Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BHS Alumni Baseball 2010

And speaking of Baseball, here are a FEW of a ton of pics from Facebook. The only person I recognized was Jim Grasse (BHS '67)!

Please email me names & grad yrs if you know - thx.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game... with Dave LeSueur

Another great column by our BHS '67 classmate. Thanks Dave!

Opening Day 2010
by David LeSueur

3/28/2010 11:02:48 PM

On April 9, my son Carl and my son-in-law Branden are flying to Denver from New York City. My other son John is flying here from Salt Lake City. The occasion? Opening Day at Coors Field. That was their gift to me for Christmas and I am very excited about it. I mentioned the game to my physical therapist last week and her only comment was "I think baseball is boring." I felt a little insulted because I love baseball and going to baseball games is a family tradition. Even my wife, who doesn't really like sports, loves going to baseball games.

When my kids were small, we attended games at Dodger Stadium. For my kids, Dodger Stadium was not the venue where the Dodgers played baseball, it was the place where they could buy all of the junk food they wanted. We used to always fight about when to go to the snack stands to buy treats but I eventually got wise and worked out a deal with the kids. We bought hot dogs before the game, had cotton candy in the 3rd inning and chocolate milkshakes in the 7th. (Not coincidentally, the 3rd and 7th innings were the ones when Jerry Doggett took over the play-by-play from Vin Scully. Someone in the stadium always had the radio tuned to 640 KFI so you could hear Vinnie calling the game on the radio. I didn't mind missing Jerry Doggett as much.) After making this bargain, the kids even watched the game, though it was mostly to make sure I noticed when the 3rd and 7th innings arrived.

I wanted to defend baseball to this woman who thinks it is boring. I thought about saying that life imitates the World Series or that baseball is as American as Mom, apple pie and Chevrolet. I decided to be honest: "Yes, baseball is boring.But so am I!"

I admit I am boring but most people like me anyway once they get to know me.Baseball is the same way.Most people will like it if they just give the game a chance. (Maybe Major League Baseball should adopt the marketing slogan "Come to a baseball game! It's almost as boring as you are!")

Baseball is not life, but it is like me in many ways. For example, now that I am retired, I spend most of the day in my pajamas. When I do get dressed, I put on comfortable clothes that just LOOK like pajamas. In baseball, the managers spend most of the day at home or at the hotel in their pajamas. Then they come to the stadium and put on their baseball uniforms which just LOOK like pajamas.

I keep a To Do list on my computer.The upside is that It helps me to remember what I need to do. The downside is that it reminds me of all the things I never did. Last year I accomplished 57 tasks out of 180 I wrote on my list. That is only about 1/3 but in talking to other men, that is a pretty good average. In baseball, hitters fail in most of their at bats too. An average of .333 is considered very good.

I am a creature of habit. If we go to McDonald's I get the Chicken Nuggets. At Texas Roadhouse I buy the ribs. At California Pizza Chicken I order the Barbecued Chicken Salad. Baseball is also full of traditions. Every game begins with the "Star Spangled Banner", everyone sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" before the bottom of the 7th, and the Cubs win the World Series once each century.

Even if you are an interesting person, I think you will like baseball almost as much as we boring people do. So if you are at Coors Field on opening day, please stop by to say hi to me. I am sitting on the 1st base side of the bottom level. I'll be the boring guy sitting next to his sons and son-in-law. If you come by during the 3rd inning we'll be the grown men eating cotton candy.

David LeSueur lives in Littleton, Colorado, with his interesting wife, Mary.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Update from Scott Bruckner (BHS '66)

Thanks Scott for keeping us in the loop... love your art work!

Hi there,
I thought I would share this afternoon’s event with you. I was contacted by the City Arts and Events Supervisor who has been the champion of this public art piece that is on my website. He called me Friday and asked if I could bring the piece down again for the County to look at it. As it turns out, the concrete side of the dry river bed is theirs, and since there will be a metal anchor screwed into this to help hold the piece, they had to inspect it.

The inspection was really cool because the 3 engineers really liked the piece, and we had a brief discussion on what it represented to them, with two of them having different interpretations of what they saw in the piece, that was a thrill for me.

