Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Report

Linda Mustion has an update on the Larry Maxam Park, so be sure to check out her blog here.

Thanks Cathy Nicholls Coyle for the update!

John and I attended the McCambridge Memorial Day Service yesterday (Monday). There were a lot of BHS alumni there; especially from the class of '66. Linda Schuster Mazur had sent notices out to her classmates to attend the Memorial Day Service since they would be mentioning the dedication of Pacific Park in the name of Larry L. Maxam. The '66 attendees that I saw there were: Ron Franzen; Mel Barnes; Randy Boeing; and Gil Uribe. Our classmates that attended were: Linda Mustion; Beverly Bullock; Kent Barcus, Al Thouette and myself. And of course, Pam and Jon Kirkwood ('64) were there too!

We were told that Larry Maxam's Mother, sister (Linda) and brother (Robin) had moved to Australia shortly after Larry was killed. They found out that Larry's mother died about six months ago but they would try to fly out his brother and sister for the actual dedication of the park in the fall of 2009.

It was a very nice ceremony. The new Mayor, Gary Bric, was there doing most of the speaking; along with Mickey DePalo ('64). Gary Bric mentioned that his brother, our classmate, Bill Bric, had been killed after just six weeks in Viet Nam. He told us that Bill was a Green Beret and that 17 Green Berets had been killed that day. Which to this day is the highest number of Green Berets ever killed in one day!

Mayor Gary Bric BHS '70

He also told us that there was a book written about his brother. The author was with Bill when he was killed. Gary said that he still has trouble reading only a few short exerpts from it. The name of the book is: On the Ground - The Secret War in Viet Nam. If anyone would like to read the book here is the information: Online Book Store - The Secret War in Vietnam

Ash Meets Joe Biden

Received this exciting email with photos yesterday from Mary Ogle - thanks Mary!

Check it out! VP Joe Biden was in town today for a meeting at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and when he went to lunch at a local BBQ joint he met my grandson. Ash was with Miss Teri, his daycare Mom, and some of his daycare friends.

Love, M

And here are a couple of other great pics Mary recently sent of her beautiful grandchildren Ash and Barrett.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Emergency Loop

Hi Loopsters...

There has been a lot going on in Loopland and I am not certain just when I will be able to get another regular "Loop" out...Therefore, we wanted to be sure and let you know about a couple of important things.

We are very saddened to tell you that Pete Graziano '64 and his wife Laney lost their 40 year old son, David last week. It was very sudden and the cause of death has not been determined.

There will be a Memorial Service for David at the Spirit Works Church located at 260 N. Pass Ave. this coming Saturday, May 30th at 5PM. If you need to call the church the number is 818 848-4158

Our love and prayers certainly go out to the entire Graziano Family...

Also, we received an email from our classmate Gerry Altman '64 today telling us of the passing of our classmate and Gerry's dear friend, Steve Poggione '64...Here is Gerry's letter...

Pam and Jon, It is with deep regret and sadness that I must tell you that our classmate, Steve Poggione, passed away on Memorial Day. He lost his long battle with cancer. Danny Omer called me late yesterday to convey this news. It is ironic that he passed on Memorial Day, as he was a Viet Nam Vet. He would call me at least once a year around this holiday. He served his country bravely in Viet Nam , but had a difficult time adjusting when he returned. He sought help from the VA to receive benefits he so richly deserved, but had to fight them every step of the way. He finally got help after three years of various appeals. I loved Steve like a brother. He was a loyal friend who was a big part of my life. Although I rarely saw him the past few years, I always could call him and we would rarely skip a beat. He is now at peace. May his memory live in our hearts forever. Gerry Altman

We are not aware of any family or relatives of Steve's where condolences could be sent. However, Gerry Altman '64 and Dan Omer '64 were very close to Steve and I am sure would enjoy hearing from any of you who were Steve's friends...

On a happier note, please remember the 9th Annual BHS/JBHS Picnic that will be coming up on June 20th...

The Picnic Committee (of which we are members) could really use some donations for door prizes. Anyone who has a business who would like to donate an item or gift certificate can mail them to:
Pam Kirkwood
2112 W. Oak St.
Burbank, CA 91506

If you live in the area and have a donation that needs to be picked up, email me at

We have a tax I.D. number that we will be happy to give you so that you can write your donation off.

We hope next time we meet on the "Loop" that we have much happier news...

Stay Tuned...

