Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Michael Torres (BHS '67) and Harmony Hill

This is great... thanks Michael!

Hi Cathy,
I am sending out our first CD we made together as a group. It is made up mostly off original songs written by Randy. I will give you a little history of our group. I met Randy while working with people with disabilities and he worked in a different part of the agency and we got to talking one day and he told me he was a musician and had wrote some songs . He asked me to listen to them and we became friends and started to play music together. I told him about my experience with recording music in California so he bought a small 4 track and we worked on his songs. I helped him with vocal and harmony arrangements and he said he had a friend at church (Doug) who would probably like to play with us and the rest is history.

We have been together now for about 19 years. We pooled our time and $$$ together and went into the studio to record our first album it was a cassette at first and then when CD's came out we transferred our recordings to CD's. We stated to get invites to do concerts at churches through out the States. We have been to Huston and San Antonio in Texas, Oklahoma City, Dell City, Heavener city and Wister all Oklahoma, De Moines, Iowa, lots of churches, fairs, city functions and restaurants in Arkansas. And we have sold our Cd's in Christen Book stores in the city of Fort Smith and where ever we play our concerts. By the way the name Harmony Hill came from an old band that I had played with in California back in the 70's. I asked for permission to use the name because it fit with the harmonies we do in our songs.

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