Saturday, August 4, 2012

1961 Providencia Elementary 6th Grade Class

Thanks to Flora Angel Ferrens for the great photo!

Teacher: Mrs. Forsythe

What Are The Names & Who is Who?
Flora Angel (From row, third from right)
Sandy Ballard
Pete Beauregard
Fred Gold
Cindy Carter
Rick Gordon
Steve Bilos
Nancy Bridgestock (Front row, second from left)
Barbara Meyer (Top row, third from left)
Gaylene Cooper
Debi Scott
Darilynn Redmann
Ron Bayless
Mike Galloway (Second row, second from the right)
Jim Shaw (Second row, fourth from right)
Robert Markie
Bob Maiwurm (Top row, second from left)

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  1. Thanks for the memories. I was in the other Providencia 6th grade class. I was in 3rd grade when Providencia first opened. I recognize a few faces in photo but can not recall their names. Sorry. Lee O'Dell