Love, Pam and Jon

Ewe's Not Fat, Ewe's Just Fluffy!

Just received an email from Mary Flavin Durrer who changed her mind and is now coming to our June 21 class luncheon!

Here is my reply back to her:

OH GREAT to hear Mary, that you are coming to BOTH the Saturday picnic and the Sunday lunch!! I will be at both as well and am looking forward to laughing with ya'll! Yes, fun times on the horizon.

Today while talking to my daughter on the phone, I mentioned that I'm walking and riding my bike but not loosing weight. When I mentioned that I use whipping cream in my coffee, she said, "Well, mom, that could be your problem. You should only use whipping cream for special occasions!" So, after we hung up, I thought to myself, ok, I'll use it only for special occasions: twice a day with my coffee I shall celebrate that I'm 60 years old.

Yesterday, a friend took me out to lunch and when she said she was a senior to get the discount, I asked how old's a senior. Sixty. Oh finally, something good about being sixty! So I loudly exclaimed to all nearby, "HEY, I'M SIXTY. Do you want to see my driver's license??" No, they didn't. I was insulted they didn't card me but am thankful for the $1.50 savings... I guess. Why am I suddenly depressed? Oh never mind. Where's that dark chocolate candy kisses I brought to work...??

And as one lamb said to the other: I'm not fat, I'm just FLUFFY! (or Ewe's Not Fat, Ewe's Just Fluffy!)

See you June!!

Hugs & tears... I mean hugs and cheers!

Fluffy Cathy

Memorial Day in and around Burbank

In solemn remembrance

Memorial Day events honor those who have fought for the United States of America.

By Christopher Cadelago
Burbank Leader
Published: Last Updated Monday, May 25, 2009 11:56 PM PDT

BURBANK — For hundreds of local residents who turned out to Memorial Day ceremonies across Glendale, Burbank and La Cañada Flintridge, the hours of tribute — complete with bagpipes, benedictions, names of fallen service members, patriotic hymns and roses — serve as an annual exercise in remembrance.

But for Liam McKenna, a second-grader at St. Finbar School, such an exercise takes place weekly.

“Every Sunday, I take a marble from the ‘Iraq’ circle and put it in the ‘home’ pile,” said Liam, dressed from head to toe in Army fatigues and wearing his dad’s rank, Sgt. 1st Class. “I wear the uniform because it reminds me of my dad in Iraq. There’s 11 marbles left, 11 weeks left.”

McKenna joined hundreds of Burbank residents, soldiers and government officials at the city’s official ceremony where members of the Veterans Commemorative Committee read the names of nearly 300 local troops who died serving in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq while Boy Scouts placed roses atop the memorials.

A musical prelude gave way to a flyover by the Condor Squadron. In Glendale, Vietnam veteran Steve Malmberg browsed the Glendale Veterans Memorial, dedicated in 1997. Master of Ceremonies Larry Zarian welcomed the somber crowd to the corner of Isabel Street and East Broadway with opening remarks oozing with patriotism.

“It makes me proud to not only be an American,” he said. “It makes me proud to be a citizen of Glendale.”

Mayor Frank Quintero followed the color guard, flag salute and prisoner of war-missing in action memorial, presented by retired Lt. Col. Dave Worley, of the U.S. Air Force, with a reminder to employers, particularly in this dire economy, to hire veterans.

“All over Memorial Day is about more than just hot dogs and having a great time,” he said. “Let’s continue to work with the veterans, and let’s keep the returning veterans in mind.”

The morning of reminiscence was also an opportunity to remember those who never returned from World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. To date, more than 4,900 U.S. troops have died while serving in the two countries, 537 of them from California, according to records kept by the Los Angeles Times.

The mounting casualties have caused Lt. Col. Raffi Najarian, a Glendale resident and dental officer in the California Air National Guard, to every day gaze in the mirror at 6:30 a.m. and ask himself the same question.

“Why did I come home?” said Najarian, who in 2003 was named California National Guard Medical Officer of the Year and in 2004 was named California Air National Guard Field Grade Officer of the Year. “Why isn’t my name on that wall? Why is this name on the wall?”

At times, the guilt nearly overcomes him, Najarian said, until he remembers all of those parents, spouses, children and friends who have lost loved ones in battle.

“Their loss will not be in vain,” he said. “Their dedication will not be for naught.”

The Crescenta Valley High School Charismatics struck up its rendition of “America the Beautiful” before members of the high school’s Air Force Jr. ROTC program took part in the laying of the roses.

Residents in La Cañada Flintridge capped off a weekend of ceremonies, including a tribute at nearby Vietnam War Memorial in the Montrose Shopping Center, with the 34th Annual Fiesta Days Run. The event has become a prelude to tributes in downtown Glendale and at Forest Lawn-Glendale, where the 94th annual Memorial Day March began at the Little Church of the Flowers and proceeded to the burial site of a soldier who served in the Civil War.

The Burbank event was highlighted by a tribute to Cpl. Larry L. Maxam, of the U.S. Marine Corps, a recipient of the Medal of Honor who died fighting in Vietnam. The City Council last week approved plans to rename Pacific Park after Larry L. Maxam in the fall.

Rep. Adam Schiff discussed legislation he introduced this year paying tribute to the Japanese American 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team for their service in World War II by awarding them the Congressional Gold Medal, and Assemblyman Paul Krekorian implored those in attendance to harness the can-do spirit of troops to move the country forward.

Mayor Gary Bric spoke briefly about his brother, William H. Bric III, a Green Beret who died in 1968 in Vietnam. Bric held up a book about the war, saying he never had a chance to read it.

“I had a chance,” he said. “I just can’t do it.”

--- end ---

Also be sure to check out James McGillis BHS '66 who has a nice article about Larry Maxam on his website here.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Reminder

Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May and was formerly known as Decoration Day. It commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service.

May 25, 2009, 11:00 am at McCambridge Park in Burbank there will be a dedication and the renaming of Pacific Park for former BHS student and Medal of Honor Recipient, Larry Maxam. Please come if you can.

Read more about Larry Maxam here and here.

Thanks Cathy Nicholls Coyle for reminding me to post this reminder!

Hi CP: Thought this print was appropriate for Memorial Day. Tomorrow we should all devote a few moments of silence and give thanks to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Victory Drive in - Email from Henny Porter Golnick

Back in '58, my sister Susie who was a senior, saw the movie 'South Pacific' and then she bought the album. She must have gone to the Victory Drive-in to see it!

Hi CP:
Henny sent me this nostalgic email. I'm sure many of us remember going to this Drive-in....
Cathy Nicholls Coyle

Brings back old memories....

And look what's playing.....

First shown in 1958!

Found this on youtube... watch Mitzi Gaynor sing 'A Wonderful Guy'


UPDATE - thanks Cathy!
CP: South Pacific was also playing at The Loma Theater on San Fernando Road. That's where I remember first seeing it. I must have been 8 or 9 years old when it came out. Your sister, Susie, may have seen it there or maybe at one of the Glendale theaters.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Burbank Military Academy

Wes Clark posted the following at his Burbank 'what's new' site (link):

5/22/09 - Thanks to reader Lyla El-Safy I can post some images from the now defunct Burbank Military Academy's 1936 editon of "the Buzzer," their yearbook. Image one, Image two, Image three, Image four, Image five and Image six. Lyla writes, "There were photos of the dorm rooms, boys doing their activities, etc. I did notice a mention that the Academy was started in 1932. I would guess it was started by Mrs. L.G. DeMonbrun, the Manager-Owner, who is shown after the title page in a photo with Dedication." Does anyone have any more information about the BMA - where it was located, when it closed, etc.? (May 26, 2009 update here)

Then Pam Kirkwood forwarded this email from Wes:

Maybe you all received this from Wes Clark...I have never heard of the Burbank Military Academy, have you? I will have to ask my Dad...Check this out...Pam

Pam - Something of historical interest for the Loop… I posted some images from a 1936 Yearbook of the now-defunct Burbank Military Academy. (See 5/22 entry at I didn’t even know we had a military academy in Burbank! Does anyone have any details? Where it was located, when it closed, etc.? If so, please drop me a line at – thanks! - Wes Clark, BHS

Then Herb Vincent wrote:

The Burbank Military Academy is located one door west of Rosita Ave. on about Myers or Lincoln. Ray Brown '47 pointed it out to me one time. It has a "BMA" sign over the door.
Hope this helps

Pam added:

I will have to take a ride up that way and see if I can find what he is talking about. I can't imagine that the school still exists...There is no mention of it on the internet when I Google it.

Then I looked around online and found the following recent photos of the BMA (link) which are now apartments.


