Thursday, January 31, 2008

Anthony G.

Chris Peterson sent this youtube video of 7 yr old Anthony G sing the National Anthem - pretty amazing I must say! Chris says, "Have never heard a seven year old or anyone else sing the National Anthem like this."

Now 8 yrs old, you can read and hear more at Anthony's website.

Owen Newcomer ('66) and Linda Newcomer ('68)

Both Linda Newcomer, Steve Colley's widow, and Owen Newcomer, her brother, kindly gave us updates on Steve which you can read on the Memorial Page.

Btw, Owen is the Mayor of Whittier and we feel honored that he is one of our BHS alumni!

From Owen's website:
"Whittier has been home to my wife, Kristina, and me since 1976. In 2008, we will celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary. Kristina retired a few years ago from a career as a hair stylist and Whittier salon owner. Now, she teaches Tai Chi Chih classes for the YMCA and ballet at Dance En L’air. In addition to being married for a long time, I have been teaching at Rio Hondo College for a long time, 32 years, although now a retired, part-time teacher. Over those years, I have taught classes in California and United States Government. Public service beckoned long ago also. I served for 11 years as an elected member of the Whittier City School Board of Education, and have been a member of the Whittier City Council since 2000. I served as Mayor from 2004-2005 and 2007-2008."

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Go Go Dancers

Rumor has it that a couple of our classmates were go-go dancers (did I get that right, Donna Luce and Alice Floyd??),

And in honor of this news, here is a a brief clip from the beginning of the tv show Hullabaloo - what a crack up!

It ends with Jerry Lewis and his son Gary singing 'Help!' - which is what their singing needs - hahahaa!

And I had to post this clip of Go-Go dancers with Booker T & the MG's playing Green Onions on Shindig !

Btw, I saw Booker T perform last year at Bruce Cohen's Winery up here in Sonoma - yes, he played Green Onions!

Bruce was and still is the manager of the Doobie Brothers. He has quite the car collection.

Dick Dale

Remember Dick Dale and his Del Tones? Dick was/is the undisputed "King of Surf Music" and here's one of his albums I owned. I thought he was so CHOICE as we used to say. The first time I saw him in person, he autographed a dollar bill for me! - SURF'S UP!!!!!!

Dick Dale is STILL performing! In fact, last year my friend's grandson was going to see him and we came along - Dick was still great and his son played too.

Below is a video clip of Dick with his 16 year old son, Jimmy, from a few days ago - very cool!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Memorial Page Update

Thanks to Linda Mustion, we have more details on the Memorial Page including the addition of one more classmate, Mary Jo Spindler.

And we found out that Sue Magee died in 1999 and that she had a daughter.

John Russell died in 1982 doing what he loved: flying. In our yearbook it said he planned to be a pilot. John was in Alaska when his helicopter crashed.

Life is fragile - handle with prayer.

The Beach Boys

This was taped October 23, 1965 on the Jack Benny Show in Burbank, CA


Did You go? This 1962 handbill features a picture of the Beach Boys and advertises the group's appearance at the "Pickwick Dance Party" in Burbank, a portion of which was taped for television and aired the following week on KTLA. The five hour "Stomp and Twist" soiree was hosted by popular KRLA disc jockey, Bob Eubanks, who would find his own television notoriety as the host of "The Newlywed Game" a few years later. And there was lots to do at the Pickwick Rec Center that night...Dance...Skate...but NO swimming! The Pickwick appearance coincided with the release of the Beach Boys first Capitol Records album "Surfin' Safari" that included the single "Ten Little Indians."

And what about the Teen Age Fair, 9th Street West, Malibu U, Wink Martindale's P.O.P. Dance Party, Lloyd Thaxton and of course American Bandstand?

Bo Diddly on Hollywood a Go Go - check out the go go dancers - and yes, we used to dance like that - LOL!

"Mr D had just performed live on KHJ-TV's 9th Street West dance show. As soon as the show was off the air the crew pulled back the curtains to reveal.....the Hollywood a Go Go set. They were able to get two more performances out of the man for the same scale performance payment." (source)

And here's a classic - Peter, Paul and Mary in 1965 on Lloyd Thaxton's Show


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Email Updates

Received this today from Alan Landros ('70) who's helping with the BHS Centennial...

Hi Cathy,

I am on the planning committee for the BHS Centennial, and until this past week was the chairman of the "Alumni Connection / Class Contacts Committee". (Due to health problems this job turned out to be too much for me.) John and Cathy Coyle are on this committee, however I haven't met them in person yet. A couple of months ago Cathy gave me your blog address for the '67 class, and also your email address. She said since you are such an expert at all things internet, perhaps you could "guide" our committee on some of the internet tasks ahead. Since I'm not involved on that committee now I will let the others contact you when they need help. I know Dave Thomson, the BHS teacher who heads the entire Centennial planning, has your addresses.

Anyway, why I'm writing to you now is because I finally got a chance to look over most all of your '67 blog this afternoon, and I have two more names for your deceased list: Sue Magee and John Russell. I just sent in both those names to the 'In Memoriam' website, too, maintained by Rick Cresitelli. Also, the other day I had Rick move Brenda Riley from your '67 deceased list to the '66 list. I was the one who first sent in Brenda's name. When I went through your Ceralbus pictures on your blog I saw Brenda was not shown. So, I did some checking and found out she was in the '66 class. Sorry. Otherwise your deceased list is exactly the same as the 'In Memoriam' list, with the additions now of Sue Magee and John Russell.

