Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Angel Fund Update

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BHS Angel Fund

Greetings All!

This past week, Guy asked Carol Brown Baker (BHS '67) to take over as President of the still evolving BHS Angel Fund which she graciously accepted.

Thus far the following folks have volunteered to help:

Carol Brown Baker ('67)
Christine Cullen Bartlett ('68)
Cathy Nicholls Coyle ('67)
John Coyle ('65)
Peggy Melton Cyphers ('66)
Shari Goodstein Epstein ('67)
Guy Gingell ('66)
Trudie Lombard Hentze ('65)
Johnny Holst
Eric Holst
Dayle Devine Jamieson ('65)
Pam Zipfel Kirkwood ('64)
Jon Kirkwood ('64)
Carol Nicholls Lebrecht ('67)
Patty Ellis MacDonald ('67)
Linda Green Nicholson ('67)
Cathy Palmer ('67)
Ron Panich ('67)
Karen Lundigan Panich ('67)
Marilyn Williams Peterson ('67)
Adam Rocke ('65)
Pamela Roberts Spang ('67)
Sallie Shelton Thomas ('68)
Betty Wareham Worland ('67)

And here's a message from Carol:

The dream of creating a foundation was born from a desire to help Bob Holst (‘67) whose last wish was to see his two sons one more time. Bob is living in Pennsylvania and is gravely ill; his sons are in Arizona. Guy Gingell worked with Cathy Palmer to contact Bob’s classmates and friends and was successful in collecting enough money to pay all trip expenses for his sons. Cathy Nicholls Coyle and Carol Nicholls Lebrecht were also very helpful in contacting classmates. In addition, by using email and Facebook, Bob received many Birthday cards and calls from his friends. According to his twin brother Tom, Bob told him that this was his,” Best Birthday ever”.

Contributions continued to come in and Guy looked at how he could return the excess funds to those that contributed. He then came up with the idea to start a foundation; in order have funds available in the future for similar critical needs.

The foundation is in the process of finalizing the Officers and Board of Directors and will soon be filing as an independent non-profit (c), (3), We are hopeful that we solicit the assistance of our classmates in this endeavor. If we have any alumni who have the legal expertise for this please let us know.

If you would like to volunteer to join a committee to assist in getting this up and running we would appreciate your help.

Carol Brown Baker


  1. We also are in need of someone who has passion for GOLF. We'd like to have a Golf Tournament right about the time of the '66 reunion. We would coordinate the date with the 1966 Reunion Committee.

  2. Mike Feix and Mickey Dipalo have secured the date: FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2011 at DeBell Golf Course in Burbank, CA. Start time is 1:30pm

    Please see the BURBANK HIGH SCHOOL ANGEL FUND on Facebook for details.
    Questions? Email:


  3. UPDATE: The DAVIS GINGELL FOUNDATION is in place and continuing the work in helping BHS & JBHS Alumni which began with the BHS Angel Fund. Our funding commitments have allowed us to reach out to other schools and the community at large. Please see our GOLF TOURNAMENT WEBSITE at: