Saturday, January 21, 2012

Party Update from Don Ray

Don's Facebook Update Jan 24, 2012:
"Thanks to Gene Giddings for capturing the moment at Frank's Restaurant when L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine joined me and my wife, Xiao Mei, for dinner and birthday gathering on Friday, January 20th. Restaurant owner Jose Lopez provided his best Italian dishes from Genio's Restaurant, which closed several years ago. The certificate certifies that I'm old! It's official!"

Original Post

Don wrote: "Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine, Private Investigator Cookie Schwartz Diaz and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Alan Rosenfield know that Don Ray stands behind them 100%.

"They were among some 40 friends who gave up their busy Friday Night to attend Don Ray's birthday get-together at Frank's Restaurant in Burbank. Others in attendance included Jan B. Tucker, Melanie Paek, Pam and John Kirkland, Tom and Anorene Townsend,Deborah L. Winger, Stephanie Winger, Gene Giddings, Donna Lee Giddings, Dave Lange, Frank Diaz, Addriane Pettinjohn and her son, William, William Prather, John Rocke, Pat Hall, Neal and Layoko Hershinson, Jan and Henry Osborn, Liz Hernandez, Xiao Mei Ray, David Ritchie, Chuck and Karen Campbell, Effrem, Reggie Salazar, Greg Alaimo, Pamela and Melissa Bergman and some others I'll remember in the morning.

"The great news is that everyone enjoyed the food --- especially the wonderful dishes that chef (and owner) Jose Lopez prepared off the menu from the late Genio's Restaurant in Burbank. Cathy Emmett Palmer wasn't there, but I'm sure she'll share this."

Yes, Don I would have loved to have been there! Sounds like it was a BLAST... and now, here are a few pics from your past!


Hi Life Assignment

Don Ray with his partner, Ralph, 1969 Vietnam and 2007

Thailand 1992

Armenia 2003

Nigeria 2006

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