Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bob's Video

Thanks to John Rocke for this fun video!

Some of you may have already seen this, it’s been “around.” But, this is a bit of meaningful nostalgia to those of us who grew up in Burbank, or wherever there was a “Bob’s.”



  1. That is right. In the old days obese children were called chubby. Is this Burbank Bob's located on Riverside? There used to be one on San Fernando. Does it still exist? I'm going to look up their website. I had a friend that used to work at the San Fernando place. They worked her to death, but when she came home she had at least 20 pounds of coin tips to put in the bank.

  2. Yes Steven, it's on Riverside in Toluca Lake. The one on San Fernando Road is gone I do believe. I was a carhop at this one a looooong time ago with Nancy Bridgstock :)