Wednesday, June 30, 2010


While some BHS classmates have already retired and are even retiring TODAY... Carol Nicholls Lebrecht ('67), Dona Foy Bruckner ('67) and Scott Bruckner ('66) - CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! others of us (i.e. yours truly) have started a new job with retirement waaaaay down the road.

I'm not jealous. Okay, maybe a little. Alright... A LOT! But I'll get over it.

So yeah, this is very exciting for those of you who have planned, saved and can now enjoy!

Another recent retiree is Jay Chris Peterson (BHS '67) and below are the latest pics of his and his wife Sherri's new house being built on 2 acres in Washington which should be done in 5-6 months... looks FABULOUS, Jay!!

Jay wrote, "Celebrating my late father's 100th birthday with these construction photos."

Here's Jay's email from June 2, 2010:

Hi Cathy,
I will do what I can but this week is filled with stuff to do. This is Wednesday, Friday and Saturday my movers are taking my household goods and shop equipment and placing them in storage until my new home is finished. Friday evening is my retirement party hosted by my school staff. Saturday is my wife's party hosted by her staff. Then the last week of school. June 10 is my last day as a teacher. June 15 we leave in our truck camper and honda for Bellingham WA, a three day drive. We stay with friends and I have a one bedroom apartment waiting. Back down to LAX June 26 to pick up my camaro that is in storage in Lakewood. Another 3 day drive this time to my new apartment and hopefully some rest from the stress of retiring, selling a home, acquiring a construction loan, packing 20,000 lbs of household goods, shipping two cars and driving two others 1200+ miles with a U haul trailer behind my gas-guzzling truck.....the list goes on. Once settled in Bellingham WA the pictures will start coming in. Pamela asked where I am now....Lancaster CA and happy to leave. 35 years in this community. Thanks for posting my previous pictures and including me in your wonderful newsletter. Life is good and hope you are doing well in your new adventure.

Jay Christopher Peterson

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