Thursday, March 6, 2008

Class Competition

Hey CP:

I attended the Sr. Bulldog luncheon on Monday, March 3rd. Linda Mustion, Don 'Ripley' Ray and I were there from the Class of 67. They discussed the Centennial Celebration that is coming up on us so quickly!

There is a class competition going on and our class isn't doing so well. Looks like Class of '65 is in the lead! As of Wednesday, March 5th, we have a total of 24 classmates who have signed up thus far.

Come on classmates! It doesn't take that long to sign up! Just be sure to check the box at the bottom if you want your email to show up. This is a good way to keep in touch and our email addresses current for our 45th Reunion!

Class Competition: (Congratulations! We've registered over 1000 alumni/staff since February 1, 2008.)

Please help us spread the word about this website by contacting fellow alumni and encouraging them to register. The top classes are listed below by decades. Contact fellow alumni and see if your class can take the lead! (click here to see how your class is doing).

Results as of February 29:

Pre-1950: 1948 (6)
1950s: 1959 (22)
1960s: 1965 (45) Still overall top class!
1970s: 1976 (38)
1980s: 1980 (26)
1990s: 1999 (27)
2000s: 2004 (38)

So let's all get signed up!


Cathy Nicholls Coyle

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