Friday, July 23, 2010

Military Tribute by KISS

Received this email & video from Connie Cirinelli Edwards (photo):

Please watch this. My Marine grandson has come back from number two war zone. He lost so many friends. He's not been able to contact us so we are sitting back and waiting for him to find himself and come home. We all feel life is ruff and we seem to forget our boys who come home in a box or come home devastated with so much pain their unable to relate with family. I want to thank Carol for sending this to me so I can share it with my friends, LETS NOT GET SO CAUGHT UP IN OUR LIVES THAT WE FORGET OUR BOYS and their families. Life does not seem so tuff when you think about our young men fighting to live, fighting to save there friends, fighting to save their Country and all the losses they have had to face as young solders. We pray our young man will come back to us.

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