Friday, January 7, 2011

Who Remembers Sheriff John?

I LOVED Sheriff John!

Received this email and sweet photos today from Carol Nicholls Lebrecht (BHS '67) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Meghan, to Mrs. Nicholls and to your son... thanks Carol!

Yesterday was my Mom's, Son's and Granddaughter's birthdays. Yes, they were all born on January 5th.

When my Daughter-In-Law was getting out the birthday cake for my granddaughter, the Sheriff John's Birthday Song popped into my head. My three granddaughter's loved the song and quickly caught on to the lyrics. How many of our classmates remember the Sheriff John Show? It was a big part of our growing up years in the San Fernando Valley. Good wholesome values and fun for kids.

TV ACRES: Children's Show Hosts > Sheriff John Rovick (Sheriff John's Lunch Brigade)

And can you believe one of her birthday presents was a hula hoop? How nostalgic can you get?

Carol Nicholls Lebrecht

Found a very touching video about Sheriff John below


  1. In 4th grade, Jim Pene, Dave Marshall, Doug Dispensiero and I went home for lunch . . . after lunch, we met a my house (626 Hampton Rd.) and watched Sheriff John's Lunch Brigade. We lost track of time and when we returned to school, the playground was deserted!! This was the only time I got a "Tardy" on my report card and it was all Sheriff John's fault!!!!

    Randy Cotter BHS '65

  2. Ha! Great story Randy. Thanks!!