Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BHS Angel Fund

And as many of you know, we sent out an urgent request for help for fellow classmate, Bob Holst, whose liver, kidneys and other systems are failing. Twin brother Tom believes he doesn't have much time left and through contributions from BHS alumni, his sons were able to fly out to see him. Many thanks to all.
2004 photo of Holst twins:

As a result, Guy Gingell has come up with an idea which is explained below:
To all:

Several BHS Alumni were so moved by what we accomplished in helping Bob Holst and his family, that we have decided to take the next step in helping our classmates.

We are forming a BHS ANGEL FUND. The following is an outline of what it we hope will become a non - profit in the very near future. Until that time Guy Gingell will be collecting donations and pledges with over sight by co - treasurers and an executive committee.

At this time the following have offered to serve on the board to get the project up and rolling.

President: Guy Gingell '66
Vice President: Bob Carter '66
Treasurer: open
Secretary: Cathy Palmer '67

Officers or Chair Persons:
Pam Zipfel Kirkwood '64
John Coyle '65
Cathyl Nicholls Coyle '67
Carol Nicholls Lebrecht '67
Ron Panich '67
Eric Holst (Bob's 33 yr old son)
Johnny Holst (Bob's 27 yr old son)


  • Mission Statement to be written
  • Fund set up to help classes '64-'68 (other classes added at a later date)
  • Committee brings, suggests or solicits requests and votes on distribution of funds
  • Committee decides on all awards or portion of funds to be awarded
  • All members will be involved in fund raising, private, state and federal grant monies
  • Signature event: Golf Tournament -- organized by Bob Carter
  • Other fund raising events: Silent Auction, Online Auction, Phone-athon

Anyone want to volunteer?


Co-Treasurers (must be in same city)
Fund Raisers (with experience)

Where to sent checks:
Payable to Guy Gingell
18319 199th Place NE
Woodinville, WA 98077

206 459-8864

So this is a fabulous opportunity to give back and help a fellow classmate as everyone can use a little help now and again!

November 3, 2010 UPDATE

Photos of John and Eric Holst and their mother, Claudia Sax Holst (BHS '68) along with note from John.

Hi Cathy... if you need anything just let me know. The trip to PA was absolutely incredible and my brother and I are truly grateful. I had the pleasure of speaking with Guy, he and those who helped organize this occasion are genuinely unique individuals who deserve praise and prayer.

Thank you to everyone.
Your good deeds will be acknowledged.
My love to all of you.

With admiration,

John Holst.
Robert Holst's youngest.

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