Sunday, November 14, 2010

Update on Bob Holst

Linda Green Nicholson posted on Facebook:
Cathy, I called Tom Friday night and had a very good conversation with him..he says he is trying to get the hospice care for Bob..that as of now Bob's both kidneys, liver, pancreas, and lower bowels are shutting down..I asked how he was and he said tired but hanging in there, he was pleased that I asked about him also, I guess alot of people just ask about Bob..He said that the calls really help him and keeps him going..could you please post this for me I'm not sure how so it will get to everyone..Thank you Linda

Also Guy Gingell posted these updates

UPDATE: Bob Holst -- I talked with Tom this morning. Bob is still in ICU. His condition is getting worse. In my opinion, Tom is the one that needs our support at this time. Tom is going to contact Hospice to see if they can help as Bob "wants to be at home and left alone to die" . Tom's Cell: 724 413 1426.

Bob Holst is in MONTEFIORE Medical Center Pittsburgh, PA.

In lieu of flowers, Bob would like to have friends donate to the Burbank High School Angel Fund. Contact: Guy Gingell at for information on donations. Thanks.

And then an hour later, he wrote:
Good News -- I just got a call from Bob Holst's caregiver. Bob's white cell count has improved and his kidneys are starting to work properly. He is out of ICU.

MONTEFIORE Medical Center
Pittsburgh, PA.
Nurses Station at the Hospital 415 647-2345
Floor 12 South, Room #43
Questions: Guy Gingell 206 459-8864

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