Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alumni Angel Trust

January 28, 2011

Dear Burbank Alumni,

As most of you know, we recently lost our dear friend Bob Holst. Our condolences go out to the entire Holst family. Prior to Bob's passing, a request was made by Bob's friends to the BHS Alumni to gift monies so that Bob could see his children before his passing -- Bob's last wish. Thus, "The BHS Angel Fund" was originated. Gifts poured in, not only from Bob's friends and classmates at BHS, but from Harvard School in Studio City, CA and Lakeside School in Seattle, WA as well. On January 18, 2011, excess funds collected in Bob’s name were released to the SENIOR BULLDOGS FOUNDATION; a check in the amount of $728.28 will act as the seed money to establish the annual ROBERT G HOLST Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The inspiration for creating an Angel Fund in order to help others in similar situations was the brainchild of several BHS Alumni. The project became a community outreach effort. Our thanks go out to all those that opened their hearts to help a friend in need.

In January 2011, Allison & Guy Gingell secured funding to form the Alumni Angel Trust which will help BHS Alumni, as well as our children and grandchildren. The Trust will include BHS, JBHS and other high school alumni associations from classes 1960-1980. Allison will act as Trustee and Guy as President. Board members include: Jim Grasse, Mike Feix, Karlene Patrick and Betty Worland.

Alumni Angel Trust Golf Tournament and Auction: The Charity Golf Tournament is scheduled for August 26th at DeBell Golf course in Burbank, CA. If you are interested in playing please contact Guy Gingell at 206 459-8864.

With that being said, I am asking for your assistance on our upcoming Auction. I need volunteers for our committee, donations, soliciting for donations, locations for storage, and manpower. I support this cause 100% and know our alumni and JBHS alumni feel the same way. Our mission in this life is to help those who are in need. We can make this upcoming event a great success!!! It is a great way to give back to our fellow alumni and our community. I can use all the help I can get. If you would like to volunteer and/or donate, please contact me at or call (928) 404-4838.

Thanking you in advance, for your help and understanding. We can make a difference!!!!

Betty (Wareham) Worland
Board Member of the Alumni Angel Trust
VP Fund Raising -- Southwest

A Country Farmhouse by Trina Blackmer Burke (BHS '89)

Received this email today from Cathy Nicholls Coyle:

Hi CP: Just thought you might like to post this on your blog. I don't know if I have ever told you about my neice, Trina's blog. She is John's oldest sister, Nancy's, daughter. She lives in Oregon and has this fabulous blog about her and her husband's remoldeling of their 1920's country farmhouse. She just had twins in Dec.! A boy and a girl. They are beautiful. I have attached an article where their kitchen is featured in the January, 2011 issue of "Food and Wine." Check it out.....

© Courtesy of A Country Farmhouse

Revolving Collection
Trina Burke of A Country Farmhouse chose custom open shelves for her 1920s kitchen, because they're period-appropriate and allow her to display a rotating selection of family heirlooms. The butcher-block countertops are from Ikea.

Trina's Blog:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Willard Saint-Clair Palmer Jr (BHS '48) 1929-2004

Willard Saint-Clair Palmer
November 3, 1929 - July 1, 2004

Little Will, as we called him, was my cousin, the son of my father's brother. He was the only male cousin of the 5 Palmer brothers and we had lost touch with all our Palmer cousins until a few days ago when we connected with Willard's son and daughter-in-law, Greg and Teresa.

Then we were able to connect with Willard's sister, Marlene Palmer Burke, who we had not talked since the 1950's. How wonderful to reconnect after all these years! Now we hope to meet up this summer in Burbank when I come out for the Centennial in July.

Many thanks to Herb Vincent ('46) and Linda Mustion ('67) for helping get this information.

Cathy Palmer
BHS '67

Willard graduated from Burbank High School in 1948, received a football scholarship to UCLA and then went into the Air Force and finally became a physicist.

Edna Palmer with her five sons: Gene #5, Bob #3. Willard Sr #2, Gordon (my father) #1, Charles #4

The Palmer Clan in 1949

Willard Jr is standing 2nd from right, between his sister, Marlene, and his father. I am a baby being held my by father with my sisters Susie and Patty to the left.


1949 home movie of Willard's relatives

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our '67 Ceralbus Yearbook Online via Classmates

It'll cost ya but you can peak for free:
Hey, is that Neal Hershenson's yearbook I wonder?? LOL!

Here's how they do it...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Got My Burbank Calendar!

Thanks to Mike McDaniel and Wes Clark who made it possible for the Florida gal to get a Burbank calendar!

They are FREE all over town - city hall, library, etc.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mr Hall's Memorial Was Yesterday

Here's one of John Boylan's photos from Facebook (more FB photos here)

January 19, 2011 UPDATE
Just found on Linda Mustion's (BHS '67) website some more wonderful photos from the memorial - thanks Linda!

And on Facebook, Katherine Au Crosier (BHS '68) posted several photos here as well:!/album.php?id=1403544319&aid=106308

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mintz for ASB Pres!

Received this from John Whitt today... thanks, John!

