Monday, September 15, 2008

Centennial Photos!

Jeanne Barron Aikman, Cathy Palmer, Anson Heimlick (Potsy from Happy Days) Williams, Alan Singer and Shari Deuel Nicholls

Arrived back home Sunday around midnight after spending four FANTASTIC days with friends celebrating Burbank High School's 100th birthday.


Our class breakfast this morning at Fred & Joan Ortega's was soooo fun!

It's late but had to share some photos:

From Linda Mazur '66 photos (added October 20, 2008)

From Wes Clark (added 9/22/08)

From Carol Lebrecht (added 9/20/08)

From Cathy Palmer

Please email me links to your photos.

And be sure to watch the Centennial video (added 9/18/08).

Linda Mustion has started a new blog called Linda's Burbank High School Blog, so check it out as well - it has lots of Centennial pics!

The Nicholls' twins mother and her cousins

Shari Deuel Nicholls, Jeanne Barron Aikman, Marilyn Miller, Cathy Nicholls Coyle, Carol Nicholls Lebrecht & Cathy Palmer

Class Breakfast at Joan (Nobile) and Fred Ortega's home followed by those who went to Miller Elementary and a couple of sweet doggies who were in the parade - thanks Chris Peterson and Linda Mustion for the pics!

Kathleen Dupree, Cathy Nicholls Coyle, Cathy Palmer, Don (Ripley) Ray, Mary Brotsis Andersen, Carol Nicholls Lebrecht and Jeanne Barron Aikman - Mary, Jeanne and I were in Kindergarten together a hundrend years ago!

Thanks Cathy Nicholls Coyle for this photo of the Alumni Drill Team practice!

September 19, 2008 UPDATE
Found this on youtube tonight:



  1. Do you have any idea who the distinguished alumni were?

  2. Just emailed Dave Thomson asking about the distinguished alumni award and he said:

    "The Distinguished Alumni Committee chaired by Lonnie Giamela ('95) decided to extend the application deadline until December 1. The first recipients will be announced early in 2009 and will be recognized at Graduation 2009. Please encourage alumni to continue to submit nominations."

    Also, he asks that we continue to plug the book as they have a way to go to pay costs. It will make for wonderful Christmas gifts! I bought 2 extra for my sisters who are BHS alumni but didn't come to the Centennial.

    Link to book: