Friday, March 26, 2010

Deanna Lloyd Jenning's Son to be on Oprah!

This is VERY exciting and proud mama, Deanna, emailed me the details today - thanks so much Deanna and BIG CONGRATS to you & the Choir, Brendan!!


This is an email I sent last night to some family and friends about my son, Brendan's choir. He's the director/teacher. Andrea Moxness said I should send it to you. We are very proud and excited as you can imagine.
Deanna Lloyd Jennings

Dear Family and Friends,

We have some exciting news to share. Brendan's choir, "Powerhouse" from John Burroughs High School has been selected to sing on the Oprah Show on Wednesday, April 7. Three members of the cast of the TV show "Glee" helped surprise his students this morning during class to tell them for the first time, while being filmed by a crew from the Oprah show. They wanted to see the kids very excited reaction!!! Brendan said the kids went nuts!!!

They will fly to Chicago on Thursday, April 1 and will stay as guests of the show at the Omni Hotel. They tape on Saturday and then fly back home in time for Easter. The show airs the following Wednesday. The show is really focusing on showchoir as shown on "Glee". Therefore his choir will mostly likely be on for a very short time.
FYI... "Glee" filmed part of the pilot in Brendan's choir room and around the Burroughs campus. Then when the show was picked up, they recreated his classroom and other places around school on their stage. The portion of the set they want them to sing is from last years' set. So now they have to get costumes back from the kids who graduated, because the Oprah people only want current high schoolers. And they need to teach the new students the music and choreography. And hopefully they will fit into the former students costumes! A lot to do in a short time! Lots of excitement!!!

I thought you might find this interesting. Thanks for letting a proud Mom brag a little.

My love to you all,


Below is one of many video clips on youtube of Brendan's FAB Choir!


Here's a bit of Deanna's followup email:

...if anyone wants to see his choir they can go on YouTube and put in John Burroughs High School and several different segments of past show choir sets are there to see. The one they are doing on Oprah was inspired by Madonna's MTV video awards show when she sang "Vogue" while dressed in 18th Century costume.

I'll see what I can do about the photo. Maybe he can help me send it this week-end. No promises.

See you on the 10th at the DeBell restaurant. Linda Peterson Everett and JoAnne Yoffee Furer are coming with me.



Diane McCall Ward & Deanna going down memory lane at our class party at Linda Peterson Everett's home.

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