Found this today as I was going thru an old box! You can see the straight pin hole at the top.
It's starting to turn a bit yellow.
Thought you'd like to see it.

Robert was in the class of '66 and he did become ASB President. Last we knew, Robert was living in Anchorage, Alaska.

New "Old" Column by Dave LeSueur

I am submitting this column to The Denver Post. It was already published in Momentum Magazine, so many of you have already seen it.

The Funnypage: My Trip to Italy
by David LeSueur

I know that adversity causes some people to become atheists—they can’t answer the old “Why does God allow suffering” question. Having MS hasn’t made me stop believing in God, but it has strained our relationship.

The Old Testament Job might argue that I have no right to complain. After all, the Lord took away all of Job’s possessions and killed his offspring. But I would counter that last year my cable TV and wireless Internet both went out for a whole week, so I too know a little about pain and suffering.

A few years ago, I decided to ask God to do something that showed He still cared about me. My wife, Mary, and I have always wanted to visit Italy, so when my MS symptoms began to worsen, we decided it would be a good idea to go before it was too late. I could still walk with the aid of a cane or crutches, but we knew touring Italy would require more walking than I was capable of. I figured God owed me, so I prayed for a small miracle—the strength to walk around Italy on my own. As a precaution we bought a cheap wheelchair to take on the trip, but I really didn’t want Mary to have to push me around Italy in it. I was testing God, so I didn’t even make any promises like “If you will answer my prayer I promise that I will go to church every week for the rest of my life and I will eat Brussels sprouts at least once a month.”

When we finally arrived in Rome, it appeared that God was failing His test. The flight was difficult and I was exhausted. I could not walk at all and it looked like Mary would have to push me everywhere. We had signed up for a bus tour and the first day we went to Vatican City. The bus dropped us off in front of the Vatican and we got our first taste of what it was going to be like driving a wheelchair in Italy. There was no place to get me from the street to the sidewalk. Mary tipped me backward, preparing to ease me up to the curb. Joanne and Ken from San Diego, who had happened to sit next to us on the bus, walked up. “Can I help you lift?” asked Ken. “Thank you!” Mary replied and we were soon up over the curb. We had lunch with Ken and Joanne and were joined by Ron and Katie from Oregon. In the afternoon the six of us walked around and the two men took turns lifting me over curbs.

That evening, our Gang of Six became eight when we were joined at dinner by Pat and Judy from New York. For the rest of the trip, not only did the men lift me over curbs, they took turns pushing me in the wheelchair.

The tour director was a wonderful Italian lady who was not afraid to ask anyone for help to accommodate my needs. In Florence we needed to walk up a long and steep hill and the men weren’t looking forward to it, so she flagged down a police car. She convinced them to give me a ride to the top of the hill. How many tourists can say they rode in an Italian police car (at least where it did not involve drugs or alcohol)?

When we stopped to see some ancient ruins and were trying to figure out how to get me over some rocks, I apologized for making things difficult for her. “If there is anything you want to do or see, let me know,” she said, “and I will make sure it happens.”

“Well,” I said, “I would like an audience with the Pope and a date with Cindy Crawford—not necessarily in that order!” I had to assure her I was joking or I am convinced she would have found a way to have me meet the Pope. And she wouldn’t have let him leave until he had cured me.

By the end of the week I had to admit that God had passed my test. No, I wasn’t able to walk much, but He had placed me on a bus with an understanding tour director and three wonderful couples who became my legs.

I hadn’t promised God anything in return, but the least I can do is tell the story. And I will try to go to church every week. But that is all because I really hate Brussels sprouts.

David LeSueur lives with his wife in Littleton, Colo. His most recent piece for Momentum was “A Focused Mind,” about his ongoing search for the nearest bathroom.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Who Remembers Sheriff John?

I LOVED Sheriff John!

Received this email and sweet photos today from Carol Nicholls Lebrecht (BHS '67) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Meghan, to Mrs. Nicholls and to your son... thanks Carol!

Yesterday was my Mom's, Son's and Granddaughter's birthdays. Yes, they were all born on January 5th.

When my Daughter-In-Law was getting out the birthday cake for my granddaughter, the Sheriff John's Birthday Song popped into my head. My three granddaughter's loved the song and quickly caught on to the lyrics. How many of our classmates remember the Sheriff John Show? It was a big part of our growing up years in the San Fernando Valley. Good wholesome values and fun for kids.

TV ACRES: Children's Show Hosts > Sheriff John Rovick (Sheriff John's Lunch Brigade)

And can you believe one of her birthday presents was a hula hoop? How nostalgic can you get?

Carol Nicholls Lebrecht

Found a very touching video about Sheriff John below

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who Remembers Operation Cookie-Lift 1967?

Back in the late 60's during the Vietnam war, one way Burbank supported the troops was via "Operation Cookie Lift" which was started by Doris Vick, former WAVE and mother of 1967 classmate Sally Vick (1949-2007).

People baked cookies for the soldiers from Burbank and shipped them to Vietnam in old film cans from the studios. Being in Z club we baked and packed hundreds of cookies! It was fun.

