Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Burbank's Design for 2011 Rose Parade

Putting the petal to the metal

City's float designers are thinking big for the next Rose Parade.

A rendering of Burbank's 2011 entry into the Tournament of Roses parade.
A rendering of Burbank's 2011 entry into the Tournament of Roses parade. (City of Burbank)

Burbank is set to undertake one of the most elaborate designs ever for the city's entry into the 2011 Tournament of Roses Parade, officials said.

The float design, unveiled this week, will celebrate 100 years since the city's incorporation, and will be called "Centennial Celebration."

"This float is really going to be the leadoff event for the yearlong celebration of our city," said Bob Hutt, the president of the Burbank Tournament of Roses Assn. "We're excited to be setting the tone for the entire year."

Celebrating the people and businesses that have positively affected Burbank, the float features landmarks such as Bob Hope Airport, the Warner Bros. water tower and the Bob's Big Boy character, as well as a film strip lining the edge of the float.

The film strip includes proposed pictures of Bob Hope, Johnny Carson and Walt Disney, as well as the Cartoon Network logo.

"This has been one of the more challenging floats I've been involved in," said Steve Edward, vice president of the association.

In addition to images associated with Burbank, the float committee has a few special items planned for the 2011 float, organizers said.

With City Hall as the focal point of the float at 35 feet tall, and requiring some special maneuvering capabilities, the stars at the front of the float will come alive in a pyrotechnic display during the televised portion of the parade.

In addition, an animated airplane will spin around Bob Hope Airport towards the back of the float.
The most interactive part of the float, however, will be the live Internet video feed broadcast from the camera at the top of the giant boom stand that will allow people around the world to experience what the float sees as it happens in the parade.

After winning the Animation Trophy this past year, Edward said he hopes this year's entry will be recognized for representing life in California or possibly life in the U.S., as the Burbank Rose Parade Assn. has never been honored with either distinction.

The projected cost of the float this year is about $100,000, with $60,800 coming from the city.



  1. who made the drawing of the float???

  2. The float was based on a design by Julio Leon of Burbank and then a locak graphic artist made the above drawing I guess.

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  3. Actually you guessed wrong, Julio Leon of Burbank designed the float, did the final rendering (above)and graphic designed the film frame panels around the float. Most of the work can be seen on Burbank Rose associations website.

  4. Sorry about that. I read that somewhere but evidently it was wrong. Thanks for the correction. It was a FABULOUS design by the way!!!