Saturday, March 8, 2008

Miller 6th Grade with Mrs. Ostrowsky - May 3, 1961

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Back: Jay Sletten, Bobby Graham, Leland Freeman, Johnny, Tom Rockriver, Roger

Third: Joe Veklota, Vern Olson, Sharon Ryan, Sara Lee Marino, Mary Brotsis, Karen Tripp, Wendy Richard, Cathy Palmer, Diana Ziegler, Mary Ogle, Kathleen Dupree, Judy Rayl, Arlene Clark, Mrs. Ostrowsky

Second: Sandy Sharamitaro, Susan Johnston, Kay Fouse, Paula Blank, Cathy Nicholls, Margaret, Pam Brown, Henritta Reagan, Jeanne Sproul, Alice Payne, Vicky

Front: Steve Hansen, Dicky Newcomer, Arthur Robinson, Dean Cunningham, Alvin Lou, Don Ray Ripley, Roland Young

(Please email if you know the missing last names!)

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