Here is a 1967 article from Wes Clark/Mike McDaniels website, Burbankia (click to enlarge or click here):

(Thanks to Cathy Coyle for article link)

Funny... when I first read the article and saw the word COOKY, I thought, oops, a typo, but COOKY or COOKIE are both right. Also the 1967 article says the price to ship from Burbank to Vietnam was $2 and then reduced to .80 cents. Just a couple of weeks ago I mailed some homemade cookies and banana nut bread to family in Scottsdale, Arizona from Panama City Beach, Florida and it cost $22. My how times have changed!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Burbank N Beyond Vid on the Centennial Kick-Off

Hey, I want a FREE calendar!

Angel Fund Golf Tournament & Silent Auction Aug 26, 2011

EVENT: Alumni Angel Charity Golf Tournament
ORGANIZERS: Mike Feix & Mickey DePalo
BENEFITS: All proceeds are to benefit both BHS & JBHS Alumni families with critical needs for class years 1960-1980.
DATE: August 26, 2011
ENTRY FEE: $145 per Plalyer
PLACE: DeBell Golf Course, 1500 East Walnut, Burbank, CA
Guy Gingell -- Chairman of the Board for the Alumni Angel Trust
18319 199th PL NE
Woodinville, WA 98077
PHONE: 206 459-8864

This will be BURBANK vs JOHN BURROUGHS event with all proceeds to benefit both BHS & JBHS Alumni. All schools welcome.

The GOLF committee is headed up by Mike Feix along with Mickey DePalo. Other volunteers on the committee are: Don Melton, Jim Grasse, Guy Gingell and John Whitt has offered to be the course photographer and also handle the Public Relations end of things. John is a professional photographer and is on facebook.

From Guy Gingell (BHS '66):
The purpose of the Burbank Angel Fund is make a positive difference in the lives of our alumni. The fund enables it's trustees to offer resources (financial and other) to families with critical needs.
Questions? Email: Guy Gingell at:

A Silent Auction will be held during our Charity Golf Tournament. All proceeds benefit the BHS Angel Fund. Please consider giving items for the auction. Please contact Betty Wareham Worland  with your questions. Thanks in advance.
Art Jewelry available for purchase at the Golf Tournament or online prior to the event.

MAX FLOWER of MAX TV has offered to video record our event with interviews of participants, etc. Max is on Facebook and would love to hear ideas and such from our group.

Two donations have been received for our Golf Tournament's SILENT AUCTION.
1. Three hours of sailing with an experience skipper in the waters in and around Balboa Island.
2. Five night stay in the "NAPA VALLEY of WASHINGTON STATE". All expenses paid for a party of six. See for the details.

We are in need of Referrals for TEE Sponsorship and items for our Silent Auction which will be held at the Golf Tournament in August 2011.

We need volunteers in helping run the Golf Tournament. No experience necessary! If you'd like to help, or donate items to the silent auction, please email: Guy Gingell --->  THANKS!

From Silent Auction Chairman, Betty Wareham Worland (BHS '67):
We are in the process of collecting donations for our upcoming "Silent Auction". Mary (Flavin) Durrer and Linda (Wilson) Jarbeau will be assisting me in this endeavor. We are still in the preliminary stages of organizing this event. So please bear with us. If anyone else would like to help, it would really be appreciated. I can be reached on this page, e-mail, or you can call me at (928) 404-4838. Looking forward to any and all the support from our BHS Alumni as well as family and friends.

Golf Tournament Info

Facebook Links
Golf Tournament:
Silent Auction:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Where's the Float?

Update from Cathy Nicholls Coyle...

Just found out on Facebook that the Burbank Rose Parade Float is located at the corner of Olive and Glenoaks; and not at the Olive Park parking lot.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Old Rock Stars by Tim Hawkins

I love this guy and may have posted this before... can't remember... but Jim Stonehouse sent me the link, so here ya go... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Burbank on Parade April 9, 2011 @ 11am


Received this email today from Linda Johnson ( and remember, ANYONE can march in the Alumni Drill Team even if you weren't on it in high school!

Attention Alumni Drill Team............the Burbank On Parade is Saturday, April mark your calendars.........please, please let me know if you are unable to be there..........
Hugs................Linda Lee

P.S......tell a friend.......more the merrier......not to mention that we will look better

And to all of you....

Have A Great New Year!!!

Alumni Drill Team in 2010 Burbank on Parade



Burbank's Rose Parade Float Pic by John Boylan

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New CD by Marilyn Williams Peterson (BHS 67)

Received the following email today... FANTASTIC, Marilyn!

I got a huge New Year’s gift this morning—my new CD became available for download on iTunes, Amazon music and at The physical CD’s will be available in about a week if you prefer. A great start to the new year. I’m on a roll, 3 more recordings are in the works and will be coming over the next 2-3 months! I would appreciate your passing on the information to anyone you think might like it.

Thank you!


The 122nd Pasadena Rose Parade

Thanks to Carol Baker Brown for the notice!

"I don't know if you saw the parade or not. The Burbank entry won the Founders Day award. It was a beautiful float and all those that worked on it should be very proud. Happy New Year."

Watch below part 7 of the parade and see Burbank's float near the end.