Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mark Littleton '67 and Sons @ Angels/Dodgers Game

Snagged this great Facebook pic of Mark with his sons, Micah and Mark Jr.

Mark went to Muir with us and then moved, graduating from Estancia High in Costa Mesa in 1967.

Mark wrote:
"We had a great time. Laughing at Juniors antics and cheering on the Dodgers. This was one of the annual pre-season exhibition games the Dodgers play with the Anaheim (L.A.) Angels (The Freeway Series). Dodgers won tonight but lost the 3 game series winning only one of the three games. As you know Dodgers are National League and Angels American League. They won't meet each other again this year unless it’s in the World Series. My first Dodger game was back in 1958/59 just after the then Brooklyn Dodgers came to L.A. It was at the Coliseum pre Chaves Ravine ( ) They had to chain link fence off the outfield. Good clean wholesome fun."

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