Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BHS Hall of Fame 2012

Thank You Joanne Yoffee Furer, BHS 67, for these wonderful photos! CLICK HERE

Hi Cathy,

Several from our class were at one or both of the gatherings for Dave Le Sueur’s induction into the BHS Hall of Fame. The first groups are from the afternoon gathering hosted by Dave and his brother Steve. It was in the Art Room—and we were all happy to have signs pointing the way, as we weren’t familiar with the new campus. Turns out, the Art Room is near the Gym at the corner of Delaware, an area we knew as tennis courts and the Science Building. Dave’s family, including Mary, his parents and siblings, his children and grandchildren were also in attendance. Tim Tolnay was in town from Colorado and took a lot of official photographs of both events.

During the evening program in the Auditorium, the presenters and honorees shared a lot of history and pride in both BHS and Burbank. Carl, Dave’s oldest son, introduced Dave and captured Dave’s personality and accomplishments. You’ll notice I included the introduction to the evening by Ken Ziskin—he’s wearing a t-shirt from Stand Up to Cancer in tribute to Laura. Also, Freddy Ortega accompanied Rick Romero’s sister (Irene Robortello ’60) to the stand to receive Rick’s award. Mike Feix introduced the award for John Gaball.

These are just a glimpse of the evening...


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