Leila Hamner Wasson, BHS '70 (1952-2008)

Alan Landros wrote the following memorial for his friend and classmate who was a BHS grad class '70. It has been several months since her passing but we pray for her family who greatly misses her.

BHS class of '70 - passing of Leila Hamner Wasson

I just learned yesterday that Leila Hamner passed away last October. Brad Wilhelm stays in touch with Leila's cousin, Gary Hamner, also from our 1970 class. Gary had told Brad about Leila's death, and Brad asked me if I knew, which I did not. Leila and I started out together in kindergarten at Thomas Jefferson, and also were in the same class in 4th grade and 6th grade at Jefferson, and then of course through John Muir and BHS with all of us.

Leila Hamner Wasson was born May 2, 1952 at St. Joseph in Burbank. After graduating from BHS with us in 1970 she attended and graduated from the L.A. County/USC School of Nursing as an R.N. She worked in nursing for L.A. County for over 25 years, last working for a number of years at Olive View Medical Center/UCLA in Sylmar in administration as the Nursing Manager. She and her husband and daughter had lived in Granada Hills since 1987.

Leila was diagnosed with Hepatitis a number of years ago, possibly due to her nursing career, and seven years before her death had a liver transplant. Unfortunately that liver was failing in the last couple of years, and she needed a second liver transplant. She had been in the hospital for about three weeks waiting for another transplant when she passed away before she was able to get another liver.

Leila passed away on October 10, 2008 at UCLA Medical Center in Westwood at age 56. A memorial was held on Sunday, October 26 at the Odyssey in Granada Hills. (Leila's cousin, Gary, and his dad, Ed Hamner, BHS '49, came from northern California for Leila's memorial. Just two weeks later on November 9 Ed Hamner passed away unexpectedly at age 77.)

Leila Hamner Wasson is survived by her husband, Jerry Wasson, (who is our age and graduated from John Burroughs in Burbank); her 21 year old daughter, Amanda; her mother, Virginia Hamner of Burbank; her sister, Camille Hamner Earhart (five years younger than us), who lived two doors away from Leila in Granada Hills; and her brother, Dyson Hamner (ten years younger than us), of San Diego. (Leila's father, Dyson Y. Hamner, BHS '43, passed away in 2006.)

Since Leila was at UCLA for about three weeks before she passed away on October 10, it turns out she was there at the same time Blyden and I had our kidney transplant surgery at UCLA on September 24. I was there for nine days after the transplant, and was discharged on October 2, just a week before Leila passed away. Sad coincidence.

Leila's former husband, Don Burnside, BHS '65, also died young. He passed away from brain cancer just before his 37th birthday in 1984. Exactly three years later his dad, Allan Burnside, also died from brain cancer in 1987 at age 68, almost 69. (For those of you who attended Luther Burbank, Allan Burnside was our Principal at John Muir.)

Alan Landros

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Staying in touch via blog

Thanks for the great update, Madelaine - looking forward to seeing you in June!

And does anyone know where Kelly Hughes lives?


My sister, Barbara, left me a message that there was a picture of Dave Dupree, George Key, Markham & Kelly Hughes on your blog. Not knowing the vintage, I wondered what it would be. As I had recalled from earlier blogs that George and Dave passed away and that Kenny still lives in Oregon. So I was wondering if anyone knows where Kelly Hughes is residing. Coincidentally, I saw someone today, who looked like what Kelly might look like today. So that reminded to look at the blog and ask.

I was at the American Legion helping decorate a wreath with poppies that will be used for their Memorial Day Celebration here in Newport Beach. I recently joined the Auxiliary. Now, I never imagined that I would do that, but hey, we all change. I was prompted by my cousin, who I recently reconnected with after about 30 or 40 years. That relationship disconnect was a casualty of divorce. Anyway, he and his wife come down to the Legion here in Newport and had invited me to join them for dinner and dancing one night and I found out that this is not my father's Legion. The post here has a waterfront location, dinner and dancing every Friday night, many fun activities, and a wonderful group of dedicated people. So I joined. So this Memorial Day I will be at the service at the local cemetery and tomorrow night I'll be going to the VA hospital to participate in Bingo Night. I've always been a sucker for a good time and men in uniform.

In keeping with the Memorial Day theme, I went to the memorial site you have on the blog. At first I was going to count the classmates who died in combat. Then I was struck by the many classmates who have passed so early in their lives. And I felt sad that there were so many classmates that I did not know nor will have that second chance to get to know.

