Thursday, September 1, 2011

BHS '66 45th Class Reunion

A few great pics snagged from Bruce Keswick's Facebook wall!

Bob Carter, Kathy Zappia, Mike Collins and Bruce Keswick

Back: Deanne Adams, Christy Seekins, Bob Bauman '64, Jennifer Dale and Joe Baldino
Front: Linda White, Kris Sorenson, Linda Schuster, Jordi Raack, Bruce and Phil Gieselman

Jerry McWilliams

Sharlean Aten, Phil Gieselman

Fiancee of Jim McGillis and Jim McGillis

Mike Ewing and wife, Kathy

Mike Hearne, Greg Alaimo, Bruce, Bill Wright, Owen Newcomer and Paul Bittle

Sue Everett (left after 10th or 11th grade), Jennifer and Jordi

Deanne Adams, Jennifer, Bruce and Janet Prater

Barry Ensminger, Rod Bungay and Bruce


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  1. Hey can someone have Phil Gieselman get a hold of me? He was my 3rd grade teacher at Disney. I loved him so much! I hope he's still alive. I'm glad he made it to 2011 at least :)
    bretleduc (at) yahoo