

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Friday, August 14, 2009

David Cook at Ventura Fair

Went to see David Cook (from American Idol) at the Ventura Fair last night. He was just amazing!! He will be at the California State Fair (in Sacramento) on Opening Day, August 21st. Here is the website:

This is a really inexpensive way of getting to see him perform. If you are in the area go...he is well worth seeing! The State Fair is good too!

Cathy Nicholls Coyle

Thanks Cathy! Found a couple of clips of David... here he is auditioning for American Idol


and here he's singing 'Hello'


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Canadian Photo Update

Shari Deuel Nicholls sent the following photos from her adventure in Canada!

2009 Pacifica Fog Fest Sept 26 & 27

If you are in the Bay Area Sept 26/27, stop by the Annual Pacific Coast Fog Fest which happens a block from Marilyn Miller's home in Pacifica.

Click here to read more.

Amazing sandcastle at Pacifica's 2007 Fogfest!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friends Forever

We came from Sacramento, Santa Clarita, Danville, Los Gatos and Sonoma to celebrate Marilyn Miller's 60th birthday in Pacifica!

L-R: Cathy Palmer, Cathy (Nicholls) Coyle, Carol (Nicholls) Lebrecht, Jeanne (Barron) Aikman, Marilyn Miller and Jackie (Hayes) Steen met at Marilyn's in Pacifica on Saturday.

Cathy Coyle, Carol, Jackie and Marilyn had a tasty lunch at Rockin' Robs while Palmer & Jeanne arrived a bit later and then Jackie needed to leave, so the five of us continued the adventure...!

The view from our room was outstanding!

We walked on the beach and visited a few nearby shops.

We watched the sunset while eating our delicious dinner at the restaurant.

Our after-dinner java kept us up until 3 am while we reminisced, laughed, chatted and took lots of silly photos which you will NOT see here - lol!

We went to sleep listening to the waves - so nice.

While shopping, we found a couple of song sheets from movies that my cousin Joan Leslie was in, so I had to buy them! (Click here to read more about Joan)

Before breakfast, we jumped in the pool and hottub - fun! Then after we ate, we visited a few more shops, gave hugs and said good-bye until next time.

Short Video Clip: Room with a View!


Thanks Marilyn for inviting us to your party!

(Photos by Carol, Cathy & Cathy)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Surf's Up in Pacifica

This weekend, a few of us are getting together in Pacifica to... not surf - lol - but hang out and have fun!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Madelaine!

Madelaine (Zelenay) Whiteman joins the ranks of the 'older but wiser' 60 year olds today! May you have FANTASTIC day, my friend.

KO's 1965

Back: Gayle MacCaskey, Carol McClelland, Nicki Hanson, Terry Murphy, Melanie Dopirak, Sue Stenson, Joyce Miller
Middle: Cathy Overman, Sue Williams, April Carino, Rick Polikowski (Rick's webiste), Maureen Shapiro, Madelaine Zelenay, Nancy Mitchell
Front: Peggy Melton, Bobbie Grumley, Lynn Shaw. Pam Reimers, Diane Rupprecht, Denise Almlie

Madelaine with Mary (Brotsis) Andersen at BJ Brewery during the Burbank High Centennial celebration 2008.

Attention BHS Class 1970: 40th Reunion!

If you are in the BHS '70 class, or have a sibling or friend from the '70 class, please read the following and tell others.

BHS 1970 Class 40 Year Reunion
Sunday, June 27, 2010

6:00 PM until 12:00 Midnight
The Castaway
Mountain View Room

$75.00 per person
Buffet dinner with variety

Ticket payments have begun being accepted.
Please make checks out to Joyce Starleaf,
and mail to:

Joyce Starleaf
700 N. Lima St.
Burbank, CA 91505-2946

For more information contact:
Joyce Starleaf 818-612-0514


Alan Landros 661-250-1641

Sista Monica and Friends

Sista Monica

Drove into the city (San Francisco) to celebrate Marilyn Miller's birthday tonight (Saturday).

We had a delicious dinner at Colibri Mexican Bistro.

Happy Birthday, Marilyn!

Then we walked down the street to see Sista Monica at Biscuits & Blues on Geary.

Watch a short clip of the show


Dona (Foy) Bruckner and I decided to stay for the 2nd set afterwhich I met her sons, Steve and Mike.

It's was a fun evening indeed - thanks Marilyn!