Well, enough rambling from me. I thought Dave Le Sueur's piece was very cute and haven't seen Leigh Rugee since shortly after High School.

Cathy, you are doing a great job pulling us all back to a center. Take care and see you in June.

Madelaine Zelenay Whiteman

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jersey Mike's Sub Deal May 20th

Hey CP:
Maybe you might like to post this Jersey Mike's coupon on your blog so people can take advantage of it tomorrow, May 20th. They are good subs, at a good price!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Leigh Rugee Crossen

Great to hear from you, Leigh - see you in June!

Hi Cathy,

My husband Chuck and I had dinner with Dona and Scott Bruckner Saturday night and Dona gave me your blog link. It's a great site, I'm glad you doing it.

My husband and I met while we both worked for the Studios. We married nine years ago.
Two years ago we bought a townhome in Carlsbad and are now loving life at the beach.

We plan to see my dad in Simi Valley on Father's Day and would also like to come to the event. It's always fun to see the old gang.

Dona may have a line on Kyle McDowell, I hope she's able to make contact. I would love to see Kyle again.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Class of '66 Update

Linda Schuster Mazur (email) sends out updates to the '66 alumni and below are a few items starting with these classic pics from Ken Markham!

Ken wrote, "Here's a picture taken in 1964 of Dave Dupree, George Key, my neighbor and oldest friend, Kelly Hughes, and myself. Heading out to go surfing in my 49 Chevy. 45 years later and I've never owned another Chevy, lots of Fords. Second picture is for the car buffs, Me, at eighteen with my 55 Ford."

l-r: Dave Durpee, George Key, Ken Markham & Kelly Hughes

Regarding Larry Maxim '66

From Jim McGillis: "I am glad that I read down to the part about Larry Maxam. Since seeing it, I made a personal commitment to attend the dedication ceremony on Memorial Day. I did know Larry Maxam and he was a wonderful person. When I wrote "WindSong" (my life story), I included a passage regarding Larry. Attached is a revised version of that story: For those who do not remember Larry, this may stir their own memories or perhaps strike a chord in their hearts. Please feel free to share my text with the entire class. Larry deserves our recognition." (Editor's note: After reading it, click on "Comments" below it, to read what others have shared about Larry.)

From Deanne Adams: "I knew Larry Maxam very well. In fact, he took it upon himself to be sure I was safe. He went to the same church as I did and whenever we had a dance, he was close by to be sure the young men treated me kindly. He was always kind to me and made me feel very special. I felt badly that I wasn't more attentive to him, as a friend. He was just a good guy. When I read about his heroic deeds during the VietNam war, I was so proud of him. He had a big heart and cared deeply about other people. I wish I could be there for the dedication of the park. Who knows? I still might come down, but I'll have to see what is happening at that time. Thank you for the update on classmates. We haven't escaped the trials of life, have we?"

From Eddie Morton: "Thanks for the update. I knew Larry had been killed in action because I had read about it in the Burbank Review back in '68. It was around Tet of '68. About 10 years ago, I was in D.C. and read in something at the Library of Congress that he had been killed at "Monkey Mountain" a little west of Da Nang. I spent time in both places. I'm glad he's getting the recognition he deserves."

NOTE: This Memorial day, Monday, May 25, there will be a dedication for the new "Larry Maxam Park" (formerly Pacific Park) at Burbank's Annual Memorial Day Ceremony at McCambridge Park at 11 am (link).

And finally, we are sad to read that Allen Kuszewski passed away on March 23, 2009, from cardiopulmonary arrest and renal insufficiency. We pray for his family...

Click Here to the BHS Class '66 blog. Thanks Linda!

I'll Never Forget What's-His-Name

Another great column... so Dave, were you this funny in HS? LOL!

I'll Never Forget What's-His-Name
Contributed by: David LeSueur on 5/15/2009

It happened gradually, but I realized the other day that I can hardly ever remember any names.

I used to think I could think of names better than my wife, Mary. She often would get our kids' names mixed up. We have two daughters and she sometimes would call Amanda "Stephanie" and vice-versa. She had a bigger problem with our two boys. She sometimes would run through the names of all of the men in her life, finally stopping when she reached the right name ("Doug-Bobby-Brian-David-John-Carl come here!"). Our sons would get offended when she included the names of our dogs in the list (in her defense, they all were male dogs).

