Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Note from Connie Cirinelli

Connie, it was so fun hanging out with you and your husband, Don, all weekend and I enjoyed meeting your handsome grandson, Jimmy, at the picnic too - pls stay in touch!


Thanks for all the special work you put into the reunion. The blog is so much fun and you have given the event so much more meaning. Seeing all our old friends was great and so much fun.

And not forgetting our friends that have passed means so much. I had no clue that Sue Moos had passed. I talked to her several years ago and she was so down now I know why I've not heard from her again. We take time and life for granted. Special times like this makes us realize how important time and life really are.

Thanks so much for all your caring and love that you put into this special day of our lives.

Your friend Connie

Read more about Connie here.

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