Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Check out New Blog by Kent Barcus

Good for you, Kent... everyone should have a blog or two... or three... or...

Finally I've blogged (no comparison to the works by you and by Don Ray) some recollections about teachers and a few fellow students at George Washington Elementary in Burbank complete with run-on sentences and lack of coherent paragraph breaks http://severemiddleage.blogspot.com/2012/03/washington-school-days-1954-1961.html (and copying this to Heather Tobin who put me in touch with her dear late mother who taught Second Grade).

Looking forward to '67 Reunion this July but saddened by how many have passed away so far.. Beverly sends her love but will miss the upcoming gathering.

The Flag comes up again July 2-4 at the former venue of Concord Jazz Festival (Dave Brubeck Park in Concord) with no admission or parking charge, fireworks, and festival seating for up to 7500 each evening. And my Uncle Sam part is move an appearance than a performance.

Uncle Sam out of uniform

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