Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Beach Boys

This was taped October 23, 1965 on the Jack Benny Show in Burbank, CA


Did You go? This 1962 handbill features a picture of the Beach Boys and advertises the group's appearance at the "Pickwick Dance Party" in Burbank, a portion of which was taped for television and aired the following week on KTLA. The five hour "Stomp and Twist" soiree was hosted by popular KRLA disc jockey, Bob Eubanks, who would find his own television notoriety as the host of "The Newlywed Game" a few years later. And there was lots to do at the Pickwick Rec Center that night...Dance...Skate...but NO swimming! The Pickwick appearance coincided with the release of the Beach Boys first Capitol Records album "Surfin' Safari" that included the single "Ten Little Indians."

And what about the Teen Age Fair, 9th Street West, Malibu U, Wink Martindale's P.O.P. Dance Party, Lloyd Thaxton and of course American Bandstand?

Bo Diddly on Hollywood a Go Go - check out the go go dancers - and yes, we used to dance like that - LOL!

"Mr D had just performed live on KHJ-TV's 9th Street West dance show. As soon as the show was off the air the crew pulled back the curtains to reveal.....the Hollywood a Go Go set. They were able to get two more performances out of the man for the same scale performance payment." (source)

And here's a classic - Peter, Paul and Mary in 1965 on Lloyd Thaxton's Show


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