I am in the BHS class of '70. My class has had a reunion every five years since we graduated in 1970. I have been on the reunion committee every time, and been the chairman for about half of the reunions. I love your blog, and I wish our class had something like it, but unfortunately I'm not the one to do it, since I don't have the expertise and know how that you do on the internet! While looking through your senior pictures and reunion pictures I discover/remember that I know or am acquainted with dozens of your classmates. And I see a lot of my classmates had a sibling in your class, too! (When I'm down in Burbank I see Steve Beninato's mother from time to time. I gave her all the info for your 40th reunion and she passed it along to him. I know he really enjoyed attending! I also checked with Shari Giessinger, but they had just moved to Gardnerville, NV, and thought it would be too soon to make a trip back down here.)

One last thing. I love your testimony for the Lord throughout the blog! He's a wonderful Lord, and I often wonder how the non-believer gets along without knowing Him!

With best wishes to you,
Alan Landros

P.S. If you are going to be able to come down for the Centennial then hopefully I'll get to meet you.

And received this last week...

How are you and how was the trip home? We really enjoyed our time with all of you and we hope we can see you again soon. I just read the blog for the first time and I wanted to tell you that it is truly a wonderful place to be. I smiled, laughed and became teary-eyed on a continum as I surveyed all the photos. I laughed and remembered as I viewed the happy pictures and was deeply saddened as I confronted the images of so many of our friends and classmates who have passed.It is obvious, Cathy, that you have invested an immense amount of time, effort and emotion in this Blog and you should be most proud of what you accomplished. As Bob Hope said, "thanks for the memories."...I wish you health and more successes.

Best Wishes,


Ronald G. Panich
Executive Vice President
BluePoint|energy inc.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Dating Game

Do you recognize the girl in the pink dress giving the Dating Game Kiss?

Okay, besides Cathy Nicholls Coyle in '67 (click here to see Cathy on the Dating Game) and Ron Panich in '68 (click here to watch Ron on the Dating Game in video parts 3 & 4) - Michael (Kramer from Seinfeld) got the girl because it was his girl friend and it was fixed - Anson Heimlick Williams ALSO was on the Dating Game in '69!

AND Melinda Green and Bob Maiwurm were on February 14, 1968. PLUS the Strawberry Alarm Clock was on too - remember Lee Freeman? We went to Miller together and I remember trading comic books with him - those were the days!

Here is
one website which gives some names and has a few photos.

So were YOU on the Dating Game?? Inquiring minds want to know - lol!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Seeing Double - Seeing Double

1/28/08 UPDATE
Joan Nobile has a twin brother, Jim, but he went to a different school, so not everyone at BHS knew him.

Hey Cathy… Happy New Year!

My brother Jimmy went to Notre Dame… my parents were worried the public school kids would be a bad influence on him! Ha! he was a partier from the word go and the Catholic kids there were worse than any of the BHS kids I knew!

Jimmy is a contractor/homebuilder in So Lake Tahoe. He’s been there for over 30 years and raised his family (twins ~ AJ and Andrea) there. The kids are now 23 and AJ is following in his dad’s footsteps and learning the trade. Annie (Andrea) recently moved to LA and is looking for work down here. Jim and his wife Jan live in a beautiful home he built many years ago. We love going up there, but because it is so far, we don’t get there as often as we’d like.

I will send you recent pics of Jimmy and will search my albums for an old one…He’s very special to Fredo and me!

Hi again…located a recent picture of my twin Jimmy, and his wife Jan…taken at Morro Bay last summer.

--- end ---


How many sets of TWINS were in school with us? A LOT!
And this Ceralbus photo below is missing some too!!
1. Jim and Tim O'Dea (67)
2. John and Pete Broadley (65)
3. Connie and Ron Franzen (66)
4. Joan and Gail Martin (67)

Do you know of any other twins that were left out? Also below are some twin pics from past 10, 20, 30 and 40 year reunions. And if you have any more twin photos, please send and we will post - thanks!

The Paparazzi in Red Bluff

Cathy Nicholls Coyle sent these pics for all to enjoy of our fun visit with Ron and Karen Lundigan Panich at their lovely home in Red Bluff, CA - good company and good food were both wonderfully enjoyed!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sonoma Photos

Cathy Nicholls Coyle sent a few photos of Sonoma - Thanks Cathy!

1/Lunch at the Black Bear Diner
2/Cathy Palmer's humble abode
3/The City Hall located in the Sonoma Plaza
4/Mission Sonoma, founded in 1823, was the last and northernmost California mission
5-11/Mark Pollock's villa and vineyard - read more about Mark here.

Ron Panich and Karen Lundigan Panich

This past Saturday, John and Cathy Nicholls Coyle drove to Sonoma and so did Carol Nicholls Lebrecht.

We met for lunch, took a quick tour of Mark Pollock's place and then headed on up to Red Bluff to spend the weekend with Ron and Karen Lundigan Panich.

We had a totally fun time as you will see in the following video clips!

(NOTE: Video parts 3 & 4 show Ron on the Dating Game in 1968)