Tuesday, June 21, 2011

UPDATE: Toluca Lake Bob's Does Not Honor Corporate Coupons BUT They Do Have a Cool Website!

June 30 2011 Update

Received today a reply from Bob's on Facebook in regards to why they don't honor the coupons.

"That is corporate big boy, we have nothing to do with them. We are our own seperate Big Boy, the one and only. We have our own website bobs.net !"

Be sure to check out their very cool website!

June 25 2011 UPDATE

Barbara Zelenay tried to redeem the Bob's coupons and was refused (see comment below), so I just now called and asked the manager why. He told me the owner, Steve Fundhauser (or something like that), didn't want to. I asked if he was there as I wanted to talk to him but was told he lives in Michigan. TL Bob's is the ONLY Bob's that does not honor the website coupons. Oh brother.


Big thanks to Greg Alaimo (BHS '66) for this link - I'll be there in July!

You can down load coupons. If your going to Bobs at the 100th.
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  1. Barbara Zelenay6/25/11, 8:23 PM

    They don't honor the Bobs Big Boy coupons!!! I went there today and handed them the coupon for big boy and fries... They said NO!!! Bummer..