But now we both struggle with our memories. When we are talking to each other it doesn't really matter. We can talk for hours without saying the name of any person or place. But we have been married for long enough that forgetting names doesn't matter - we know exactly what the other person is talking about. Here's an example:

Mary: Remember the movie we saw on our first date? It is on TV tonight. What was the name of it again?

Me: Sure, it was . . . well it had that dopey saying about love.

Mary: Right and that actor playing the lead - what was his name?

Me: I know who you mean. Later he made a comedy with that singer with the big nose.

Mary: Yeah, she had a great voice. She made some good romantic movies too. Do you remember the one we saw that night it was raining so hard?

Me: Sure. How could I forget? Let's see, the name of the movie was the same as the title song. "Memories, da-da-duh-da-da-da-da."

Mary: And I love the actor in that movie. Remember when we used to see him at the 4 th of July Parade in Provo?

Me: I really liked the movie he made where he scammed some bad guy betting on horses. It popularized Ragtime music by Scott Somebody.

Mary: Yep. "Da-da-da-duh-da-duh-da-duh"

Those of you of a certain age might recognize that our conversation was about the movie "Love Story", the phrase "Love means never having to say you're sorry", Ryan O'Neal, Barbra Streisand, "What's Up Doc", "The Way We Were", Robert Redford, Scott Joplin, "The Sting" and "The Entertainer." But the rest of you would get lost trying to have that conversation with us. That causes us some social heartburn.

Recently I read an article about how we all have troubles with our memory as we grow older. Scientists think we can postpone some of the effects of aging by exercising our brains. It suggested that doing puzzles and playing board games can keep us sharp. Just like our muscles, our brain is stronger when it is exercised.

Last night I had what I thought was a perfect opportunity to help Mary exercise her brain. We were with some friends and Mary was telling a story. In the middle she couldn't think of someone's name and she looked at me for help. I started to tell her the name but I stopped myself. The selfish thing to do would be to tell her the name. The unselfish thing would be to give her the opportunity to think a little harder and come up with the name herself. Brain exercise. So I looked at her and said, "I know who you are thinking of, but I think it would be good for you to think of it yourself. So just think real hard for a minute - I'm sure it will come to you."

Perhaps she doubted my motives. Or maybe she had mistaken the smile on my face for a smirk. Whatever the reason, she was not happy with me. Later that night when we had come home, I tried to reconcile with her.

I reminded her that love means never having to say you're sorry.

She reminded me that love means sometimes having to sleep on the sofa.

David LeSueur lives in Littleton, Colorado with his wife, What's-Her-Name.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Art Linkletter Tribute


Remember Art Linkletter? He was born July 17, 1912 and today is a 96 years old! Art was host of two of the longest-running shows in US broadcast history: House Party, which ran on CBS radio and television for 25 years, and People Are Funny, on NBC radio-TV for 19 years. Linkletter was famous for interviewing children on House Party and Kids Say the Darndest Things.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Car Show Signups!

Time again to start taking sign-ups for the 9th Annual All Class Reunion Picnic and Car Show. It is happening on Saturday, June 20th at Johnny Carson Park on Bob Hope Drive, between Alameda and Riverside Dr. Just enter off of Bob Hope Drive and register with Karl and park in shade. Always be careful of others walking and drive slow.

The picnic is between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. We need cars to arrive by 10:45 a.m. to get them registered and parked. The registration cost is $20 per car. We need to have all send me the year and make of car, class it is to be put in if you have it, name of owner or owners, (need to be a graduate of Burbank or Burroughs High).

Please state which school and year graduated. We need to have all cars put in a class before coming to the show. We fill out the windshield cards ahead so as to save time. Trophies for the 7 classes will be given out about 3 p.m.

The classes for the 7 trophies are: Modified pre-war, modified post-war, stock, sports/open, ladies choice, drivers pick, and best of show. The classification of hot rod would fall under modified pre-war.

Please pass the word around so other classmates will know about this.

Please e-mail your info to me or phone me at 818-841-0387.

Denny Grossman
Car Show volunteer.

