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Reunion News Article in Leader - May 1, 2010

You never know what you'll stumble upon while searching the internet. Found this Burbank Leader article just now and never knew it was out there - lol!

Joyce Rudolph, reporter for the Leader, had told me she was going to put something in the paper but I never saw it until now.

The photo is no longer with the article but this is the one I sent her of Alan Singer, Deanna Lloyd Jennings and Sandy Ballard Spero..

And to see more pics of that fun day, go here:


May 01, 2010

Class of 1967 reminisces at DeBell

The Class of 1967 gathered for a casual reunion April 10 in the new DeBell Golf Club.

Members of the class have been having casual get-togethers over the last couple of years, said Cathy Palmer.

Last year, classmates met on the weekend of the Burbank Burroughs All Class Alumni Picnic at Johnny Carson Park and this year following Burbank on Parade.

“It’s been lots of fun,” Palmer said.

Classmate Shelly Perez Lucero and her husband run the DeBell Clubhouse Grill and offered the space to the class.

Some of those attending were Alan Singer (’67), Bob Fossler (BHS ’64), Bruce Fossler (BHS ’66), Carol Brown Baker (’67), Cathy Palmer (’67), Craig Beedle (BHS ’66), Deanna Lloyd Jennings (’67), Don Ripley Ray (’67) and wife Xiao Mei; Donnine Storey Moeller (’67), Flora Angel Ferrens (’67) and husband Dale; Joanne Yoffee Furer (’67), John and Cathy Nicholls Coyle (’65 & ’67), Kathleen Durpree (’67), Lauralee Sengers Slocum (’67) and husband Bill; Linda Lee Durkee Johnson (’59), Madelaine Zeleany Whiteman (’67), Sandy Ballard Spero (’67), Mark Littleton (John Muir ’64/Costa Mesa ’67), Pam Hawkins Swan (’67), Sara Marino Becaria (’67), Scott and Dona Foy Bruckner (’66 & ’67), Shari Deuel Nicholls (’67), Shelly Perez Lucero (’67), Vernise Yocum Pelzel (’60), Vicki Peters Stigile (’67), Judy Heinemann Bartoletti (‘59,) Lou Bartoletti (’58), Bev Heinemann (JBHS ’59), Joe Heinemann (’59,) Penny Hermann Knobloch (’59), Lana Martin Holmes (’59).

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  1. 12/9/10 Email from Deanna Lloyd Jennings:

    Thanks Cathy. I did see the article in The Leader and then was given multiple copies by friends and family. That was a fun day! I hope more classmates will come back to Burbank in 2011 for the city's Centennial. I think the Burbank schools' celebration is taking place in July.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!! Hope to see you next year! Thanks for all you do, we all appreciate it more than you know. ~Deanna