Friday, January 11, 2008

A Close Call

Just received the following email from Ron Wysocky. Thanks for the update, Ron, and I too am grateful for our guardian angels. I know I've kept mine pretty busy over the years!

Subject: Rose Parade follow-up


Earlier this evening I was 'surfing the net' and I was reviewing my bookmarks and found a bookmark that I had for your blog. It has been awhile since I last checked it out and sure enough your blog is thriving just fine. I saw an email from Alan Singer recalling our visit to the Rose Parade (New Year's Eve 1966/New Year's Day 1967) and it brought up some great memories. It was extremely cold that night. I remember we had more fun watching the pre-parade activities including the hot cars cruising Colorado Blvd. By the time the parade started it seemed anti-climatic and we were tired and bored so we took off. In looking back it was crazy that we went to the parade on a whim and we never saw the parade or at least very little of it.

Speaking of crazy I want to share what I experienced last Friday evening (1/4). I was working late and I left work in Irvine at 8:30 to come home. It was raining pretty good at the time and I'm driving northbound on the I-5 in Orange County. From there I'm traveling north on the 57 freeway by Angels stadium and the Honda Center (where the Anaheim Ducks play hockey) in Anaheim. By now it is raining heavier. I'm in the #2 lane when on my right side there is this big SUV (Chevy or GM) spinning like a top out of control coming right at me. Fortunately there was nobody on my left and I swerved to the left to avoid being hit by the out-of-control vehicle. It was pure reaction on my part and I still can't believe I didn't get hit. With the rainy conditions I was also fortunate that I didn't lose control of my vehicle.

I continued for a short bit on the freeway when I got off the freeway in Placentia and stopped at an In-and-Out Burger place. Bob's Toluca Lake was too far away and besides there aren't that many Bob's locations anymore. I called my wife, Lynne, who is in Arizona recovering from medical procedures on her back and neck and told here what happened. I mentioned that she almost became a widow. She told me that I had an Angel on my shoulder. If people have 9 lives like cats, then I definitely cashed one in that night.

Anyway I am very happy to be reading the entries on your blog and recounting memories from that 'pre-Rose' Parade. Also I'm very happy to be writing you. Live life to the fullest and I hope to see you and plenty of other classmates when the Centennial Celebration happens at the high school next September.

All the best.

Ron Wysocky

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