Tuesday, January 1, 2008


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Count down... another New Year is here and I pray for you that everything goes great in 2008!

Just received the following email from Alan Singer as he reminisces about ANOTHER New Year's eve many years ago... Thanks Alan!!

Hi Cathy,

Here’s some random thoughts on going to the Rose Parade.

In our senior year, I went to the Rose Parade with Tom Hurd and Ron Wysocky (41 years ago tonight – hard to believe). We went at about 10 o’clock the night before the parade, and had nothing to do until the parade started the next morning. After awhile, we ran into Mark Pollock and then Carol Hanlon. We all wandered around together, talking with other parade goers and watching the cars drive down Colorado Boulevard . I remember that it was really cold, and we were having a hard time keeping warm (I probably wasn’t wearing a jacket that was heavy enough, and had no doubt been warned about it by my mom before I left my house). For a time, we tried to stand around other people’s sources of heat, like fires or portable heaters. Then we found a business that was open, a Western Union telegram office, where it was warm and they let us stay for awhile (I saw a newspaper article recently saying that Western Union has now gone out of the telegram business – I guess no one needs to send a telegram anymore.) As the night progressed, we got colder and more tired, and by the time the parade started and we couldn’t find a good viewing spot, we didn’t have much interest in staying to watch it. So about fifteen minutes after the parade started, we went home and watched it on TV. It was warm, and the TV cameras had great viewing spots.

Wishing a happy and healthy New Year to all my BHS classmates and their families.

Alan Singer

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