Monday, May 28, 2012

Remember the Brave: Larry Maxam, BHS '66

1965 Ceralbus 11th grade photo

"The North Vietnamese attack on the Cam Lo District Headquarters on February 2, 1968 quickly destroyed nearly half of the base’s defensive perimeter. As enemy troops prepared to pour through the breach, Marine Corporal Larry Maxam dashed to an abandoned machine gun position. Despite being severely wounded by shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade, he steadily fired on advancing North Vietnamese troops. When his bleeding left him too weak to reload the machine gun, he fired his rifle. He continued to be hit by grenade fragments and small arms fire. After fighting off the enemy for nearly two hours, Corporal Maxam bled to death. He was one month past his twentieth birthday."

MAY 29, 2012 UPDATE

Facebook comments:
May 28, 2012
"Larry was honored today in a beautiful ceremony at McCambridge Park in Burbank. His brother, Robyn and his wife, were there for the Ceremony. They had flown all the way from Austrialia. It's so wonderful that Burbank honors their fallen in such an honorable and respectible way. To all those who have served... We salute you!!!"
Cathy Nicholls Coyle, BHS '67

May 29, 2012
"Hat's off to Greg Alaimo on his involvement and contribution to this ceremony. The Marines that took part from Camp Pendleton were the doing of Greg, and they added so much to this moving ceremony. Many Burbank grads were in attendance, including Dona and I. It was great to see so many old friends and to honor Larry's memory."
Scott Bruckner, BHS '66

"My pleasure. Just one correction Larry was in the class of 1966. He left BHS when he turned 17, his Jr year in 1965. He did not graduate but if he did not leave school he would have graduated in 1966. When he enlisted he indicated he was 18, when in fact he was 17. He signed his mothers name. Went home and told everyone he had enlisted. They had no prior knowledge. It was a good day sitting with Robin and his wife talking about Larry. We had stories each one never had heard before... Thanks for all your help for you got the word out. I think we had a good Alumni due to your help. It truely was am amazing day. The 21 Gun Salute with the Marine issued M-16's was amazing. To have Larry's 1-4 Mari...nes participate was a great honor to Larry. All the Marines involved were volunteers. They were there because they wanted to honor their fallen brother and MOH hero. Robin, Larry's brother, was very happy knowing so many of his classmates attended. I tried to introduce him to as many classmates as possible. He and his wife was touched. It was a day full of pride !! Good friends !!!"
Greg Alaimo, BHS '66


Cathy Coyle holds her granddaughter Catheryn, 4, with sister, Joan Dempsey, as they put a rose on the WWII Memorial in memory of their Uncle Thomas Hunter at the City of Burbank's Memorial Day ceremony at the War Memorial at McCambridge Park in Burbank on Monday, May 28, 2012. (Tim Berger/Staff Photographer)

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