Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Special Guests at the BHS Senior Luncheon

Thanks Alan Landros (BHS 70) for these photos from the BHS luncheon 9-13-10! Mr Laris was my Spanish teacher - Ole Mr. Laris!

Genevieve Cowden Sultenfuss, BHS '28, turned 100 on 8-12-2010
behind her - Bruce Osgood, current BHS Principal, and Glendale High '73
Carolyn Bailey Grogan - BHS teacher retired 2010, and BHS '63
Fred Cook - current BHS Athletic Director
Peter Laris - BHS Spanish teacher 1960 to 1988

Genevieve Cowden Sultenfuss, BHS '28
tiara and earrings presented by Herb Vincent, BHS '46
yellow roses presented by Pam Zipfel Kirkwood, BHS '64

Kathy Burroughs - Glendale High '79, granddaughter of Genevieve
Audrey Sultenfuss Carr - Hoover High '56, daughter of Genevieve
Genevieve Cowden Sultenfuss - BHS '28
Julie Sultenfuss Shermer - Hoover High '60, daughter of Genevieve, mother of Kathy and Kimberly
Kimberly Burroughs - Glendale High '82, granddaughter of Genevieve

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