Saturday, October 26, 2013

Who Went to Mingay?

Bruce McCormack for one and here are a few of his class photos. Thanks Bruce!

FRONT: Gene Madsen
BOTTOM L-R: Jan Cooper, Penny Morgan, Gail Palucci, Warnie Enochs, Michael Torres, Diane McCall, Stephanie Scott, May Low, ? Madsen (Gene's twin), ?
MIDDLE: Mark Carlisle, Pat Thompson, Joe Leeper, Mary Hendricks, Lee Ann Dunham, Gloria Vasquez, Paula Ainsworth, Loydeen Bacon, Mike Acosta, Patty Daily, Mr Deeter.
TOP: Cindy Bowser, Danny Fido, ?, Barbara Batey, Karen Ferenz or France?, Bill Pratt, Steve Loudon?, Phyllis?, Dan Drees, Bruce McCormick

Teacher on the left is Mr. Robinson. He married Miss Admire.

Thanks to Jan Cooper Michels. Mary Hendricks Johnson and Mike Torres for these names!

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