I was told by someone with the City who attended, that the City Marathon and Children's Marathon will pass right by the piece. She estimated there will be at a minimum of 2,500 people passing my piece, and it is located at a turn in the trail that will be very visible. Wow! We have until November to make this happen. At this rate, that will be right about the right time.

See the piece at under the "Work in Progress" heading.

Donnine Storey Moeller (BHS '67) Update

Thanks Cathy for the update. Looking forward to seeing you, Donnine and Shari in a couple of weeks!

Hi CP: Yesterday I ran into Donnine Storey Moeller, a classmate of ours! She is now retired from Disney Studios. We had a very nice chat. I hadn't seen her since our 20th Reunion at the Bonaventure Hotel. Hopefully, I talked her into going to the DeBell Clubhouse party on April 10th.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Donnine, Cathy Nicholls Coyle and Shari Deuel Nicholls

Friday, March 26, 2010

Deanna Lloyd Jenning's Son to be on Oprah!

This is VERY exciting and proud mama, Deanna, emailed me the details today - thanks so much Deanna and BIG CONGRATS to you & the Choir, Brendan!!


This is an email I sent last night to some family and friends about my son, Brendan's choir. He's the director/teacher. Andrea Moxness said I should send it to you. We are very proud and excited as you can imagine.
Deanna Lloyd Jennings

Dear Family and Friends,

We have some exciting news to share. Brendan's choir, "Powerhouse" from John Burroughs High School has been selected to sing on the Oprah Show on Wednesday, April 7. Three members of the cast of the TV show "Glee" helped surprise his students this morning during class to tell them for the first time, while being filmed by a crew from the Oprah show. They wanted to see the kids very excited reaction!!! Brendan said the kids went nuts!!!

They will fly to Chicago on Thursday, April 1 and will stay as guests of the show at the Omni Hotel. They tape on Saturday and then fly back home in time for Easter. The show airs the following Wednesday. The show is really focusing on showchoir as shown on "Glee". Therefore his choir will mostly likely be on for a very short time.
FYI... "Glee" filmed part of the pilot in Brendan's choir room and around the Burroughs campus. Then when the show was picked up, they recreated his classroom and other places around school on their stage. The portion of the set they want them to sing is from last years' set. So now they have to get costumes back from the kids who graduated, because the Oprah people only want current high schoolers. And they need to teach the new students the music and choreography. And hopefully they will fit into the former students costumes! A lot to do in a short time! Lots of excitement!!!

I thought you might find this interesting. Thanks for letting a proud Mom brag a little.

My love to you all,


Below is one of many video clips on youtube of Brendan's FAB Choir!


Here's a bit of Deanna's followup email:

...if anyone wants to see his choir they can go on YouTube and put in John Burroughs High School and several different segments of past show choir sets are there to see. The one they are doing on Oprah was inspired by Madonna's MTV video awards show when she sang "Vogue" while dressed in 18th Century costume.

I'll see what I can do about the photo. Maybe he can help me send it this week-end. No promises.

See you on the 10th at the DeBell restaurant. Linda Peterson Everett and JoAnne Yoffee Furer are coming with me.



Diane McCall Ward & Deanna going down memory lane at our class party at Linda Peterson Everett's home.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

REMINDER: Burbank on Parade April 10, 2010 + Party


The Parade starts at 11am (Olive Avenue between Keystone and Lomita) and remember to join us afterward at DeBell's Clubhouse Grill.


Photos of Alumni Drill Team marching in BHS Centennial Parade 2008 (Linda Mustian's Blog)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Looking for a BHS Ceralbus??

Just got word of a couple of Ceralbus yearbooks on EBAY, so when I checked it out, found there were SEVERAL available!


And whoever gets these books, I hope they scan the senior photos so we can post them - thx.












March 26, 2010 UPDATE

Burroughs HS Yearbooks Ebay Links:
More Burroughs Yearbooks

The Nicholls Twins (Carol Lebrecht & Cathy Coyle '67) Celebrated in Europe

Thanks Carol for sending these wonderful photos... looks like you all had a great time!

