Monday, October 18, 2010

Rick Nebeker (BHS '67) 1949-2010

I am shocked and saddened to get the news that our classmate and friend, Rick Nebeker, died this past weekend while hunting. He was a wonderful, fun-loving man with many friends and will be missed by all. Our deepest condolances and prayers are with his family.

Note on Facebook from his daughter, Katie:
"Yesterday Saturday October 16th one of the greatest men ever passed away. He was with his family and he was doing what he loved. Rick died of a massive heart attack. He will be missed I am sure by all who knew him. Thank you to eveyone who has called and given their condolances and I want you to know he loved you all dearly. I will post about a memorial service later."

Rick recently had a wonderful visit and lunch with Shari Deuel and Scott and Dona Foy Bruckner.

Cards can be sent here:
911 East Stonehedge Lane
Alpine, UT 84004

October 20, 2010 UPDATE
From Facebook: "We will be holding a Celebration of Life for Rick on Friday, October 29th from 7pm to 9pm at Thanksgiving Point in the Velvet Room.
3003 N. Thanksgiving Way, Lehi UT 84043."


  1. Wanted to add that Rick was elk hunting when he died. His last comment in Facebook was, "Last three days of the Elk season, will be up at my uncle's ranch. The weather is still good, and its real close to where they got that world record. Elk tacos and ice cold beer!!!!"

    And here are some condolences just received:

    Very saddened and surprised to learn of Rick's passing. At BHS I got to know Rick as a very good and determined football player and also a mature and serious guy with good humor and a very big heart for others. Condolences to Rick's loved ones.
    Kent Barcus

    Sad to hear this news.
    Sherri Gessinger Coleman

    I'm sorry to hear about Rick's passing away. I remember speaking with him at more than one of our reunions. Since I had become a dentist, Rick was very eager to talk with me about his experiences in dental technology. Rick was very passionate in his conversations about his work. In fact, Rick always seemed to be a very upbeat and enthusiastic person, even back in our shared high school days. I will miss him.
    Tom Hurd

    Such sad, sad, news of Rick's passing. The last time I talked to Rick was in January 2009 at Don (Ripley) Ray's birthday party. Rick had called to personally wish Don a Happy 60th birthday! That's what kind of guy he was... One of the Greats! We will all miss Rick, with his warm personality, great smile and humor.
    Cathy Nicholls Coyle

  2. *g-+t
    *I am very sadden about Rick, he was such a wonderful man, I knew him well in high school. I also read about how he was looking forward to nghe weekend to go elk hunting, I'm glad to hear he was with family, my best wishes go out to all his family and friends

  3. Cathy,
    That is such sad news about Rick. I can't believe how quickly lives can change. We are all given this gift of life and never know when it will be taken from us. Each and every day is precious. Please send my condolences to his family if you have a contact.
    Madelaine Zelany Whiteman

  4. Cathy,

    Dona and I have been very sad all day, and have constantly been saying things to each other about Rick. He was a great guy in High School, and proved he had not changed when we hooked up this past summer. We were looking forard to visiting him again in Utah next year. Very sad.

    Scott Bruckner

  5. Sorry to hear the news. My Prayers are with his family.
    Flora Angel Ferrens

  6. Very sad indeed, he was a very fun lovin guy. Thankful he was in our lives for a moment.....pam
    (Pam Roberts Spang)

  7. Will certainly miss Rick.....we were born the same day and had many great phone conversations on our birthday over the years. He was a gentle giant and my protector on one occasion in HS. Will never forget him.......JCP
    (Jay Christopher Peterson)

  8. Rick was a fun guy to be around. He has been a neighbor and friend. As a fellow Ute fan and respectful flyfisher, we have exchanged many good stories. He has represented your school and class well.

  9. Rick was my best friend during and after high school. We haven't seen each other for many years but I still think of him as brother. I was close to his family and Ricks mom was like my own. His passing has left a deep hole in my heart and I only hope his family realizes how loved he was by all that knew him. Dan Brumley

  10. I was very sad to hear about Rick's passing. Rick and his family lived next door to me for years. I regret I didn't get around to talking with him via facebook. Just goes to show you< woulda,shoulda, couda!!My deepest condolences to the family. Rest in peace Rick and I hope you had a happy life.