Registered Entries

1. Karl and Marianne Grossman - Burroughs 57, Burbank 63
71 El Camino
Modified post war

2. Lou & Judy Bartoletti - Burbank 58
57 Chevy Belair Hardtop
Modified post war

3. Bill Hormuth - Burroughs 63
65 T-Bird

4. Gerald Gaughen - Burroughs 55
55 DeSoto

5. Darrell & Nancy Golnick - Burbank 60
55 Chevy Belair
Modified post war

6. Bud and Joyce Nelson - Burbank 60, Burroughs 60
32 Ford Roadster
Modified pre-war

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Do Re Mi!

More than 200 dancers were performing their version of "Do Re Mi", in the Central Station of Antwerp. with just 2 rehearsals they created this amazing stunt! Those 4 fantastic minutes started the 23 of march 2009, 08:00 AM. It is a promotion stunt for a Belgian television program, where they are looking for someone to play the leading role, in the musical of "The Sound of Music".


Class '67 Party June 21 - Who's Coming?

So here's the RSVP list thus far (updated daily):

Alan Singer
Cathy (Nicholls) Coyle and John Coyle
Cathy Overman
Cathy Palmer
Deanna Lloyd Jennings
Diana Ziegler Larsen
Don Ray
Dona (Foy) and Scott Bruckner
Jay (Chris) Peterson
Jeanne Barron Aikman
Jim Grasse
John Johnson
Leigh Rugee Crossen
Linda Peterson Everett
Marilyn Miller
Marilyn (Williams) Peterson and Jon Peterson
Mary Flavin Durrer
Neal Hershenson ("positive-leaning tentative attendee")
Richard Pearson

Kathy Treloar Buzan
Ken Peterson
Kees De Vries
Madelaine Zelaney Whiteman
Ron Wysocky

Alex and Carol Hordzwick Nagy
Andrea Moxness
Barbara Hovore Beedan
Carol Nicholls Lebrecht
Christa Van de Wall
Christi (Clark) Hays
Christine Hesketh Butenschoen
Connie (Cirinelli) Edwards
Craig Maples
Dave and Dawn (Moselle) Hourigan (on a cruise to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary!)
Dean Hutton
Denny Lombard (will be at Saturday alumni picnic)
Donna Luce Neitman
Duane Thaxton
Flora Angel Ferrens
Jim O'Dea
Joan (Nobile) and Fred Ortega
Joelle Elaine Morton
Kent Barcus
Linda Mustion (will be at Saturday alumni picnic)
Luana Scott
Marion Kehl Grant
Mary Ogle
Michael Torres
Pam Hawkins Swan
Pat Ellis MacDonald
Patty Hardinghaus Klascius
Raymond Lackey
Rebecca Sorenson
Rebecca (Storey) Ingel
Rita Wayman Foster
Robert Bingham (will be coming to Bob's Friday night)
Sandy Ballard Spero
Shari Deuel Nicholls
Tom Hurd
Vicki Peters Stigile (will be at Saturday alumni picnic)

Did I miss anyone??

When: Sunday, June 21, 2009 (pls note, it's also Father's Day)
Time: 11-11:30am until ??
Menu: Salads, Bar-B-Q Hot Dogs, Dips, etc
Where: Home of Linda Peterson Everett
Address: 963 Ranch House Road, Westlake Village, CA 91361 (map)
Cost: Not much (about $5)
Dress: Totally Casual

Email Linda or Cathy


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Remember Dick and Jane?

Dick and Jane were the main characters in popular basal readers written by William S. Gray and published by Scott Foresman, that were used to teach children to read from the 1930s through to the 1970s in the United States.

The first Dick and Jane stories appeared in a 1930 primer series, the Elson-Gray Readers.

The books are warmly illustrated and often slyly funny but difficult to read aloud. One story, titled Look Up, begins:

Dick said, "Look, look.

Look up.

Look up, up, up."

For the next 40 years, more than 60 million students encountered the rosy-cheeked duo, their mom and dad, little sister Sally, dog Spot and cat Puff.

By the 1950s, an estimated 80% of first-graders were using Dick and Jane.

2004 Article: See 'Dick and Jane' — again

Video Clip of Burbank on Parade

For those of us who weren't there, here's a quick glimpse at the Alumni Drill Team marching in the Burbank on Parade last month - nice job, girls!


See a few other parade clips here.


1949 Parade

To celebrate the conclusion of World War II in 1945, the Burbank Junior Chamber of Commerce organized a city parade in association with their May Festival. The festival was a big affair, lasting a week and including a pageant, dances, baking contests, and a carnival. The extravaganza was so successful it became an annual tradition that continued for 12 years.

