Saturday, March 8, 2008

Miller 5th Grade with Mr. Mathias - April 4, 1960

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Back: Johnny Patterson, Greg Howland , Jerry Berg, Ricky Schofield, Larry MacMonagle, Fran Serafin, David Synder, Don Ray Ripley, Robert Moss, Bobby Anderson, Timmy

Middle: Mr. Mathias, Richard De Britto, Johnny De La Rosa, Kenny Pendergrast, Martha Burke, Margaret Green, Connie Cirinelli, Nancy Hartley, Greg Pierce, Tony Briel, Ken Moore

Front: Janet Martin, Charlotte Ryan, Jeanne Barron, Cathy Shalda, Linda Wilson, Kathleen Sanucci, Cheryl Roberson, Christine Davies, Cathy Fairburn, Laurie Still, Susan Heppes

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