Saturday, March 6, 2010

1966 Party Pics from Teri (Hill) Clark

Teri (BHS '68), wife of Jerry Clark (BHS '67) posted some great pics on Facebook, so I asked if I could put them here as well for ya'll to enjoy and here's her reply - lol!!

Always, yes! This was June 1966 ... I had an end of the year party for the sole purpose of luring in Jerry :-) it took him TWO months to call me!!!! What a mix ... Drama kids and football players :-)

My mom, who is 6', was a bit taken back when the "Fearsome Foursome" (Rick, Mike, Bob, & Jerry) showed up ... she wasn't used to football players!!

The FB guys loved the food and the pool, but they split pretty fast for the beach when the guitars and sing-a-long started :-)

Bob Northrup, Beverly Arndt, Tom Haines, Teri McComas Mrasak, Roger Briggs, Vern Olsen and Sherri Giessinger

JD Clark, Jerry Clark, Bob Dieudonne, Teri Clark, Bob Northrup, Beverly Arndt, Teri McComas Mrasak, Mary Jo ? and Tom Haines

Vern Olsen and Sherri Giessinger... my mom's cigarettes - honest!

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