Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Country Farmhouse by Trina Blackmer Burke (BHS '89)

Received this email today from Cathy Nicholls Coyle:

Hi CP: Just thought you might like to post this on your blog. I don't know if I have ever told you about my neice, Trina's blog. She is John's oldest sister, Nancy's, daughter. She lives in Oregon and has this fabulous blog about her and her husband's remoldeling of their 1920's country farmhouse. She just had twins in Dec.! A boy and a girl. They are beautiful. I have attached an article where their kitchen is featured in the January, 2011 issue of "Food and Wine." Check it out.....

© Courtesy of A Country Farmhouse

Revolving Collection
Trina Burke of A Country Farmhouse chose custom open shelves for her 1920s kitchen, because they're period-appropriate and allow her to display a rotating selection of family heirlooms. The butcher-block countertops are from Ikea.

Trina's Blog:

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