Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sally Vick

11/9/07 UPDATE
Received this email from Linda Mustion today:

I emailed Pam Kirkwood yesterday trying to find out if Sally Vick was married and what her married name was and where she died. Pam Kirkwood forward my email todave Colvin and he sent me the following reply:

Hello Linda,
About Sally; her married name was Ball and she has ason named Morgan. He lives mid-state some where in CA. Sally's parents still live in Burbank @ 818-845-5811,Doris and Bill Vick.

David Colvin

Today Pam Kirkwood (BHS 64) sent this email:

BHS Sad News... Just got this info from David Colvin '66...But in looking at the Ceralbus, I think she was in the class of '67... Pam

I heard from my Mother today that Sally Vick ('66) died on Monday from cancer I believe she said. She was 59 years old.

David Colvin

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