Sunday, July 4, 2010

Paul McCauley (BHS '67) 1949-2010

Sad to share this news. Paul would have graduated from BHS in 1967 but moved to Granda Hills. This is his 11th grade photo from the 1966 Ceralbus yearbook.

Received this email today from Alan Landros (BHS '70):


Do you remember a letter you posted on the '67 blog about March from Paul McCauley? He said his family moved away after 11th grade, and that he would have loved to have finished at BHS, and to have known you in high school. I think you gave me his email address so I could write him and ask if Molly McCauley who stated with me in kindergarten, was a sister to him. She moved during John Muir days. I wrote Paul, and he wrote right back and told me Molly was one of his sisters. I must have mentioned our BHS '70 reunion, since Paul wanted me to be sure to let Molly know about it. Well, I let her know, and even though she moved from Burbank after 8th grade she came last weekend from South Dakota for our reunion! She sat next to me at my table. In fact we had four different ladies who all moved during or after Muir, who all came - Lake Tahoe, San Rafael, and corona, besides Molly. The point of the story is, at the end of the evening Molly said she wanted to tell me something she hadn't wanted to tell me earlier that evening. Her brother, Paul McCauley, had died the day before our reunion, (which would have been June 26)! He was the one who reconnected Molly and me, and she came for our reunion from so far, and then he died the day before the reunion! Molly said Paul had cancer, but none of the family knew it was as bad as it obviouly was, and didn't expect his death!

Alan L.

PS Paul was the fourth of 10 children in the McCauley family. The second child, Tim McCauley, BHS '64, also passed away from cancer a few years ago, as did their mother when she was young. Paul was a CPA and lived in Marina del Rey.

And here is the email Paul sent me March 12, 2010:

Hi Cathy,

Sorry to say I never made your acquaintance at BHS but I did attend Jefferson Elementary, Muir JHS and BHS 1964-1966. I would have graduated in June, 1967 except for a family move to Granada Hills. Missed my old friends and gang, but the experience of moving and making new friends can be fulfilling - and was. You have put much effort into the Web and obviously have scored BIGTIME with you classmates. Well done!!

Feel like asking - where were you hiding when I atttended BHS? It hurts to now know what I missed.

Paul McCauley

Please keep Paul's family and loved ones in your prayers...

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