In 1981, a handful of Burbank citizens recalling great memories of the May Festival and its parade, decided they wanted to revive this grand event. A week long festival would be a huge undertaking, so they narrowed their focus on a city parade. One year later, with the help of many volunteers and aid from numerous organizations, Burbank on Parade, Inc. produced an event to remember, and the spectators came out in droves, comprised of Burbank's residents, as well as locals from nearby cities.

The inaugural revival of this event succeeded in once again, bringing together the community, and the residents, businesses and organizations that exist within it. The original founders of the revival succeeded in reestablishing a tradition that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and the parade organizers take great pleasure in once again inviting you to join in the celebration.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Sara Lee (Marino) Bacaria

Last night, I scanned & posted some photos from the past and came upon one of Sara and I at the 25th reunion (below), so today I gave her a call and we had a great little chat!

Sara is married, lives in Burbank and has 2 grown sons. Carol, her sister, lives in Huntington Beach. We were best friends at Miller and have tons of fun memories, so it was great to reconnect! I still remember her mother's wonderful Italian cooking - yummmy!

25th BHS Class of '67 Reunion at the Burbank Airport Hilton (1992)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Break in Las Vegas by Dave LeSueur

Spring Break in Las Vegas
Contributed by: David LeSueur on 5/2/2009

You may have missed this in the news but it turns out that the Bush Administration was lying to us about the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. They are not terrorists at all - they are just ordinary American citizens being detained because they attended Time Share Vacation presentations and refused to buy.

OK, I made that up but all of you who have been to these vacation package sales meetings know what I am talking about. Time Shares are a good buy for some people, but it is too bad that the process is so painful.

I have never been interested in buying a Time Share so I have always said no when presented with an opportunity to learn about them. But this winter my wife, Mary, and I were sitting in front a fire lamenting the fact that it could be cold for another two months and we thought about how nice it would be to go to a warm location during Spring Break. As if on cue, I received a call from Hiltons Grand Vacations offering us two nights in Las Vegas for just $99. Las Vegas is not Cancun, but I liked that it is close and I have cousins who live there. Best of all, we could go see Donny and Marie! The only catch was that we had to attend a two-hour "educational presentation" on Hilton Time Shares. The caller assured me that there was no obligation, nor would there be any high-pressure tactics (yeah, right). When I questioned her further, she said that Hilton had recently revised its sales tactics to comply with the Geneva Conventions.

So I said yes.

Since I had no intention of buying anything, I wasn't looking forward to the sales part of our trip. It would be like negotiating to buy a car just for fun or something. Or maybe a better analogy is that it was going to be like experiencing the pain of childbirth without getting a baby for your effort. The Educational Presentation Hall was beautiful. The wall behind the Welcome Desk was full of celebrity photos, and I am sure they wanted us to think that these famous people had already bought something here. I noticed a photo of Kiefer Sutherland and I am sure he was there to pick up some torturing tips for the character he plays on 24, Jack Bauer.

The sales approach is fairly obvious. First they establish that indeed you do like going to exotic resorts and would go there all of the time if it were free. Then they offer you something that is impossibly expensive ("Would you like to purchase this hotel?") When you turn that down they continue offering smaller and smaller packages until they find one that you will agree to. If you still say no, they send in the Sales Manager. Then they have the Hotel Manager talk to you. In my case, when I had said no to the first three guys, they sent a burly guy with a baseball bat to reason with me.

I realized that they weren't going to let us go until we bought something, so I made an offer to buy the toaster in our hotel room. Big-burly-guy-with-the-bat made me a counter-offer and I accepted.

Once they had closed the deal on the toaster, they thanked us for coming and gave us a voucher for $70 to use in their casino. We haven't been to Las Vegas in a long time, so we were a little nervous about gambling. I didn't want to appear stupid playing one of their games. After all, I sometimes stay up until 2 in the morning watching "Texas Hold-Em" on ESPN2 and I still have no idea what the rules are. So we decided to play the slots. You don't have to know anything except how to push a button.

Mary is the risk-taker in our family so we decided she would do the gambling. It took five minutes to figure out which buttons to push, but once she got started Mary was a very good gambler. She won $230 in 15 minutes. "Let's quit while we're ahead." I said. "That's almost enough to pay for the toaster!"

David and Mary LeSueur live in Littleton, Colorado, where it was 75 degrees when we left for Spring Break. It was 57 degrees in Las Vegas.