Hi Cathy,
Cathy and I celebrated the big "6" "0" by taking a 14 day cruise to Europe with our sister Joan, her husband Don, Cathy's husband, John and my Mom.

We went to Rome for two nights before the cruise. I can see why they say Rome is the city of Romance. As we walked out of this restaurant the owner, pictured here, handed all of us a long stemed red rose.

Picture taken at the top of the Spanish Steps, only a block away from where we stayed.

The Spanish Steps from below.

My Mom wanted to get a picture of all the girls at the Trevi Fountain.

Do you remember the movie "Three coins in a Fountain?" If you throw a coin in you will return to Rome. We were even coined "The Three Sisters" while we were there.

I figured out why someone said Rome wasn't built in a day. There is just no way you can see it all in one day. Here we are in front of the Colosseum. We also toured the Forum. It seemed so surreal to actually be here in the ancient city of Roma.

We saw the Leaning tower of Piza and visited Florence, Italy too that day.

On the beach at Nice, France. It was a warm December day here along the Mediterranean Coastline. The people there actually lay on the pebbles on the shore. We are sure spoiled with our California sandy beaches.

Our cruise took us to Italy, France, Spain and Portugal and a five day transatlantic crossing. We hated it to end, but look forward to the Holy Lands and the British Isles.
Carol Nicholls Lebrecht

Remember The Ed Sullivan Show?

Every Sunday night, The Ed Sullivan Show was broadcast on CBS from 1948 to 1971, initially under the title Toast Of The Town.







Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fess Parker 1924-2010

more photos

The King of the Wild Frontier is gone.
March 18, 2010

Fess Parker, the strapping star who played Davy Crockett in the hugely popular Disney television show of the 1950s, died today of natural causes at age 85, his family announced.

The actor, whose classic roles also included the son-consoling dad in Old Yeller and another 'coonskin-cap-favoring frontiersman in NBC's Daniel Boone, had retired from showbiz in the 1970s and founded a hugely successful winery and resort in Santa Barbara.

He was 85.

--- end ---


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Golf Anyone?

Dave Hourigan (BHS '67) just emailed asking about the April 10th event:

Do you have any idea if we could schedule a golf tournament for the morning?

This is a GREAT idea, so if you are interested, please email Dave at

LINK: DeBell Golf Course

As I emailed Dave, even though my last name is Palmer (no relation to Arnie) and my dad did play golf EVERY day after he retired up at DeBell and in his lifetime, he got THREE holes in one, the last of which I remember well because we got as a prize a CASE of Weaties which I remember eating FOREVER, I am not a golfer.


Part 1

Part 2

1966 Party Pics from Teri (Hill) Clark

Teri (BHS '68), wife of Jerry Clark (BHS '67) posted some great pics on Facebook, so I asked if I could put them here as well for ya'll to enjoy and here's her reply - lol!!

Always, yes! This was June 1966 ... I had an end of the year party for the sole purpose of luring in Jerry :-) it took him TWO months to call me!!!! What a mix ... Drama kids and football players :-)

My mom, who is 6', was a bit taken back when the "Fearsome Foursome" (Rick, Mike, Bob, & Jerry) showed up ... she wasn't used to football players!!

The FB guys loved the food and the pool, but they split pretty fast for the beach when the guitars and sing-a-long started :-)

Bob Northrup, Beverly Arndt, Tom Haines, Teri McComas Mrasak, Roger Briggs, Vern Olsen and Sherri Giessinger

JD Clark, Jerry Clark, Bob Dieudonne, Teri Clark, Bob Northrup, Beverly Arndt, Teri McComas Mrasak, Mary Jo ? and Tom Haines

Vern Olsen and Sherri Giessinger... my mom's cigarettes - honest!

BHS '69, '70 & '71 Senior Pics Posted!

We just posted all the Burbank High senior photos for 1969, 1970 and 1971!

Many thanks to Alan Landros (BHS '70) whose yearbook these are and to Mike McDaniel (BHS '74) who scanned these many photos!